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Hannah's Pencil mountain project
By Hannah Godefa
June 26 2007

Hannah Godefa is doing what we the adults should do

I will open my mouth and tell stories, I will bring into the open things hidden. By writing this letter and sharing their stories, maybe God can use me to open a door for others so that men and woman like you could be part of a good thing to come.

My name is Hannah Godefa I am nine years old and student of Divine Mercy catholic school in Maple Ontario.

My parents brought me to visit Ethiopia; I spend time in Addis Ababa and Axum. I saw all kinds of cool sights; the best part of the trip was meeting my relatives: my grandmaís aunts, uncles, and cousins. My grandmas were lovely; also I visited some of the beautiful people and places. Even though I was happy to see my extended family, I was also very sad to see children of my age that donít get much food, medicine, a good education, children with no fathers or mothers. The AIDS epidemic contributes to deepening poverty in many communities. I am blessed to be born here in Canada a beautiful and rich country. Yes, I did not choose my country or even my parents, but God did and I am very grateful for that. What can I say for all these gifts except to say thank you. I ask myself what I can do to help. That is when I saw a posted on the web November 14, 2005 about Mrs. Robbins in a reporter magazine it says a mother-of-four, agreed to give at least US$ 1.5 million to feed malnourished children in Ethiopia. Yes, by writing this letter and sharing their stories, to you and others maybe God can use me to open a door for others, so that men and woman like you could be part of a good thing to come. Children my age in Axum do not have pen or pencil to write their school work. Parents have forced to choose their children to keep them at home due to lack of school material. If they are lucky they will have one pencil and one eraser for the whole family. When I am at school I have all the supplies I need!

I do not think it is fair for me to have everything and they have nothing. For us a pencil is just a pencil, but for them it can give them one pencil for more than a six month work. I am going to look for good people who have an open heart and are blessed with a gift of giving to others.

From what I know anyone who gives will be rewarded much more and with this believe I am asking you to help me contribute few pencils to my project Pencil Mountain.

My goal is 20, 000 pencils and I will send these pencils to the poor and needy children of Ethiopia. Please join me in giving something special which is more valuable than anything. I find that there is nothing more satisfying than doing something nice for someone else. Please let us, focus on the positive, and sow seeds of kindness around school and community. Hopefully they will sprout and grow!

I know one thing; the children love to talk about the kindness they see in their world.

All collected items will be sent to Axum Aberah Atsebah Elementary school and other schools around. I am also happy to have the assistant from his Excellency- Mr. Tebege Berhe Counselor of Ethiopia embassy in Ottawa to make sure these pencils will be delivered to the right place.

Hannah Godefa

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