Ethiopian Fortunetellers online ?
(Tenquelna= fortune telling)

By Solomon

May 15 2008

In the old days our people had no opportunity to get education, and lacked stable government. In those desperate days many Ethiopians used many ways to survive. Some immigrated to other countries, others joined the army, and many others become tenquolties. The duty of tenqulties is to blackmail individuals out of their belonging and believe system. The Tonquolties in our country were poor, and had no other means to make a living. Therefore, it was a quick and clever way to make a living. Nevertheless, the modern Tonquolties who write and prescribe tenquelena online are well educated Ethiopians by the name of Elias and Belai. These two Ethiopians have used news as their cover, to practice Tenqulena . Tenquela the PHD way has specific audience, and these are the gullible Diaspora Ethiopians. These tonquoltis tell the Ethiopian Diaspora of all the horrible things that happen to Ethiopia on daily basis. If one is to ask where they got the information, the tenquolties will consider you a woyanne. Therefore, if you do not want to be labeled a woyanne, you must accept the PHD tonquoltis believe system.

Now let’s go to the question as how these two tonkoltis make their money? These two Tonquoltis goal is to distance the Diaspora Ethiopians from their country? Then ultimately, Elias and Belai will be Ethiopia, mother, father, cousin, to Diaspora Ethiopians. Elias and Belai will be the ayatollahs of Ethiopians in Diaspora. The next war will be between Elias and Belai, for the title of grand ayatollah of Ethiopians in Diaspora?

This is very sad development. Poor Ethiopians immigrate to escacpe tenquila, poverty, and here in the west these poor Ethiopians faced with much more sophisticated Tonquilties. Ethiopians in the west work hard for their money. Some of them drive taxi, others clean houses, and other hard labor jobs. In other words Ethiopians living in Diaspora do not find money on the street. But yet these tonqueltis try to manipulate them out of their money and believe system. This is also called a crime against humanity. This is a good cause for protest. All Ethiopians living in Diaspora need to open their eyes and see these modern tonqulties for what they are, gready liers who want to divide Ethiopians.

In the old days, Tenkweliti’s in Ethiopia will tell you all kind of lies. They will tell you, we know who stole your cow, ate your chicken, and stole your horse. The poor farmer pays the tonkoltis the money, and ends up fighting with his neighbors and sometimes even with family members. Now Belai and Elias tonquelti are lying to Diaspora Ethiopians day and night, about the injustice in Ethiopia, the democracy in Ethiopia. Day and night they plot a big lie, and they work hard to sell it to Ethiopian Diaspora. They advertise hate everyday on their website. These tonkoltis show no sign of nationalism. Hating a government and a leader is one thing, but these people clearly hate Ethiopia and Ethiopians. They advocate boycotting business in Ethiopia, instead the Tonkolti want Ethiopian Diaspora to do business with Belai and Elias.

Dear brothers and sisters residing in Diaspora. stop listening to Tonkoliti and use the money and time to spend it on your children’s education. Ethiopia does not need Tenquala online. What Ethiopia needs is education, investment, brotherhood, sisterhood. Brothers and sister the tenkolties in Diaspora shifted the whole discussion. The discussion and issue is not Meles, or EPRDF. Meles and EPRDF will not live for ever. However, Ethiopia and Ethiopians will live for ever. Thefore, instead focusing on Meles day and night, 24 hours a day, its better to focus on fixing Ethiopia.

Finally, let’s list the contribution of these Tonkoltis.

Belai's (Ethomediatekolenaonline). Today’s contribution, “professor Salisbury”, Yesterday, “Meles is this “ Meles is that”. How has helped Ethiopians progress forward? Once again the issue is not about Meles, the issue is about our poor brothers and sisters living in Ethiopia? what have you done to the poor Ethiopians? One day I gave those poor people a print out of your headlines; you know what their answer was? They said I wish you gave us a blank page, so that we can learn how to write and read on it?

Now let’s get back to the other Ton kali Elias This Tonkoli's favorite word is woyanne. His headline reads” Woyannes tank flipped downward”, “woyanne solider died”, his headlines have not improved yet. They are the same, on the same page, the same time, and the same day”. Once again those words will not change Ethiopia in any way. My suggestion to Elias, I know he has a big poster in his room that says “woyanne”, as soon that poster is removed, maybe Elias can come- up with another word? If he wants my suggestion, a relevant word to our time will, be change and love for the poor peasants of Ethiopia.

I know all the blah, blah; I have written above is for deaf ears. Elias and Belai, have a huge ego, and that ego does not allow them to reason. Their blind ambitious will never be realized even in the distant future. Ethiopians are slowly becoming to understand the workings of Tonquelti . No Tonqueliti will undermine, dominate, the poor uneducated Ethiopian for eternity. The latest dream of the Tonqulties was that Profs. Berhanu crowned king of Ethiopia, and Ethiopia instantly becomes the land of milk and honey. Stay tuned this dream will be on sale for a long time to come. The question for the average Diaspora Ethiopian is how much will it cost you?