Donland Payne, "Started Minning Gold in Eritrea"?

By Solomon

Jan. 12 2008

BBC ; Interviews the honorable Donald M. Payne the congrassman from district New Jersy.

BBC: Donald thank you for making time to do a little interview with our program. We know that you are very busy with your two jobs. Donald Payne: You welcome sir, it is true that I am busy with two jobs.

BBC: Can you please clarify about your job and your position as a memember of congress. Donald Payne: My main job is to represent my district to my best of ability, and my second job is mining in Eritrea.

BBC: You mean you mine Gold in Eritrea? Donald Payne: No, No, no you do not understand what I mean?

BBC: Can you please clarify what you mean, by mining in Eritrea? Donald Payne: You see the thinking of Eritrean leadership is more than gold for me. The Eritrean leaders and their representatives in America want me to make Ethiopia look ugly. In exchange of making Ethiopia look ugly, I get a lot of money from Erirea and her friends.

BBC: How is that buisness progrssing? Donald Payne: Well, the task has been accomplished, my team was lucky, we found a group of Ethiopians who were willing to support our advanture.

BBC: What is the final product of your mining in Eritrea? Donald Payne: For me it was really a win, win situation. I got paid big time. However, my work had no impact on Ethiopia. In fact, in mysterious circumstances Ethiopia may have actually benfited from my work.

BBC: Did Eritrea benfit from your work. Donald Payne: NOPE, NOPE, Isyas had a chance to take a picture with me.

BBC: How do you portray the mining prospect in the little Eritre? Donald Payne: I say there are a lot of area you can explore and mine. The biggest gold is found in isyas's "final and binding" theory. There is gold to be taken from this theory.

BBC: Any final statment mr. Donald Payne Donald Payne: After visting Eritrea and talking to isyas I realize that the opportunity for mining is great. All the district congressman and Women join me, in promoting popularizing "final and binding" statment.

BBC: The interview has been "final and binding".

This is not a real interview, it is a joke.


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