Top terrorist leader killed in Eritrea

Tigri Online

Feb. 07 2008

According to different news websites, Fiseha Haile Mariam Tedla a former high ranking security chief has been killed in western Eritrea about two weeks ago. Fiseha defected to Eritrea around November 2000 and was working with shabiya for the past seven years. Reports indicate he was one of the leaders who were coordinating military activities for the traitors, terrorists and the messengers of destruction in Asmara against the Ethiopian people. So far no one for sure knows who could have killed him.

There are so many speculations flying around about this traitors demise. Some are saying he had a fall out with his masters at the Eritrean government, and since he was a leader of four different rebel groups, he knew too much and shabiya eliminated him.

The other theory is that he was killed by the Ethiopian government.

according to his killer might have been a TPLF spy or member of the Eritrean opposition.”Some explain that the perpetrator, an EDF member enlisted in the second round of Sawa, was a renegade or a member of the Eritrean opposition organizations or even a TPLF spy, because he crossed the border since the operation.” says.

One way or the other this shameful traitor who betrayed his people and defected to our arch enemies met his fate in the wrong land. No matter how angry he was how could he go to Eritrea? Why not going to the Sudan, Kenya or other neighboring countries? It is a shame for a former TPLF fighter to end his life this way.



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