"Vocal Eritrean Diaspora: Eritrea’s Worst Enemies"


Vocal Eritrean Diaspora: Eritrea’s Worst Enemies

By Engineer Ghirma
June 01, 2007

Does this sound familiar? We have all heard of the DERG and its clones, who are engaged in vocal assault on Ethiopia and its legitimate government. They have been rendered harmless/toothless thanks to EPRDF and the overwhelming endorsement by the Ethiopian people. However, they continue to disseminate fictitious information to the unsuspecting foreign media, in the hope of distorting Ethiopia’s image overseas. The EPRDF government has been doing a marvelous job to communicate the great strides the Ethiopian people have been registering to eradicate poverty and backwardness; and the overall progress in the country as never seen in the history of our nation.

The unelected Shaebiya government of Isaias Afwerki is determined to break the backs of the Eritrean people, and reduce them to virtual slaves, with the support of the Vocal Eritrean Diaspora. I suppose a safer stand by Ethiopians is to declare that we should not meddle in Eritrea’s “internal affairs”. I beg to differ. Eritreans are as much Ethiopians as any other Ethiopian Nationality. Ethiopian History is a testament to this fact. When we consider that Eritreans are the children of Zer’ay Deres, Abraha Debotch, Moges Asghedom…the list goes on and on…who sacrified their lives for Ethiopia, then there is cause for pause. Eritreans are Ethiopians; and the blood that they have shed to keep Ethiopia free throughout history bears this out undeniably. I wish more Ethiopian historians would shed light on this important matter.

The Vocal Eritrean Diaspora is colluding with the Isaias government, to subdue and enslave the vast majority of the Eritrean people. Many of them, just like their Ethiopian counterparts, are sons and daughters of those who served DERG in Eritrea; without whom Mengistu would have failed in his reign of terror early on. Now they contribute hard currency to the Shaebiya government of Isaias Afwerki. They receive land and other favors in exchange for their collusion against the Eritrean people. The hard currency that Shaebiya is receiving from the Vocal Eritrean Diaspora is the only means that Isaias has been able to acquire military hardware.

These same unpatriotic Eritreans have empowered Isaias to trample on the rights of Eritreans at home, to as basic as freedom of worship. The educational system is in crisis, with the only University in the country, built by the late Emperor, being contemplated for closure; there is no freedom of movement; food donated by WFP has been confiscated and is being resold to the people; the institutes of marginal higher learning are in military camps; parents are held for ransom when their children desert military camps; and unspeakable atrocities are committed against citizens including but not limited to detention inside shipping containers. Isaias Afwerki has also made himself the head of the Eritrean Orthodox Church! He can now hire and fire “Patriarchs” at will. If he wants to become Patriarch himself, the job is his! I am not certain that even Emperor Haile Selasssie had such authority. Eritreans privately confide that Shaebiya is worse than DERG ever was. It sounds extremely grim indeed. The sad part is that the Vocal Eritrean Diaspora condones the atrocities which are being perpetrated against the Eritrean people, for its own economic gains.

The harshest word in the vocabulary of most of the mink-heads within the Vocal Eritrean Diaspora is “Weyane”! I have been told that among them there are some who claim that they hold Ph.D. in some field or another. You figure! It is as if someone called my name, as in Ghirma, over and over again, it will somehow eventually sound derogatory! “Weyane” has surpassed the name of the great “Agame” people in frequency of usage by these vermin in a derogatory context. Naturally, our reaction must be to dismiss the notion of using these names in a negative way as silly and stupid. However, that is not the end of it. These worms will rant all day and all night long; and are bound to get on ones nerves so much, that one begins hating them right back in a vicious way. Therein lays the danger of becoming just like them. You will feel like killing them all; which is obviously very wrong. After all, these worms are in the minority and do not represent the vast majority of Eritreans; who are truly respectful and decent people; and most important of all, who know where they came from.

In spite of all the hot air that is being vented publicly by the Vocal Eritrean Diaspora however, these same characters will tell you privately, that they have no choice but to play along with the terrorist Isaias. They maintain that if they don’t play along, their loved ones back home would suffer the consequences. The fact remains that the vast majority of Eritreans are suffering and will continue to suffer, unless some drastic measure is taken against Isaias. He is having it so good, that unless somebody makes a move against him the gloom and doom will continue. In my opinion, the so called “oppositions” are toothless and gutless; and merely help making the situation of the Eritrean people become even worse. Even if the so called “oppositions” were to assume power, there is no reason to believe that they would be any better. Eritrea needs to take a different direction.

