Ethiopianism is Utopianism

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Jan. 19 2008

The wind of Ethiopianism is blowing. I am immensely touched and moved by Siye Abraha’s message starting from the day he was released from Prison. I have smelled the potentiality of Siye to change the course of Ethiopia, and that was why I have written my previous article under the title,” An Aroma of Wisdom”. Siye Abraha has not let me down yet. He is doing well. At this point in time, Siye appears to be like the morning star that leads to the full lightness of the full sun. In further to Siye’s messages, I have read a couple of articles which are written by the golden pen of Prof.Mamo Muchie and Alem Tadesse. The message of these trio are really food for the soul of a real Ethiopian. It is a good and great news we have people of those high caliber and patriotism. In the bible it says, “ the spiritual workers will be few, but their harvest will be too great.” This must be the reasons, few or individual people in the world have a great impact on the world. Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Eddison...have changed the world we live today to the level of beyond our imagination.

The forgiveness of Siye Abraha to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is phenomenal and profound. It is so hard to forgive; it requires a higher level of understanding, humility, solemnity, cleanliness of the ones inner most. It is a high level hard work to forgive, but the harvest is too great. The forgiveness of Siye Abraha to Meles Zenawi will not only impact Siye himself, but also it will impact the whole Ethiopia forever. It will heal the nation forever from these vicious endless infighting and conflict of Ethiopians to no avail. The noble idea of new thinking which has been raised by Siye Abraha, Prof. Mamo Muchie, and Alem Tadesse has been haunting me everyday in my life. I always find myself in incongruity with the so called PHDS or scholars due to the fact that they are brained-washed and they way they think is like like robots who are programmed to think and work in a certain way.

Malcom Reagan, the then UN staffer, has put it clearly how Africans have been colonized in a very subtle way, psychologically In his book titled the deadly sin of development he stated that the brain of human being can be molded and shaped like a clay so that people can be made think the way one wants them to think. He divides colonization into two: one, physical occupation, second mental colonization. He claims Africans not free, they are still mentally colonized. He says that Africans do not use their culture, language, technology,... to solve their problems. He says they are being told to import ideas and tools from outside to deal with their problems. He says those cultures and tools from outside rather complicate their problems instead of solving them. He says he has been working against his clear conscience all the time. He claims he has witnessed Ethiopian and Indian farmers solving their problems in two or three months using their local knowledges when UNDP development path blue prints were failing to solve them year after years. Now Malcom Reagan book is used as a text book in University Development programs. The Ethiopian diaspora and Ethiopian scholars thinking befits to the ideology of Malcom Reagan.

The few number of Ethiopians who have got the opportunity to study, starting from the introduction of the western education system, have not benefited Ethiopia in anyway. When they complete their studies either they leave their country for better life or they have never been willing to work and serve their people. Even if they stay at home, they have never had the wish to work outside Addis Ababa. Besides, they are inept non-entrepreneurial. They only wait to be employed by someone. If they do not get employed by the government or NGOS or leave the country, they are useless. On top of all these, there is a montage of mental colonization imbued with the pride of having Bsc, Msc, Phds, .... and the thinking that they are better than any member of the society in Ethiopia.

Based on such brain-washed mental colonization mentality, and merit-less pride, arrogance, ignorance, they claim they are educated; they are better than the rest of their society. They claim power, and they claim they know everything. These must be the bases of the story of diaspora Ethiopians. These must be the reasons that the few diaspora in the USA claim they are representatives of the 80 million people in Ethiopia. They are saying they are the life blood of the 80 million people at home. They are saying they know everything. Their democracy does not allow the Ethiopians farmers to know anything about their destiny. They all know and will decide their destiny from Washington. Reason: they have PHDS. Everything people strive to achieve in Ethiopia is wrong, but everything they say and claim from Washington is right.

