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Ethiopian Deffence Forces in Tesseney
Ethiopian Deffence Forces in Tesseney


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Dec. 31 2008

Somali scholars call end to fighting as deadline for Ethiopia's withdrawal expires
The Islamic Scholars Association of Somalia, an influential body in Mogadishu, on Wednesday called on Islamist fighters to stop fighting once Ethiopian troops withdraw from the country, a statement from the group said.

Birtukan Midqessa arrested pardon revoked

US concern over Ethiopia opposition arrest
The US embassy in Addis Ababa on Wednesday voiced concern over the fate of an opposition leader who was jailed after her pardon from a life sentence was revoked.

Somali insurgents vow to keep fighting
A powerful insurgent group poised to take over Somalia said Wednesday it will fight until the country is ruled by Islamic law, even as Ethiopian troops who have been propping up the government packed up to leave.

Sana'a Forum Concludes Sixth Summit in Khartoum
Leaders of Yemen, Ethiopia, and Djibouti Categorically Reject ICC Move against Sudan

Dec. 30 2008

Ethiopia Revokes Life Sentence Pardon For Opposition Leader
The Justice Ministry said she had now resumed serving her life term. "As per the article 16/4 of the bill of pardon, Birtukan (was) arrested and began serving life as of 29 December 2008," the statement added.

2nd Man Arrested, Another Sought, in Kidnap and Robbery Plot
Yosef Tadele, 23, of Silver Spring was arrested just before 5 a.m., joining Yohannes T. Surafel, 24, of the District in jail in Prince George's County, police said.

Somali president's resignation could resolve crisis: Ethiopia
Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed's resignation after a drawn-out power struggle could boost efforts to stabilise the country, a senior Ethiopian official said on Tuesday.

Dec. 29 2008

New Ethiopia dams to create power surplus
AU Welcomes Somalia President's Resignation
Ethiopian Police Re-Arrest Opposition Leader Mideksa

Dec. 28 2008

Lufthansa and Ethiopian Expand Services
Largest China-foreign joint school to founded in Ethiopia
Key Somali official says president to quit Monday
Militias Clash in Somalia, Killing at Least 10

Dec. 26 2008

Ethiopia's economy to be one of the top 5 fastest growing in 2009 (Economist)
Somalis held in Ethiopia capital
Ethiopia says withdrawal from Somalia "irreversible"
Somali President May Quit, Advisers Say
Egypt repatriates 25 Eritreans, ignoring appeals

Dec. 23 2008

New Giant Enters Hospitality Industry in Addis
Tigrai State Information Office

Ethiopian clerics seek constitutional ban on homosexuality
Ethiopia to withdraw troops from Somalia by the end of December
Tamrat Layne Says Enjoys Freedom, Becomes Deeply Religious
Ethiopia: Women's Income Rises
Top US Africa Envoy Meets With Feuding Somali Leaders

Dec. 22 2008

Tiny tribe claim Ethiopian allegiance in border row with Eritrea
Nigeria 'to join AU Somalia force'
Egypt must allow UN access to Eritrean migrants, says HRW
Eritrea Christians Apparently Killed In Massive Detentions

Dec. 20 2008

Ethiopia readies to pull troops from Somalia

Dec. 19 2008

Ethiopian ex-PM freed from prison
Meles confers with US Commander
Ethiopia reaffirms Somali pullout
'Ethiopia Is Proud Of Its Semitic Heritage'
Eritrea: Campaign of arrests reaches capital Asmara

Dec. 18 2008

Ethiopia rejects coffee output decline report
More Ethiopian troops arrive in Darfur
Ethiopia, Norway keen to scale up cooperation
Free bulbs switch on Ethiopians
UN rejects peacekeepers to Somalia

Dec. 17 2008

Ethiopian Exports Rose 19% Last Month on Rising Oilseed Sales
Security council authorized states to use land-based operations in Somalia
Ethiopia could see $190 mln leather sales in '09
Dejazmatch Zewde Gebresellasie passes away
Ethiopia’s Coffee Crop May Fall 60% in Two Main Areas
WFP Seeks 'Rescue Package' For World's Hungry
Sixteen Million Students to Benefit from World Bank Credit

Dec. 16 2008

UN Security Council to debate Somali disorder
Kenya moves against Somali leader

Dec. 15 2008

Robbery Suspect killed by police was Ethiopian diplomat's son
Somalia's MPs back sacked premier
Int'l Co.s Win World Bank Sponsored Road Projects

Dec. 14 2008

India to deploy aircraft against pirates: report
Somalia's Prime Minister Rejects Dismissal
U.S. Will Push U.N. for Somalia Mission
Indian navy 'captures 23 pirates'

