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An Evil Act

Oct. 08 2007

From the Dawning of the Ethiopian Millennium, I did not wish to write anything negative. However, I am baffled that I have discovered that my name and email has been listed as an advocate of HR2003. The CUDITES have started hijacking people in the cyber space. I am one of the victims who have been hijacked in the cyber space. If HR whatsoever is being floored at the white house by such fraudulent act, the white house has become a mediocre of such thuggish movements.

According to me, there is no small crime, I take little things very seriously. Including someone in activities which one is not involved is a serious crime and defrauding. This is an indicator of the sickness of the CUDITES. If they have done like this for HR 2003, they must have done it even during the election in 2005 at a large scale.

I am writing this to let people know that they might have been hijacked in the cyber space like me and their names and emails might have been sent to Donald Payne. It is worthwhile we watch those cyber thugs. Having found myself as supporters of HR 2003 without my knowledge and consent, I immediately forwarded my protest and did request the removal of my name and my email and I also condemned the act. However, the response I have received is an insult Hodam and a clear threat to my life. The writer responded that I am Woyane. He also stated that I must go to the Woyane and lick their asses. He also threatened that he knows where I am and he will find me.

Who is really Hodam? I at least do not lobby for Ethiopia not to get food aid. I do not lobby against Ethiopia in my clear conscience regardless my disagreement with the policies at home. I do not believe an outside force will solve Ethiopian problem. I strongly believe Ethiopian problems must be solved by Ethiopians. I am fully entitled not to support HR. I am fully entitled to oppose it. Why do I have to be called Woyane because I asked my name to be removed from the list I did not endorse? I must put it clearly to the CUDITES that Woyanes are heros and heroines. I will not be ashamed by that name. The only problem I have is only the some of the policies. I have been writing my personal disagreement about three policies of Meles Zenawi:

1. The ethnic policy because I do believe ethnic policy is narrow and primitive. It undermines the fundamental meaning of a nation. I do believe it is possible to bring equality without having ethnic platform.

2. The issue of Eritrea because I believe it has mishandled and still is

3. The killing of people when there is upheaval because I believe it is cruelty and unwise to kill people while there are many avenues to handle such events.

Apart from the above, I do not think I have any grievances with EPRDF. I oppose the above based on my rationale and believes without being bias and any prejudice based on tribe...

I have no any inspiration to attempt to make Ethiopia the last province Of USA. I believe Ethiopia is Ethiopia. USA is USA. We cannot have law in Ethiopia to administer USA. They equally cannot have law to administer Ethiopia. I love the American people. I have great respect for American people. I believe if Ethiopia can have a friendly relationship with USA, Ethiopia can benefit a lot and visa-vis. However, I do not believe Ethiopia has to be remote controlled from the white house. As a matter of principle I strongly oppose HR. However, opposing HR does not make me Hodam or EPRDF. According to me, Hodams are those who are lobbying to deprive a bread to the hungry Ethiopians while they themselves are eating hundred times a day and living the most comfortable lives on earth. Hodams are those who think only about themselves in the name of others. Mr Hiwot Robert, you need to remold yourself, reconstruct yourself to gain your identity. You have lost even your surname, your surname is Robert, I doubt if you are an authentic Ethiopian.

As to your threat of getting me where I am, come along, I meet you face to face or in whatsoever avenue you wanted. Leave alone for you, I have no fear for any man under the sun. The only man I fear is the man above. You do not realize but you have incriminated yourself before doing anything. People like you surrender themselves without shooting a single shoot. If I want I can hold you now legally from wherever you are. I have your document and I can report to the cyber traffic to handcuff you for sending me a threat. It is enough case to put you in jail for your ignorance.

Divine Prosperity and freedom to Ethiopia


The Gallant TPLF Fighters Eternal glory to our martyrs!


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