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By Ahadu Amlak
June 04, 2007

The furry of activities since the release of kinjit leaders looks for the unsuspecting naïve as if they are preparing for the grand well come party, but the fact of the matter is the desperate Diaspora “DEIASPORADO” are in disarray, as the slowly fuming fire ignited in Ethiopia via remote control by the Diaspora arsonists was extinguished by none other than distinguished Ethiopian Shimageles.The radical Diaspora is mad as hell for several reasons, first they hate to see the CUD leaders walk free and re-start the arduous peaceful struggle which sucks off oxygen from them, and second they couldn’t loosen the gates of kaliti through threats from our “ master” congressman Donald Payne. The last but not the least; the seemingly united CUD leadership bundled together by default in kaliti under the banner of Mandela will unravel sooner or later. The battle lines are already drawn by their respective foot soldiers for a big fight, the fight is just as trivial as choosing the cheer leader for red carpeting at the Airport ,to the big price of representing them in different capitals.

The rescue salvo for the diaspora shame was coned as H.R (human regression) 2003 bill, shot down in mid air before seeing any day light, then the disoriented Professor, who was spearheading the “bill”, called for Duo with one of the distinguished scholar and Shimageles .It doesn’t come as surprise to me what the militant Diaspora can do but I am dumbfounded by the recently released leaders for allowing their foot soldiers to drag this respected man in to the mud. The very same man who spent the last twenty months shuttling between kaliti and the Prime minister’s office to break the deadlock and delivered the first millennium gift to Ethiopians.


NEGADRAS AL is dead determined to see his slavery bill to go through congress, as he couldn’t allow American tax payers money to go to his native country for alleged human rights abuse, did I mention Egypt is getting not millions but billions of dollars of our tax money. Egypt not only doesn’t believe an Ethiopian’s right to feed his family but also Ethiopia’s right to exist as a country. The irony is our professors don’t have any gratitude for the poor Ethiopians who funded their education from their meager resources believing some day they will pull them out from abject poverty, but the reality is otherwise.

In a nut shell our “unlearned professors” look like they are concerned about the state affairs of the country as whole vis-à-vis Democracy, human rights, health care and Education but in reality they hate to see the winds of change and transformation engulfing every corner of the country. In their world they are comfortable with the status quo where professorship is left to the lucky and chosen ones. They don’t see and imagined Ethiopia in Professors Abdi, Kejela, and Ali-mirah e.t.c.

At the current rapid rate of educational expansion to the periphery: primary, secondary and higher institutions, attested recently by UNESCO, with in the next five years Ethiopia will produce tens of thousands of graduates i.e. PhDs, Doctors, Bankers, Engineers, MBAs ,lawyers e.t.c .This critical manpower will fill in not only the newly opened universities but also help the booming private enterprises and local decision making as low as the woreda level .Now we can understand why the “unlearned professors” are nervous about the newly opened Universities through out the country and trying to trivialize them, as one of the detractors Said as follows.

“All the development programs and projects, which are claimed by all kinds of Ethiopian Government publications and by those parroting websites in the Diaspora, are simply cosmetic and do not address the real problems of poverty, ignorance, disease, and starvation of millions of Ethiopians. For examples, the ridicules claims of building “Universities” all over Ethiopia is a hollow program with out much substance-there are no books, professors, laboratories, research facilities worthy of higher learning in most of those new institutions. Building façade does not make a university or an institution of higher learning. This sector of development is where you see clear example of propaganda overwhelming reality. Before venturing out in that direction of opening universities after universities, one may down solid foundations by strengthening and expanding primary and secondary education with great concentration on vocational and technical institutions. How ever, the Ethiopian ministry of Education, under one of the least capable Ministers, for years suffered mismanagement and deterioration because of a defective education policy”

The message is clear you better stay home, don’t need to go to college; after all there are no professors to teach you, no books for reference, and no laboratories for scientific research. We also oppose the recruitment of Indian and Nigerian professors for they can dilute the quality of the learning process. We also oppose international financial institutions for funding to build or expand those institutions. Just wait for us until we pack from Washington D.C, San Bernardino and Minneapolis and return to Ethiopia. But that will not happen until we have a government crowned with our blessing.