Dec. 12 2008

Ethiopia's PM Declares 'Mission Accomplished' in Somalia
Listen Audio 'Thousands' desert Somalia forces
Djibouti port fees will fuel inflation: Ethiopia
Kenyan MP threatening war on Ethiopia for damming river
Eritrea: US officials attempt to prevent good relations with Obama team

Dec. 11 2008

Somali peacekeepers want out: Ethiopian PM
U.S. Requests U.N. Authorization to Hunt Somali Pirates on Land
US concerned about terror safe haven in Somalia, Yemen

Dec. 10 2008

Iran Takes Command Of Strategic Straits of Hormuz Shipping Route, Triples Rocket Arsenal
Iran Takes Command Of Strategic Straits of Hormuz Shipping RouteIranian ships and submarines have deployed an undisclosed number of Iranian troops and weapons at the Eritrean port town of Assab at the Horn of Africa in the Arabian Sea just below the Strait of Hormuz. As such, the port town is in a unique postion its location allows it to control and monitor one of the world's most strategic shipping routes. More about the isue, Iran Deploys Troops, Ballistic Missiles To Eritrea

Ethiopian Enters Codeshare with Saudi Arabian Airlines
Top Islamist returns to Somalia
African Union insists on UN peacekeepers in Somalia

Dec. 09 2008

Ethiopian troops pouring into Somalia

Dec. 08 2008

Rights group berates West over Somalia failure
Ethiopia opens dwindling elephant herd to tourists
Businesses Must Use Cash Register or Have License Revoked
Raped Ethiopian minor granted bail

Dec. 06 2008

Ethiopian troops could extend Somalia stint: FM
Ethiopia FA boss steps aside
Study: Nearly half of world's jailed journalists come from Web
Eritrea Tyrant’s Right-Hand Man Dodges Assassination Attempt

Dec. 04 2008

Ethiopia population soars to near 77 million: census
Settlers to Ethiopian troops: Niggers don't expel Jews

Dec. 03 2008

Ugandan Peacekeepers to Stay in Somalia
Landlocked Ethiopia's ship earnings rise 34 pct
Ethiopia to Delay Troop Pullout From Somalia
U.S. State Department Issues Eritrea Travel Warning
Iran deploys troops, missiles in Eritrean port – opposition

Dec. 02 2008

Volvo Aero Services and Ethiopian Airlines enter Partnership
Ethiopia's Somalia dilemma
Somalia's premier wants Ethiopian troops to stay

Dec. 01 2008

Obama announces Clinton, Gates for Cabinet
Somalia: A New al Qaeda Safe Haven?
Ethiopian troops return en masse to southern Somalia
Ethiopia seen doubling '08 flower export income
ETHIOPIA: New initiative against FGM/C
Ethiopian star guilty over death


Chauvinists and Extremists
Barking in DCChauvinists Barking in DC

Tigrai Online
Dec 23 2008

Imaginative Observations of a Child:
Ghebremichael, Asghedom
Dec. 23 2008

Begging Djibouti Port
Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 19 2008

Wereda Klte Awlaelo people leadership role
Aiga Forum
Dec 18 2008

An Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and President Elect Barack Obama
Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 14 2008

Hulet aynet sergoch
G.E. Gorfu
Dec. 12 2008

The Paython
G.E. Gorfu
Dec. 07 2008

Chinese Investments in Ethiopia Political Warfare Operations or South-South Cooperation?
Desta, Asayehgn Ph.D.
Dec. 04 2008

How to get your child to behave
Melissa Lahti
Dec. 04 2008


POLITICS-ETHIOPIA:Disappointed But Not Defeated
Michael Chebsi
Nov. 29 2008

Flawed Methodology, Unsubstantiated Allegations
Aiga Forum
Nov. 26 2008

Ethiopian who Suffers in Arab Countries
Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 25 2008

Response to Gezaee Haile Michael
Getachew Reda
Nov. 24 2008

Do credit repair and loan consolidation work?
Senai Haftu
Nov. 24 2008

Why Donate your Car?
Donate car for tax refund

Melissa Lahti
Nov. 20 2008

Re-thinking Capitalism
Ermias Haile
Nov. 20 2008

Alem Alemitu
G.E. Gorfu
Nov. 18 2008

Many Front War Buffets for Ethiopians.
Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 17 2008

The Ethiopian Government must do something to the People it claims to represent
Gezaee Hailemichael
Nov. 13 2008

Barack Obama: A historic Icon of Democracy and America’s gift to the world.
Nov. 07 2008

My wife is a real snake
G.E. Gorfu
Nov. 07 2008


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