Engineers of Blame

By Solomon

April 14 2008

If one is to browse around government opposition websites, the popular theme is blame the current government for everything that is wrong in Ethiopia. Most of these so called Ethiopian intellectuals write the same thing over and over. Meles did this, Meles did not do this. The very question they need to ask themselves is, what have they done for Ethiopia? The biggest problem in Ethiopia is the intellectualís perception of reality. These intellectuals believe their philosophy and diagnosis of Ethiopia are scientifically proven. For example, these intellectuals favorite song against Meles, is tribalism. Day and night, they argue that Meles ethnic policy will divide the country along ethnic lines. Their solution to the ethnic question is to deny every ethnic tribe in Ethiopia, its language, and culture. This is not a good solution at all. I agree we should have one national language. However, no ethnic tribe should be denied the right to practice its cultural values.

The other major question I have for these intellectuals is what is the process of integration and unity? I believe unity in diversity could be a reality in Ethiopia, when Ethiopia becomes highly developed, and all the towns, regions, are connected by road, trade, and so on. But to our intellectuals unity could be accomplish through daily song, and useless propaganda.

If these intellectuals are indeed worried about Meles Ethnic policy, why canít they counter that by taking a positive action that could unite the nation? For example, a positive action that will accelerate unity and understanding could be schools, roads, commercial spaces and so on. However, approaching one problem the same way for decades will not bring new solutions.

In conclusion, Ethiopian intellectuals can have an influential position in Ethiopia, only if they become honest to themselves and to Ethiopia. They need to stop lying to the public and twisting information in order to pursue their ego driving agenda. Ethiopia needs an agenda driven by love, compassion, nationalism, and unity.