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Mekelle vesselís name is misspelled please correct it

Tigrai Online, January 05, 2014

The true name of the Capital of Tigrai is Mekelle
The true name of the Capital of Tigrai is Mekelle

The Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE), has started to take delivery of some of the nine brand new ships it bought. The new vessels are being acquired in response to the booming Ethiopian economy and to cope with ever growing need of the country.

The nine ships are name after the nine Ethiopian regional states capital cities. For example one of the ships is named “Bahirdar” after the beautiful Amhara State capital city of Bahirdar. The other one is suppose to be named after the capital city of Tigrai State Mekelle, however the name printed on the vessel is spelled wrong. Instead of the real and true name of our capital Mekelle it is spelled to say Mekelye. We would respectfully ask ESLSE CEO of Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise (ESLSE) Ahmed Tusa and the Ethiopian Federal Government to look in to this issue and correct the mistake as soon as possible.

We don’t know if this was done purposely or it was an honest mistake, but the correct name of our city should be displayed. In all languages there are some misspellings, mispronunciations, corrupted use of names of places and people, but when registering a historical document proper should be taken to use the right naming.  We are not talking about how people pronounce words because they have difficulty with some accent, we are talking about writing the correct name which is very easy to do.

The Ethiopian constitution grantees everyone to be respected in their country and we think this is a matter of respect to our culture, history and language.

As native Tigrigna speakers we sure know how our words are spelled. Nouns don’t change with each language so we want the names of our cities, towns, our state and names of our people should not change for any reason. We understand because of the differences in our native languages, pronouncing each other’s language might be a little difficult. Within Ethiopia majority of the population uses the common Geez alphabets so it shouldn’t be a problem to write any name with the right spelling.