A view on the freedom of the CUD leaders and related issues

By Tockchaw
July 23, 2007

There are days which will forces us to just think as to where the future of our country will be headed. For example a time like this, in which a pardon is given to the CUD leaders. By the way Congratulations for both EPRDF and CUD leaders!!!!!!

Even though Forgiving an Enemy is not new to EPRDF to the fact that it is embedded deep in its long time history and political culture, taking such kind of measures in today’s politics needs a lot of courage, which governments in our generations could not have been able to just think it, let alone to practice it. So being though and take a swift measure(in war time), when ever it is needed with what ever price, and at the same time having the sense of humanity and accepting the Pardon, when the Enemy mean it(?), makes EPRDF different from the past rulers of the country, at least as compared to the Past few governments. We remember how such kinds of cases are handled in the past.

My appreciation goes also to the latter in a sense that , after all their hard line position on the outcome of 2005 Ethiopian Election and choosing the path of orange revolution, to sign such a document, which shows their responsibility on the damage of post 2005 election, means a lot. Their action also needs a lot of courage, if they really mean it, what they have signed. But here lies two important things that must be clarified:

Whether the Document is signed because they believe in its impact for the unity of the country or only because they are afraid of the punishment of the court is questionable. If they really mean it would have a very positive impact on the future of the Ethiopians politics. To be clear if they sign the content of the document with the understanding that the chaos of the post 2005 Elections, whose outcome could have a serious damage to the existence of our country, then I am hopeful that we see in the future a lot more success in Ethiopian politics. This Step will pave the way to the CUD leaders to take a many crucial positive measures in their relation with their opponents, like EPRDF. They could have the capability of guiding their members to follow the right way of party politics, even if it is hard. On the other hand if they sign it only for their own sake (Being afraid of the life in prison), their freedom will only benefit to the EPRDF, who took rare measure in the modern Ethiopian history. If the latter is true it is also a shame for their supporters in a sense that they do not stand for their cause which they were proud of it. I see them as Mengstu, who say “I die like Emperor Theodros in my country”, but at the end of the day everybody knows what he did. It is a coward action.

My appreciations also go to elders. It is good news that there involvement brings such an agreement. This indicates that how important their role will be in the Future of Ethiopians politics. I only say go on with it.

Let me also add the following points. Ethiopia is for everybody. For the little, big, rich, poor, strong, weak, for the people from every corner of the country, for the people with different nation and nationality, for the people, who have different views as to what kind of Ethiopia they wish and so on. So how the interests of these different elements will be accommodated is the Question. To fulfil the wishes of every and each individuals is impossible. The only ways for our Unity lies on our readiness to compromise. The compromise might not be on our Objectives, but in how to attain them. The Question is whether to attain our objectives with love, dignity, good intention, considering the common Agenda of the country or with revenge, and hate politics, looking only our individual or party interests. In my opinion I do not think the time we are now living is not exhausted for peaceful struggle, to what ever extent we hate today’s Ethiopian politics. That is the best possible way to achieve the minimum damage in terms of life, property and above all to the unity of the country!!!After all the period is not Derg time, where all peaceful means are exhausted, where there were no ears for Elders, where at least to mention some: 60 Ministers including Hailesilase has been killed at one time. Especially this message goes to some CUD Leaders and some members. Stop thinking that you are the only guardian of the Ethiopian Unity! The country is very strong in its Unity more than ever with out your involvement. I am just only mentioning the reality. Not a theory or a wish. With its deep rooted problems, at least the country has exercised relatively more stability (even at a time where the enemies are doing their best to destabilise the country) and development in all regions, which Ethiopia has never experienced before. Ethiopia has wonderful diplomatic relationships with other Countries, which no other Government has ever had. That you can not deny. That does not mean but that everything flow smooth. For example the way you handle your politics in 2005 had been an obstacle for the country’s progress. You take a great share for the chaos that was caused at that time. The lack of respect, disseminating hate politics, misunderstanding of the reality, and thinking that you and your members are the only guardians of the Unity of the country does not allow rooms for compromise. Such kinds of move do not bring Unity among you, let alone in the country. “Our generation is in a better position to solve our difference than our ancestors. Because we do have, what most previous generation lacks.” That is Education (I doubt sometime). We can see our World beyond our horizons. Let us not use this power of knowledge for destruction and disrespecting our opponents, for taking hard line position on the core issues of Ethiopians politics. I say this because we know from History the ugly side of misusing a power.

At the end I would like to say that Africa has a better future. So does our country. With our educated Citizens, we could achieve a lot in fighting our first enemy, Poverty and its related problems. Let’s not waste our golden time to eat the fruits (good side) of globalisation. By no means comes any kind of improvement to the living standard of our people, when we hate each other as if there is no more hate tomorrow and stand together against the outside Enemy. We should always be ready to work together among ourselves. So that the Enemy from outside will fear from our stability, development and security. Only in such way we will ensure that there is no open door for the outside enemy, with which he could enter and disrupt our unity. Let’s not repeat the mistakes done by our past generation and us.

A little bit suggestion also to the people. Let us appreciate leaders, who pray for peace, who works for the coexistence of our peoples, who does not widen divisions among us by taking hard line positions on our country core political issues. Because if Extremists are successful in attaining their evil objectives, it will be only a matter of time until they turn around on their supporters and be a burden on them, which will make their life hell. No country, in the history of the world has profited from the hardliners or extremists.

Thank you for your time

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