I have been on record for having been against the wholesale deportations of Eritreans from Ethiopia, based on their ethnicity. Many of those Eritreans who were victims of the deportations were hardworking Ethiopians who played by the rules. As they say, some people have a way of bringing out the worst in others. Isaias Afwerki is just such a person. He managed to bring out the worst in P.M. Meles Zenawi. However, it is not to say that some “Eritreans” were not playing it both ways. Greed is a terrible thing. There is an old Amharic saying: If truth is to be told, the deportations would have been legally justified immediately after the Referendum of 1993; and discretely applied to those Ethiopians of Eritrean origin who voted in favor of Eritrea’s independence. After all, “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. In my opinion, if one ethnic group was allowed to participate in the Referendum, then all ethnic groups should have been accorded the same courtesy. However, it is of no use now to “cry over spilt milk”.

The retaliation by Ethiopia to the unprovoked war that was initiated by Shaebiya was both just and appropriate; and obviously very successful. However, it failed to remove Isaias Afwerki. Furthermore, its unintended consequence was to give DERG and its clones a venue to persuade some gullible Ethiopians into becoming stepping stones for political agitation; which was skillfully utilized by Eng. Hailu Shawel and other die-hard ex-DERG officials, to launch political attacks on EPRDF. Not only that, but they also went on to participate legally, as leaders of opposition parties, challenging EPRDF for power! Imagine DERG having the audacity and arrogance to attempt retaking the reigns of the Ethiopian Government! If the roles were reversed, and assuming that Mengistu was in power, every “opposition” member would have faced the firing squad, or sent to the gallows, no doubt about it. I will admit that P.M. Meles Zenawi is a better man than I am for being so tolerant; thank God for that!

The DERG and their clones love Isaias Afwerki as their partner-interror! I personally think they deserve each other. If they were to merge, it would give P.M. Meles an opportunity to kill two or maybe even three or four birds with the same stone, when it is justified in order to protect the National Security of Ethiopia. I believe in my heart that our brothers and sisters in Eritrea will be set free from bondage, sooner than later. I pray that Isaias Afwerki would be returned to Tigray State to be tried by his kith and kin, for crimes against humanity. How sweet that would be!

“Exit Strategy” for the Eritrean People

We all know that the Eritrean people have experienced nothing but misery since their “independence”. In my opinion, the rules governing the Referendum were flawed; and not adequately nor fairly defined in 1993. It was a rush job with obvious regrettable consequences. Imagine where “Eritrea State” would be today within The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia! It could possibly have been at the very top of the economic ladder. Instead, it is at the mercy of Isaias Afwerki, who is arguably the worst unelected head of state in Africa. Clearly, the Eritrean people did not deserve what they have been dealt.

I sincerely believe Eritreans should pursue a new direction for their own well being. I am referring to a new Referendum: To either re-join the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia with full protection of the Ethiopian Constitution; or remain as an independent nation with a yet to be ratified constitution. However, the rules of participation in the Referendum must be clearly defined. Only Eritrean citizens must be allowed to participate. Citizens of other nations must be denied participation in the Referendum; which will effectively deny the Vocal Eritrean Diaspora voting privileges, if they happen to be citizens of a foreign nation. In any case, I firmly believe that Eritreans will reject the notion of independence in its present form. By re-joining the Motherland, Eritreans will also retain the option to secede in compliance with the Ethiopian Constitution.

The services of International observers, with the stature of President Carter, President Clinton, and President George H. W. Bush must be solicited for this crucial Referendum. Obviously, honorary DERG clone Ana Gomes, or as her fans love to call her, Hana Gobeze, must be kept out of this very important duty at all cost; because she is not qualified for such an important task. I am trying to be nice to Ms Gomes because I was somewhat fairly reprimanded by Aiga Forum Administration for being too harsh the last time; for which I have reluctantly apologized. However, in my opinion, she was responsible for the violent demonstrations that ensued after the 2005 elections, which took the lives of civilians and policemen alike, as well as the destruction of property. The last I heard, Ms Gomes has not ceased her political agitation on behalf of DERG clones, which is unbecoming of a member of EU Parliament. Therefore, I have every right as an Ethiopian, to condemn Ms Gomes for her interference in the democratic process of Ethiopia; and I recommend others to do likewise to counter DERG clones. She must be held accountable for the damage she has inflicted on the Ethiopian people.

I believe that the idea of a new and meaningful Referendum is what the Eritrean people really need and deserve, to finally seal their own fate. If they should decide to re-join Ethiopia, with their right to cessation remaining intact per the Ethiopian constitution, that would be great indeed. I can envision the “vocal” enemies of Eritrea wagging their tails; and huddling to cash in. If however, Eritreans opt to retain their present status at the ballot box, we will wish them well; and the two countries will live as next door brothers and sisters, happily ever after.

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