Freedom and Truth

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Nov. 26 2007

In essence, all human being are born free, bare, and equal. No human being is defined in space and time. Before man kind comes the truth, the wisdom that has molded this universe. Human knowledge is a construct of his own. Human color is an environmental construction, according to the knowledge of the first nations' philosophy color is an effect of the daughter of the sun.

Freedom, free to speak, free to express feelings, emotions, free to eat, free to drink, free to breath and free to live. Freedom is reciprocal. There is no freedom donor or freedom receiver because everyone is equal and everyone is temporal but no one is spatial. Everyone is made from clay and everyone turns back to clay. Freedom is natural; Freedom is not a construction.

True freedom is divine that transcends all human virtue, achievement, knowledge, success, wealth, and power. True freedom does not dictate or dominate anyone.

Human freedom is a construction of different types of ideas. Since political ideologies and sectarian ideologies are human constructions. Human democracy is also different. People who live in different environmental set up think differently. Ethiopians and Americans think totally differently. Once I had an American colleague working with me in Africa. We happened to go out to work in the field in rural Africa. My American colleague packed her lunch. I did not pack my lunch. Then it was time to eat in the field. Everyone started eating except me. My closest American friend started to eat her lunch. I was not hungry at all. But just to know I did ask her if I can eat with her. She told me since it is her lunch, she cannot allow me to share her lunch. She is a very nice person. Nevertheless, she has completely different operating system from me. Besides , in many ways, things which are wrong according to me, are right to her and visa-vis. This difference cannot be underestimated.. It is a big difference. If she was an Ethiopian, she would probably give me the whole lunch. The thing which I want to say here is that people have different way of life and but the same basic needs for survival.

As such the American democracy cannot be suitably imported to Ethiopia like wheat, corn, .... and eaten. America a capitalistic democratic country can become a friend of Ethiopia and share virtues with Ethiopians. I am sure there are many good things Ethiopian can import from America and vis-versa. For instance, Ethiopians are poor material and rich spiritually.

Aut the poverty in Ethiopia is horizontal and the poverty in USA is a vertical one. In Ethiopia there is no big gap between the haves and have not. In Ethiopia there is poverty, and political violence. In the United states, there is no political violence but there is civil violence because of social and subtle political problems.

Thus the differences between Ethiopian way of life and American way of life is diametrical. And it is an immoral , illegal and a complete arrogance to attempt to impose American ideology on 80 million people who have completely different mode of life. It can never work. I myself wanted Ethiopia to be democratic country. However, my concept of democracy is completely different from the American democracy. I do not want Ethiopians to prosper like the rest of the world. I wanted Ethiopians develop and civilize with their culture. There are human constructions which needs to be addressed not only in Ethiopia, but in the rest of the world such as gender inequality. My principle of democracy sees material prosperity secondary and spiritual prosperity primary. That is how I understand democracy the Ethiopian way. Ethiopians wake up early in the morning and go to church. Spirituality is away of life for Ethiopians. American democracy can be a tragedy to Ethiopians. This is not because American democracy is bad, but it cannot be applied as it is on Ethiopian.

I am not an isolationist. I wanted my country to be part of the global village, but I do not believe Ethiopians has to be forced to eat chips and other chemical foods in the name of material prosperity. I believe there is better way of civilization than the west. I believe Ethiopians need to live natural way. They have to cook their foods themselves. I do not want them to be fed by big companies. They can still prosper in their own way.

I know the world measures prosperity in terms of money, but I wanted in Ethiopia prosperity to measured by spirituality. In a n American democratic ideology, democracy is donated like wheat and corn, but in spiritual democracy the donor is the man above, not human. It is better to have democracy from the man who has made this universe than from another clay man like me.

I believe the power of man in his faith and mind, than in his money. Our ancestors erected the Axum stelae, they did not use high power cranes, they used their mind and faith to do what they did. Now the Ethiopian scums are asking UN to do for them what our ancestors did by themselves, is not shame? Why have we stopped to use our brain to solve our problems? Why ?