The City of Denver park improvements groundbreaking today for Axum Park

Tigrai Online
June 29 2010

The historic King Ezana's Axum Obelisk in Tigrai State northern EthiopiaDenver Mayor John HIckenlooper and Mayor Ato Hagos Gebrewahid of Axum, Ethiopia, and others will meet at 9 a.m. in the City of Axum Park, located at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard and Birch Street, to break ground on more than $620,000 in improvements, funded through the Better Denver Bond Program, Capital Improvement Funding and a Park Hill Thriving Communities Grant.

The park is named for Denver’s ninth sister city. These renovations include a new playground, picnic shelter, new basketball court, benches, a concrete promenade and a new irrigation system for the park. Hickenlooper also will present Hagos with a scale replica of the obelisk that will be installed at the park as part of Denver’s One Percent for the Arts. (Source the Denver daily news)

About Axum

From the 10th BC to the 10th centuries AD, Axum was the capital of the great Axumite Empire, in Tigrai State in Ethiopia which is considered one of the last of the great civilizations. It was the one of the first Christian kingdoms in the world.

In the history of Muslims Axum is high in the ranks because the first Muslims didn't come by war to Axum, they came as asylum seecers around 615 AD. The Prophet Mohammed sent 108 of his family members including his daughter and followers across the Red Sea to Axum, Tigrai to be safe. These refugees were welcomed with great hospitality by the Axumite King of Kings Armaha the second. When the adversaries of the prophet asked the Emperor to extradite them he refused and provided them with everything they need untill they went back to Arabia.

This migration of early Muslims to Ethiopia is regarded as the First Hijura in Islamic history. That is why the profit Mohamed showed his gratitude towards the Ethiopians is preserved in a Hadith. "utruk al-habasha ma tarkukum" Don't attack the Abyssinians, so long as they do not take the offensive!

Location: In Tigrai State in northern Ethiopia.

Popilation: 51,0000