Go between Equar D.Negash and Solomon

By Gezaee Hailemichael

June 12 2008

I dearly respect both of you for your opinions. I presume you both know that both of you are fully entitled to express your opinions. As to who is right or wrong, it depends on the level of understanding of readers.

Mr Solomon, first and foremost, I request you kindly to use your full name when you write an opinion, it is part of your civility, and dignity and integrity. I just wonder why you always leave out your surname. May I suggest you include your full name in your next writings. Please do not take this personal, but it is good to know who you are.

I do not know you, and I do not know Mr Equar D.Negash. What I am going to say is unbiased and unadulterated by any personal prejudices.

You have posted your past correspondence with your subject as it is hereunder and you opted that readers make judgments on the merit of your argument with him.

I personally do not see any flaw or blemish in the script of Mr Equar. Mr Equar has put down his rationales clearly. I do not see any refuting argument from your side. In order for us readers to make judgment, we need to hear both opinions and then we can see who has weak points and who has strong points. From your side, you have not opened up your cause. This means you have failed to defend yourself. If this was in court room, you would not have a cause and a case to stand to defend yourself.

I personally wish or love to support the Ethiopian government based on uprightness. However, I cannot afford to support your government because you and they speak Tigrignea. From myside, Mr Solomon appears to have fallen into that trap. I read all your writings, but your writings tell me that you support the government without any question. I do not think that is healthy. To remind you, Mengistu Hailemariam also had supporters who had never put into questions any of the crimes Mengistu Hailemariam had committed.

You are fully entitled to be EPRDF, but you must able to support your beliefs by well-founded reasons and arguments. Then people like me can support you or side with you. I wish to side with you, but there are no reasons you have discharged to convince me to support you. As such I personally have come to the conclusion that you support the government for your own reasons which I do not know.

In what Mr Equar has stated hereunder, he has many good points, let me add mine to it. How many Ethiopians have died thus far because of the endless conflict with Eritrea? How much resources Ethiopia wasted? Taking everything into account, Ethiopia has been the loser yet. Ethiopia is landlocked because of the government you support, and that is one big loss. Secondly, about 250,000 Ethiopians soldiers have been tied up in the war front line since 1998 until now. Imagine those are your brothers who live in the barracks for ten years now. They do not spend time with their loved ones like you do. You spend your days surfing internet, but those 250, 000 Ethiopians soldiers have been spending their ten years part of their lives watching Shabia every day. Those people can live in peace like you. They can have family or work. Instead of sitting tens years watching Shabia, they could have been thought and trained to do other development works. Ethiopia is a poor country, its people are starving, we live on hands outs every year. We were supposed to feed the hungry than feeding for tens years the 250,000 productive but who were made unproductive for the past tens years. Ethiopia has spend about 7 billion US dollar to watch shabia in the past ten years. That is a big loss Mr Solomon, about 7 Billion US dollars could have been used to harness most of the vital rivers in Ethiopia to develop large scale agricultural irrigation schemes. Thirdly, Ethiopia has been fighting another useless second front war in Somalia. It is fine, we do not know who is paying the bills for the Somalia war, but how many Ethiopians have died so far? I have heard of 800 Ethiopian ground force has died so far, that is another big loss unless you have no care for the those people. Fourthly, as Mr Equar mentioned in his correspondence to you, he has mentioned that the oil exploration has been obstructed because of the conflict. That is true, the companies refused to go back and resume the oil ground rigging project. That is a big loss Mr Solomon. Fifthly, what about the suffering in Ogaden, is it not the making of shabia? If there was no shabia, we would not have that instability in Ogaden. I can tell you many objective reasons why the government you support and shabia are a big problem for Ethiopia than to be part of a solution. But may be you would not like to agree with me because you have decided to support the government for the rest of your life without any questions. The last but not the least loss, the split of TPLF in and the chasing of TPLF veterans has been also a great loss which has caused further parochial schim. All these because of the man whom you support blindly.

My final judgment, Mr Equar is right, I do not know about you Mr Solomon. You did not tell any good reason to defend yourself. As to who is shabia? I do not think there is better Shabia than Meles . Who saved shabia? Is it Mr Equar? It is your boss who aborted the victory of about 100,000 Ethiopians who have given their lives for their motherland. He aborted it, who is then to be called more Shabia? Mr Solomon, Brotherly advice, apply your brain, and be fair to everyone. It is not fair to name call people as Shabia, when the truth is that your bosses are those who serve Shabia more than any one else.

As to your opinion that Eritreans have not gained anything, it is true, they gained nothing. But if they loss everything because of Issayas follies, Ethiopians do not have to follow his follies. For both sides, the main problem are the two elements. Meles Zenawi and Issayas Afeworki are the main enemies of the two brotherly people. The two people are the main cause of instability in the horn Africa.

There is time for everything
This is what Equar D. Negash said in response to my article,

You said they failed in their objective. I politely disagree with your notion for the following reasons. First, Shaibia succeeded in pushing the war from Eritrea. I think you may follow media out lets what has happened in Ogden since slaughter of Chinese and Ethiopians in the oil field. Secondly, Ethiopian army has fought basically Shaibia's war in Somalia and beyond. Thirdly, you may also know what is going on in Western Tigria, even though there is no media coverage like others. That is also the hard work of Shaibia to destabilize the area in the name of other organizations. Fourth, after the Chinese Oil Field attack by Shaibia, the government has tried to resume the activity. The Chinese do not want to go back to the activity and others are reluctant to take the project because of security issues. Last but not least, our economy is supporting the war in Somalia, Ogden and other parts of the country. We recently heard that the defense expenditure dramatically increased. If there is no war this money may have been invested in priority areas. So Mr. Solomon do not you think Shaibia succeed in this regard? Hence, as long as Shaibia is there in power Ethiopia would pay the price, if not the higher price of instability. In this regard I think a government has a responsibility to defend the nation. I do not think you also disagree with this idea,