We are made to think to beg for food, condom, freedom,... everything from outside. During the infamous Ethiopian famine,... people were dying in Wollo, Tigray, but food was rotting in the rest of Ethiopia. No European knew the cause of the problem. All Europeans thought there was no food in Ethiopia and started importing food, sincethen we are addict to begging. Now our people are begging for freedom from other countries.

Our own people are asking the white house to be given freedom on silver plates, and they are asking for freedom packages that can be sent not only to their families in Ethiopian but also to all Ethiopians. These type of scenario has happened long time ago in history. Diaspora Hellenic Jewish imposed themselves on Israelites to import Hellenic language, culture, philosophy, law,... so that they can be as brilliant as the Hellenic. Eventually they ended up slaves of the Hellenic. This is actually what diaspora Ethiopians are doing right now.

These must be the reasons American give DV green cards to get people into America and baptize them with water of Americanism, and then they can be sent to their respective country as American democracy preachers and missionaries, mercenaries for America.

This must be also the Reason Ms Abigail is working as a part time Ethiopian political opponent from Mekele University in Ethiopia.

As it is being said by Siye Abraha, Prof. Mamo Muchie, Alem Tadesse, Ethiopia needs at this juncture a reincarnation of Ethiopia. As Malcom Reagan stated it, we have the tools but we are being made not use them and we are being made to think the other way round. We need to think Ethiopian way. Let us tear down the wall that divides us so that we can root out all the problems that challenge us.

I request the Ethiopian government to listen to the people. I want to mention here that Ato Meles Zenawi is also part of the mental colonization. Otherwise, he would not have studied and philosophized colonialism as a political science to justify and to divide his own people. While the whole European are becoming one nation, and while America is the union of many nations, when China is the Union of many nation,... we are told we must be divided according to ethnic into many nations. If China has to be divided, how many ethnic does it has? China probably has 6000 ethnic, it will be a nightmare if China has to create 6000 nations of china. There is also federalism in China, India, but it is not done on ethnic line. India has about 350 ethnics, it will be a nightmare if 350 Indians nations has to be created out of one India. Also, the belief that Ethiopian must be landlocked is insane and perverted and not acceptable to any Ethiopian. It is insane and immoral, despicable to force 80 million people to accept such stupid,primitive,backward ideology.

We know the government thinks ethnic rights can be ensured by ethnic land-mark federation. However, it is possible to ensure the rights of ethnics without dividing the land on ethnic lines and without having article #39. Even if ethnic federalism holds, the right up to cessation is in no way necessary. I also request the issue of Eritrea to be revisited and people from both side to be involved for both to co-exist in peace and harmony as brothers and sisters. I think the idea of new thinking paradigm and reconciliation of Siye Abraha must include Eritrean people. We need a sincere dialog between both people. We need all to sit under abtsal daero or under a fig tree like our ancestors and solve our problems ourselves instead of asking alien mediators from across the sea who rather complicate our problems than helping us to solve them.

In further I request the government kindly to release all prisoners, to bring all rebels around table dialog whether it is OLF or ONLF ....

I also recommend in the next election, the election must be run by Ethiopian observers than outsiders. I suggest the Ethiopian monks in the all the monasteries to be in charge of the ballots. This requires preparation starting from now. I think the indigenous faith based institutions like the Ethiopian Orthodox church, Muslim,... can play a great role.

It is pointless to bring in people from outside who make business out of chaos, civil war, havoc,.... We need to manage our business ourselves. We need to construct our own democracy which fits our tastes and norms. We can import condom and food packages, but we cannot import democracy package from the White House. Things which are wrong in Ethiopia are right in the USA, and vice-versa, as such we do not need to import a package of freedom from the white house. Those who want to send freedom package from the white house to Ethiopia, they must keep it for themselves. The government must respect its citizens than worshiping outside human right business and mercenaries.

If all the prisoners are released, the issue of Eritrea is revisited and article #39 is thrown, then Siye Abraha's vision of new thinking and reconciliation can be realized so that we all can focus on work.

Divine Freedom and Justice to Ethiopia