Ethiopia's largest ever built power station inaugurated

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Jan. 14 2009

Ethiopia's largest ever built power station inaugurated

Gilegel Gibe II Hydro Power Project constructed at a point 250 kms south west of the capital at over 5.2 Billion Birr was inaugurated on Wednesday in the presence of top government officials and resident ambassadors.

The Gilgel Gibe II project, the largest ever built power station in the country, can generate 420 mega watt of electricity.

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi along the Italian Foreign Affairs Minister, Franco Frattini inaugurated the project.

Speaking at the inauguration of the project, Meles said the victory of development has begun but not yet finished.

Meles said “if we work together, there is nothing impossible that we can achieve.”

The Prime Minister pointed out that using pollutant energy sources is not a must and added that it can be possible to speed up development without polluting the environment.

Meles indicated that his government is committed to double the country's existing energy stock in the coming five years.He also expressed confidence that the entire Ethiopian people and the Italian government would stand on the side of the government for this achievement.

He also expressed appreciation to those workers of the project who selfelessy work for the success of the project.

Speaking at the augural ceremony, Frattini said the Italian government was proud of financing such a huge power plant which has a significant importance in meeting the growing energy demand in Ethiopia.

Pointing out that he remembers the speech delivered by Prime Minister Meles at the Developed Countries Summit in Italy, Frattini said the project is the living example of a clean environment which he said was undertaken in compliance with the decision of the summit.

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