Ethiopian who Suffers in Arab Countries

Gezaee Hailemichael

Nov. 25 2008

I am writing this in response to brother Getachew Reda. I have read your writing with deep interest. I admire your concern. However I have to be very honest. I did not know that you were appealing to help your people in Arab Countries.

I have read before individual stories, especially written by Europeans or north Americans who really voice stories about the ordeals Ethiopians go through in these Arab countries. I have read stories of Ethiopians girls who got strangulated to death by thier slave masteresses . I have read stories Ethiopian girls thrown from high rise apartments by thier slave mastetresses. All these stories were being told by North Americans citizens. I have never read your article by any chance or never listen to VOA for that matter. So your concern is very legitimate, but you should not assume everyone has read or knew what you have done or what you have been trying to do.

Let me tell you my story, before I arrived in the most beautiful country Canada, I used to live in South Africa. I can tell you that I can write four books about my life in South Africa. What I have experienced myself is also experienced by other Ethiopians in that country. While I was there, Ethiopians get killed or get shot arbitrarily. I used to battle for myself and for other Ethiopians because I do love my people. For me it really does not matter whether the person is Oromo or Tigrean or Amhara or Gurage,.... I know my mindset is not suitable for Ethiop, but I do not care about ethnic or tribe because I got nothing from my ethnic except discrimination or partiality or marginalization by other ethnics in Ethiopia who stupidly claim they are superior over others.

When I was getting ready to come to Canada I was in my worst situation; I was half dead. If you were to see me then and now, you would think I was dead and resurrected form death. This happened to me because I said I came from Ethiopia. I know hundred percent what is happening to Ethiopians in Arab Countries because I am a survivors of that kind of barbarism and prejudices. When I was in South Africa, Ethiopians cry or weep to the their useless or toothless embassy but to no avail. And I know about your feelings. I admire you Getachew, you have a kind and unselfish heart. Ethiopia needs kind people like you. I have similar feelings to your feelings. I have tried many occassion to help other Ethiopians, even sometimes at the cost of my life.

And it is not only Arab Countries who abuse Ethiopians, Ethiopians ourselves treat each other in humanly . That is the reason we kill each other; we marginalize each other. If we do not respect each other, who is then going to respect us? The problem of our country starts right in our homestead and that is the main reason our people get treated inhumanly everywhere because who cares about Ethiopians if Ethiopians do not care about each other? If I do not respect myself, who is going to respect me more than I do myself? So Ethiopians are abused by Ethiopians, by NGOS, other barbaric countries like Arab countries. You can see Meles killing people when he feels killing, and throwing people into prison when he feels doing so. So the basis of our problem is not from outside, our problem lies right in our own backyard. Ethiopian are people with no shepherd. Ethiopian has no leader. Biblically leader means servant who serve people and listen to people. But we have people who kill the people who claim to represent and we have leaders who say Ethiopia must be landlocked? How very stupid such a leader?

I also tried many times to give myself to Ethiopians, sometimes at the cost of my life. Let me tell you a story, towards my departure to Canada from South Africa. I came across an Ethiopian woman with three children sleeping on the street. I was camping at the UN gate in Pretoria because of the racist South African whites. United nation had to accommodate me myself after I got discriminated from the barbaric and racist white South African University. So I did ask United Nation to give my accommodation to the Ethiopian with three children instead of paying for me. Do you know what they did. They refused. United Nation, Red Cross, Amnesty International, South African government, and many other NGOS in consotrium organized and planned to take the children to orphanage by separating from thier mother and without her will. I almost sacrificed my life and I was battered and left almost dead on the road after my refusal to the separation of the mother from her children. But still I managed to protect the mother and the children from their separation despite their difficult situation. They were always with me at the UN gate, and the children loved me so much. And I was working in a restraunt on the opposite of the UN office. And the owner of the Restruant was asked to keep me at the back of the restraunt so that I do not see at the gate of the UN when the police come to take the children from their mother by force without her will. Then They did try to take them. But miraculoursly , by God's miracle, I knew what was happening to the children. I flew out of the restraunt and crossed traffic in subconscious way, and the children were crying and the mother was crying loudly. Then I jumped and I snatched the three children from inside the cars and from the hands of the police forces. But they again beat me 20 of them and left me dead and subconscious on the road. But still I managed to keep the traumatized family together.