They may impress some naïve few souls inside the country but for most of us, who went through higher institutions in the west and have seen closely what the competence level of an Average American college graduate, even from the much talked IVY League Campuses can do in the real world, this argument is empty with out merit. My advise to this certain professor is just flip your TV screen and watch the “JAY WALK” in the “Tonight’s show”. If most of your graduates can not find the Map of their giant continent on the world Map, and this are the graduates you professors are proud off, really I am at a loss.

Shame on them if they are bragging about producing mentally deranged graduates going on killing spree in campuses through out the Nation or worst of all, morally corrupted and materialistic college students who are insanely obsessed with the day to day life’s of some insignificant human beings like the Hilton Paris’s or Nicole Riche’s. I would rather bet on the humble Afar graduate with life time experience and help his families whether in the field or looking after camels on his spring break than counting on the graduates from Campuses of our “un learned professors”.


Our professors are cursed with the “All or None” principle, they couldn’t see any thing in between just it is black and white. The “All or none” principle was initially applied to fluorescent light, either you turn it on and get bright light or turn it of and becomes dark, but that is not true any more as they come up with the Knob and you can dim the light to your liking. By the same token they see their world as either Jeffersonian democracy or no democracy at all, they don’t tell you the bridge to get there, or perfect constitution or no constitution: they want you to forget the constitution they are vying did not considered colored people as human beings, or completely independent Judiciary ( Doesn’t exist on the planet we live in by the way) or no justice system at all, or western blessed colleges otherwise your diploma doesn’t worth of going to college ,as they have intentional amnesia , forgetting, before they know the modern educational system they came in through home grown “ Yekes Timhirt bet” . I can go on, on and on…This is the unfortunate mentality that dragged the country for so long.

The crux of the matter of all hostility towards any thing the government do, whether giving opportunity to every child to go to school ,opening universities, colleges, hospitals, building hydroelectric Dams ,irrigation channels ,fiber optic grids would be summed up as follows

In the mind set of the “Intellectuals” there is this bewilderment and disbelief that goes like this,” how is that a bunch of university drop outs with out any diplomas to show off, leading mostly peasant army, carrying a dozen books in their back for seventeen years somewhere in the mountains of North Ethiopia came to power and now transforming every corner of the country in unison. Not only that the guys who were expected to go to Albania have convinced the west and brought billions of dollars to the country to build the infrastructure as we are witnessing today”.

With all its Sins, no government, I will repeat again no government in the history of Ethiopia has done so much to every community in every corner of the country like that of the EPRDF. This is the bitter pill the un learned detractors unable to swallow.

The good news for the “nay to universities” Sayers, their advise has got sympathetic ears of Issayas Afeworki for he already shut down the only university existed in Eritrea.


Finally the mad man of Asmara is under microscope by the United Nations and the Bush administration; they are just on the verge of pulling the deadly designation a country can get “State sponsor of terrorism”. Terror has been the tool of Issayas since he appeared in politics whether at the time of “The armed struggle for independence” or as president of that unfortunate country. He could get away maiming school children in broad day light, send mercenary terrorists to blow up our buses and taxis, trained every liberation front from every country in the horn of Africa. The irony is the United States would never have threatened Isaias Afeworki with “state sponsor of terror” if he could keep his terror with in Ethiopia and his people in Eritrea. But this time around, blinded and obsessed to get Ethiopia and PM Meles Zenawi in Somalia, he messed up big time with Uncle Sam. He has already trained thousands of Jihadists and supplied arms including suicide vests. Though the primary target is Ethiopia and Somalia, the core ideology of Jihadists is the same whether in Somalia or Middle East. Sooner or later, the terror already in the pipe line from Asmara will ultimately hit western interests.

Jendai Frazer, Assistant secretary for African affairs, revealed the Bush administration is compiling evidences for making the case against Eritrea .She was confident enough to say the evidence is there for the interagency of the federal government to work on it and formulate different options to put on the table, if and if the rogue government of Issayas Afeworki doesn’t change its behavior. Many analysts who know and studied the state affairs of Eritrea are not optimistic for that scenario to happen. Old habits are hard to die easily as Shaebia starting from its infancy survived and thrive by terror to this date.

