Am sending this email after reading one in your website regarding our university. And I would be more than glad if you post it in your website.
With regards,
One of the academic staff
First let me appreciate the person who has taken the initiative to have a website to protect the interest of Tigreans. Unfortunately, it is only recently that I came to know about this website. I will, from now on wards, thoroughly follow the articles posted and share my views. Moreover, I share the stand you have against CUD. I will have much to say on this agenda some other time.

I have read a letter from one "concerned" person from Massachusetts (Dr. Hailu B.) posted in your website. And am sending this as a reply to his letter. By the way what made me mad (at first) is the statement which reads "..........The underground allegation is that Dr. Mitiku was liberal in employing many non-Tigreans." So what? This statement was put in his article to get a "support" of some group, which is totally a silly attempt. It is before Dr. Mitiku that the people in the then Mekelle Business College started hiring people from different parts of our country with different ethnic background. (By the way Mekelle University was first established by some concerned Tigreans in Mekelle, paying a lot of sacrifice. And it is after that Dr. Mituku joined them.)

Let me say few things about my self. I am teaching in one of the faculties in the main campus of Mekelle University. It has been more than 8 years since I have joined the university. The university has come with many ups and downs and in this short letter I will try to see some.
No one will deny the role played by Dr. Mitiku Haile in bring the university to this level. He has developed good relationship between the university and other universities. He had a key role in turning the university up. He made his own contribution in making Mekelle University one of the few universities favored by Ethiopian students. And his contribution was great in the early years of the university. Things, however, dramatically changed then after. The university has now become property of few people, i.e. Dr. Mitiku's affiliates. Let me mention some issues which will drop Dr. Hailu's arguments.

Let me start from what happened some six years back. This is only one incident. One of our staff members came back to Mekelle University doing his PhD in Europe. Dr. Mitiku and associates were, however, not willing to let him work, and finally he has to go to Addis Ababa University. To your surprise he is a well know celebrity in his area - Economics. And he is also a guest lecturer in one of the famous European Universities. We lost such a great person (whose name is Dr. Tasew Woldehana) because of the arrogance of the management, including Dr. Mitiku and Dr. Mintesinot. There are similar cases similar to this and as a result many staff members are leaving the university after doing their masters and PhD. We have to care about all these (many staff members in general) not about individuals. Dr. Mitiku has done a lot of positive things in the university, but nowadays, the negatives are irresistible.

He, Dr. Mitiku,  normally favors to those people who are his "people". In this group we can include: people from his area, people who accept his orders with out question and the like. Let me support my statement with objective evidence. This is also a single one from many of the same type.

Normally scholarship should be given first to academic staff, not to support staff. However, we have seen a new practice in the university were a priority was given to support staff, when there are a number of academic staff searching day and night for scholarship. In short, the story goes as follows. Ato Nuguse is from a place where Dr. Mituku belongs to. This person was fired from his previous organization for bad manners and he got a letter not to be hired in any organization in Tigray. Unfortunately he got the Finance and Administration head of Mekelle University. Is Mekelle University a dust bin, where all garbage is put? Putting this person in the position was not the only problem. After few years, Dr. Mitiku gave him scholarship to South Africa. Dr. Mitiku was doing every thing he likes considering the university as his own house. By the way, if he likes you, you are safe that you will get scholarship. Due to this there is kind of joke in our university which many people say it, "If you open Dr. Mitiku's drawer, you will see "expired" scholarship which reads "best before today". It is said to show how he and his associates are reluctant to provide scholarships to staff on time, in search of their own people.
Regarding the simplest case, which is payroll; people in the university don't normally get their salary on time. It may take from days, to some times, weeks. And people are saying "Equb Eyegebulin yihon". This is what is going on in the university administered by Dr. Mitiku and friends. 

Another different story is related to the research projects. There are a number of research works underway. And you can hardly find a project where the names of Dr. Mitiku Haile, Dr. Mintesinot or Dr. Kindeya is not included. When you defend your proposal one of the 'most important" questions you will face is related to the names of the researchers. You will be required to put the names of all or some of the aforementioned people in the proposal. Otherwise, the study is not of "priority". Amazing! The priority is their names not the area of research (the problem).
And so much more.....................

Unlike Dr. Hailu B. (who might have been for days to our university, if at all he has seen or observed the situation), I am still in the university and know much better than him. And what I would like to say to Dr. Hailu or other concerned people (from heart) is to come and talk to the staff of the university. By the way, no one will have better knowledge of the management more than the staff. At least, Dr. Hailu must have approached some staff members of the university to see their reaction and can ask what people say in meetings in the university. May be what Dr. Hailu "did" was to talk to Dr. Mitiku and his associates.
And as a current academic staff of the university, I feel that the movement which is underway to remove Dr. Mituku H. and his colleagues (including Dr. Mintesinot and Dr. Kindeya) is timely and what we the staff members desperately wait for.

In case Dr. Hailu and others want to know about the severity of the situation that Mekelle University is currently in, they can open a discussion forum in this web-site and get the reaction of the true people of the university.
Thank you in advance for posting my letter in your website.
A really concerned academic staff of the university
Few facts about Mekelle University
By a really concerned academic staff of the university
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