Eventually, UN cheated the Ethiopian young lady to go inside the UN premise and put the kids in the car inside the premise without my knowledge and finally succeeeded and separated the mother and the children for ever. The mother was left crying on the street in Pretoria. The children were taken 100 km out of Pretoria. She fell ill and was suffering. A beautiful Ethiopian woman turned almost to ashes while she was alive.

My conscience did not allow me to keep quiet. I did not have money then. I had nothing. The only thing I had was courage and integrity. Armed with high integrity, I planned a mission to get the children to their mother. I made her file a case to get her childern. But UN, South African government, Red Cross, Amnesty international bribed the magistrate and the lawyer to deny her a hearing and judged that she will never have her children back. By God's miracle, I went to the South African Law society and consulted a respected lawyer there. I took the case to the Pretoria High Court and blocked all the lawyers involved in the case. I filed 2 million dollars compensation for the family. Then there was a hearing in the South African Pretoria High Court. Neither the UN, nor the government, nor the magistrate nor amnesty internation nor Red Cross or all the NGOS appeared in the court. The judge of the high court judged the children to get united with thier mother. After that all the NGOS or Human Rights disappeared and some of them were battling to find her to give the children back.

When I was doing all these, no single Ethiopian was there. The woman was Oromo from Harare. The OLF was there. Actually the OLF representative in Pretoria was working against the lady by giving unnecessary information for UN and other NGOS.

The problem we have now is a national problem. Those who say Mama Ethiopia, they are liers. They are hypocrat. They are actually racist who spend their daily life talking about tigray people instead of working out a common solution for the country at large.

Thus I understand your concern Getachew, but the country honeslty and really needs leaders. The country has no leaders yet.. And it is all Ethiopians who are facing all these ill treatments in Arab countries. It is easy to blame. But the country did not produce any leaders yet. The country needs to rejevunate itself. Meles is the product of injustice. He is inspired by injustice and I do not think we can blame him for everything ill. He is one off the ill products. The country did not sow good seed to harvest good seed. What you harvest is what you sow. Meles is the product of Derg. Derg did not sow good seed. So Meles is not a good seed either.

So Getachew, you can try to do what you can, but if there are no people who cares, you cannot do it anything about it. You can see yourself it is all about hate. Ethiopians are the most backward people and our backwardness is the cause of our suffering. I am saying like this but I am saying because I am living in the most just and fair country I have known yet. And there are blind Meles Cadres who try to intimidate me not talk my opinion. In Ethiopia, one is not even allowed to think. In Ethiopia, to live you must accept and think like Meles. If you do not, you are the enemy, if they can, they can kill you. So your concern is the concern of the nation in general. All Ethiopian citizens need to be shepherd by their leader. Since we have no leaders yet, this is a political problem. Our people are migrating out of home because of economic problems which is the by product of the political problem in the country. These problem can only be solved by the people of the nation in general. I and you can do our part, but we may not able to salvage the suffering Ethiopians. This is the duty of the government at national level.

But I do not think the Meles regime cares about Ethiopia or Ethiopians. It is all about business with Almouldi's multimillion company and getting rich at the speed of light.

Who cares wthether an Ethiopian is ill treated or get killed. You can see it yourself, Ethioians get killed by Shabia now and then. Meles said it is fine, Let Shabia keep on killing. How can we imagine Meles will care about Ethiopians suffering in Arab countries while he betrayed thousands of Ethiopians soldiers who gave their lives and routed Shabia? Do you think Meles will care about 1000, 2000,... people if he does not care about 100,000? We need political revolution, I think we need to dig and resurrect people like Alula Aba Nega and Tewodros, Atse Yohannes,... and free Ethiopian from all these wro belachoch?