By Solomon

May 22 2008

May 28, you are a special day specially for the majority of Ethiopians, who happen to be the peasants. It was in this special day that the long and hard struggle of the peasant revolution was realized. This day signaled the end not only of the Derge regime, but also the end of chauvinism, elitism, and classism. This day was the first calendar day where all Ethiopians living in all the corners of Ethiopia could have a say in the destiny of their nation. Before this day, the Derge and Addis Ababa elite determined the future of the millions of Ethiopia. Generally these two groups made decisions that benefited them alone. However, after the elites and their boss Mengistu were chased away, the policy of the nation become, all Ethiopians to be the guardians, of their village, county, province, and country. Derge Beneficiaries called this“tribalism and”racism”. They proclaimed this policy will disintegrate Ethiopia. This was something they said seventeen years ago.

Ladies and Gentleman were the Derge beneficiaries right?

Seventeen years later Ethiopia continues to exist rather strong, and more determined to face internal and external threats as a united country.

Let’s list the accomplishment of seventeen years by our gallant and determined people. 1.The Ethiopian people as one unit have succeeded in establishing one of the most determined and lethal army in Africa. This is the accomplishment of all the Ethiopians living in Ethiopia regardless of ethnicity. Ethipia’s enemy try to credit one ethic tribe, discredit other ethnic tribe, in attempt to create tension among the brotherly and sisterly people of Ethiopia. That project has miserably failed.

2.Contrary to Egypt’s propaganda and her puppets in the horn of Africa, the war with isyays that took place in 1998, had nothing to do with Badme. The war was designed and carried by Egypt. The main goal was to disintegrate Ethiopia once and for all. But thanks to the brave sons and daughters of Ethiopia, Egypt’s dream was crushed for ever. Not only that, now Egypt is stuck with the burden of feeding isyas useless body guards. Otherwise, what happened to Mussolini will happen to isyas.

3.In today’s Ethiopia Universities are spread throughout the whole nation. There is no more recycling of privileged Ethiopians. In today’s Ethiopia the children of peasants too are benefiting from the fruit of modern education, and as a result enjoying a better standard of living. This is a great accomplishment.

4.In today’s Ethiopia true unity among Ethiopians is taking place. Unlike the Derge remnants and beneficiary who propose Ethiopian unity based on slogan, in today’s Ethiopia unity takes place through action. What are the actions that bring true unity? Construction roads that connect provinces, building markets in all the communities, developing towns, and creating more commercial spaces, are conditions that bring people together. However, Derg intellectuals believe that unity could be enforced, and dictated. Derge remnants stop lying to yourself; do not think we will be fooled by your slogan. Action speaks louder than slogan.

5.In 2006, Egypt miserably failed through her puppet isays, so it decided to open another front in Somalia. Hundred and thousands years from now, historians will study this fact, and will realize the stupidest mistake that Egypt made. Despite the current Somalia conditions, Ethiopia’s involvement will bring a lasting solution. Somalians and Ethiopians are blood brothers. The enemy in North Africa, who calls both of us (ABEID) will not succeed in dividing two brotherly and sisterly people. A permanent brotherhood and sisterhood will develop after the puppets of North Africans wake up through peace or force.

6.Policies that allow citizens to build their nation were created. These policies have made it possible for many nationals to build their nation, and provide employment to the general population.

The above list is only a tiny fraction of what may 28, 1991 brought. May 28, accomplishments and goals will continue uninterrupted. In the past Seventeen years the enemy of Ethiopia within and outside has used all kind of systems to destroy the accomplishment of May 28. Thanks to the determined leaders of Ethiopia, and the proud nationalist Ethiopians, Ethiopia still remains strong and united. Therefore, to Ethiopia’s enemy and selfish Ethiopians, May 28, will continue to be a sad day. These groups of people are very upset as to why privilege and power did not remain among the elites of Addis. The elites of Addis regardless of their ethnic background have the same thinking, and that is more material wealth for their families while the rest of Ethiopia is neglected. To add insult to injury these Addis Ababa elites have never ventured outside Addis Ababa? However, they have the nerve to claim they know what all Ethiopians need.

For that reason the selfish elites of Addis Ababa who are remnants of the Derge era will never be understand and accepted by the general population of Ethiopia. These elites dream is to deprive the peasants of their land, so that they could be the absent land owners. Thanks to the brave children of Ethiopia there will be no absent landlord. For that reason also May 28, will be remember as the darkest day for the remnants of Derg Era elites.