Firdi a must see Tigringa Movie reviewd by Solomon G.

By Solomon Gebre-Amelak

July 18 2008

A must see Tigrigna movie that is cleverly produced. This movie is original in its content, and the actors, superbly acted their roles. The movie is about loyalty, love, family, and financial crisis, problems that many families go through. In the face of financial hardship, Rishan and Shewit, are the strong characters who try to keep the family together despite all the problems the family faces associated with financial hardship. Teklay on the other hand, is demoralized, and desperate to get his old control of his family's destiny. As financial conditions continue to get worst for him, his mental status changes.

It was during this time, that Teklay hears the worst news of his life, which was his wife falling in love with another man. Understandably, he was convinced of story about his wife. Sometimes when things go wrong in our life, we expect more bad things to happen.

Without telling the whole story, I would like to extend my appreciation for the actors and the producers. I appreciated Rishans soft and even temper. I also appreciate the script writers and actors. I believe you guys are great engine for portraying and upholding the great values of our ancestors. In our history during our struggle against foreign invaders, our biggest assets were loyalty, love, respect, and pride. These are the values that carry Ethiopians from generation to generation. These values should be promoted through music, movie, and literature.

In the movie "Firdi" Rishan epitomized those values of respect, pride, loyalty, and love. She portrayed the great values of our culture. On the other hand her friend Terfa symbolized the bad aspect of our culture.

In conclusion, the plots of this movie are numerous. One plot of the movie is that if strong love, loyalty, and respect exists, financial hardship could be conquered. Another plot is that, we should not believe everything we are told by our friends or family remembers; we must question and try to find the truth on our own.

I hope that the producers of "Firdi" will produce more movies that promote our good values, and criticize the bad aspects. No Bollywood type of movies. I would rather be waiting for a long time for a good movie like "Firdi" than be bombarded by Bollywood type of movies on a daily basis.