Significant part of the evidence is likely to come from Ethiopian intelligence community, as they have Eritrean terror cells and higher military officers in their hand, who master minded the terror plots in Ethiopia and ICU military strength in Mogadishu respectively. CIA agents had full access to the Eritrean agents in addition to the International Jihadists apprehended in Somalia. Even though the Bush administration might not use the terrorist attacks in Ethiopia to make the case against Eritrea, sure enough it will be inside the dossier to show the behavior and pattern of Issayas Afeworki, in the process the terrorist acts of OLF and ONLF will appear repeatedly. This is bad news not only for those violent organizations but also for the peaceful CUD that joined to form AFD through its franchised wing KIL.

The other issue the intelligence community makes nervous about Eritrea is its diplomatic passport. According to some reports Eritrean diplomatic passport holders include OLF, ONLF, rebels from eastern Sudan and Darfur, Somali nationals including leaders of ICU. More over, the Eritrean regime through its embassy in Kuwait had been openly selling passports to stateless Arabs since early 2000, to the surprise of many this offer was advertised in the local newspaper by a broker hired by the Eritrean Embassy in Kuwait. God knows how many passports shaebia sold to non state actors in the Middle East just to prop up its cash strapped coffers.

These latest threat from Washington against Eritrea not only scare the hell out of the mad man of Asmara but also sent shocking waves in the Eritrean Diaspora community. The bewilderment and confusion of the Diaspora is not only the unbecoming of Singapore of Africa but also the idea that this tiny country of theirs is making a name for herself as “state sponsor of terror” at her infancy. The only time the one man country, Eritrea, comes close to Singapore is by arming the Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tiger rebels.

Most Eritreans think the problem of their country is dictator Issayas Afeworki and lack of democracy, but that is the symptom of deeper problem they are shying away confronting. Unless they reconcile themselves with their mind who they are and where they want to go, the atmosphere and environment is still there for the next “President Goitom” to repeat the same mistakes. One of our Eritrean brothers has put the problem of Eritrea’s identity crisis as follows

“We have not come a long ways yet. The attack mongering and this sphere of intimidation is etched in the highland Eritreans’ mind set, which needs to be disposed of, much like the Hamas style of politicking and not far from that of Taliban needs some serious thought, thoughts that can lead to eradicating such line of thinking; its destructive nature is well apparent in the way any Eritrean who opposes certain line of thinking is hastily labeled as “Agame” as if none of the highlanders roots were from there. Talk about self hatred: No other ethnic group that I know dismisses one’s own roots with in Eritrea in a manner in which we the highlanders do, all for the sake of a very short sighted political axe to grind.”

The hatred and destruction aimed at Ethiopia from the Asmara clique is to deny its Ethiopian root: for what purpose I have no clue. It shouldn’t be a surprise, as the human brain can process different perverted reasoning at the same time like the disgraceful Senator, who was tapping at the Minneapolis Air port men’s room like a marching band and then….. I am not a gay; I have never been one …..

Unfortunately the Tigringa speaking high landers, who are more inter related with their cousins to the south than the other ethnic groups are the ones determined to destroy the link that has been there for centuries between the brotherly peoples of the two countries. The world is full of examples where by same ethnic group living in different countries due to the unfortunate compartmentalization by European powers like the Kurds in Iraq, Turkey and Iran and in the horn of Africa the Somalis and Afar. What our brothers couldn’t understand is, it is okay you can be Tigrea and Eritrean, it was un necessary and silly to rename like “Tigringa” for the Tigringa speaking high landers; it is like, if Gonder was to declare its independence and rename the Amharas as “Amharic” to look different to their neighbors Gojam.


The government of PM Meles Zenawi is ill advised to send this precious creature for tour to North America. To the minimum she should have ushered the millennium with her people. The argument a gainst her move by the scientific community is convincing, Lucy is too fragile to move from place to place and in the process the world may loose one of its precious creature relating to human orgins.But the controversy and uproar created is not bad for Ethiopia’s image and tourism industry, make no mistake the world is watching on its TV screens, on prime time with major media out lets that Ethiopia is the origin of man kind. The irony is Ethiopia has been stigmatized by the famine of 1984 with images of bony children; this time around our renaissance is heralded by the bones of LUCY.

The Lucy controversy is not her own making but for the living and breathing souls who are contemplating coming to North America at a time when the whole world is flocking to the origin of humanity to celebrate the Millennium is disheartening to say the least. It is neither forgivable nor forgettable.