"Ethiopia Has (almost) Arrived"


Ethiopia Has (almost) Arrived

By Engineer Ghirma
May 07, 2007

History is in the re-making in Ethiopia. From the splendor of the Queen Saba era; through centuries of feudalism; and a stint with communism of the worst kind, Ethiopia is reinventing itself as a democratic nation in the New Millennium.

The road towards democracy has been, and will continue to be difficult; but nevertheless it is achievable from all indications. The EPRDF government is determined to succeed in shepherding this endeavor to fruition; and Ethiopians are responding favorably to the struggle against poverty, corruption and disease. Ethiopia shall stay the course with vigor, despite occasional hiccups along the way. It is not easy, with all of the satanic forces that are vying for positioning themselves in their defeatist effort to drag the progress. Those who wish Ethiopia ill will may be a tiny minority; but they are very vocal. Many of them are among those who have accumulated wealth overseas and who have aspirations to impose their will upon the Ethiopian people. However, Ethiopians are saying “no” to ex-DERG divisive intrigues; and saying “yes” to genuine democratization, based on equality of all Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities.

We have all heard the response by the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia to the recent events that took place in Afar State and Somali State; of terrorist murders and abductions which were sponsored by the Shaebia government of Eritrea. I expect that International condemnation of Eritrea as a terror sponsoring country will eventually be forthcoming, despite recent failure of EU to step up to the plate. In my opinion, the fight against Eritrea’s act of terrorism is not only Ethiopia’s problem. It is also Africa’s problem; especially Eastern Africa’s. Isaias Afwerki must and will be stopped by the joint effort of Africans as a matter of principle. The idea of Ethiopia’s emergence as a prosperous and democratic nation, with all of its past glory, is Isaias Afwerki’s worst nightmare. Therefore, he will do everything in his power, to attempt the destabilization of Ethiopia; in partnership with terrorists, both internal and external. There is not much else for him to do, other than oppressing his adopted Eritreans, who also happen to be Ethiopians, in the tradition of Zer’ay Deres, Lorenzo Taezaz, Abraha Deboch, Moges Asghedom, General Aman Michael Andom, and countless others.

Ethiopia is fast maturing politically. Ethiopia’s current leadership is winning every round against the Shaebia government, in taking the moral high ground. EPRDF’s stance is gaining respect for Ethiopia worldwide. Ethiopia (includes Eritrea) also happens to be the only country in the world which is mentioned in the Holy Bible and Holy Qur’an, in very favorable light: “Ethiopia will soon stretch out her hands unto God” (Psalm 68:31).

The silent majority of Ethiopians in the Diaspora are making significant contributions to the booming economy of Ethiopia. They are investing, in concert with local investors, literally tens of billions in local currency into the Ethiopian economy. Ethiopians everywhere, are determined to restore Ethiopia’s past glory. This is no fluke! It is real. There is excitement in the Ethiopian air! Ethiopia has almost arrived, to stay for good; leaving the bearers of doom and gloom (including few PhD’s in their mix) wallowing behind.

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