An inimitable or gambit for veracity?

By Berhane Eyasu
Nov. 03 2009

A few days ago the whole Nation came to mull over the almost breaking news that EPRDF, the Ruling partyís, aver that it has done a very historic understanding with three potential parties with regards to the nature, magnitude and source of the code for national election. The move could have been better, had all constrains been addressed. However, some of us might be surprised yet again the degree of media coverage that has roofed without veracity and meaning adjacent to the extent of its lucidity.

In a country, where there is no or few systems on checks and balances nor is there so a free press to challenge and at least critically assess the use and implication of such intent of the Ruling partyís avow; how is it that such a move termed so as historic over night is mystifying to many.

I am not visualising negative vibes on it but People like my self who have been observing the resurgence of EPRDF and its modes of operands in the nationís politics can read between lines and got to have to ask a legitimate question: Is these yet again another stage show or a golden opportunity endorsed or pushed aside under the carpet with out a real substance? Or put it otherwise, can any one highlight the wider public that there is indeed no reason to worry as it is a manifestation of politics of pluralism shelling out in good phase as usual through time and hence every eventualities should not be the reasons for a worrisome adventure in any shape or form?

Without addressing these suspicious and political maunderings, Is it not a reflection of an indecent predicament to claim a historical juncture In a country where there are ninety three Officially registered Political parties with their varied programmes and plan of action answerable to the public, how is it that agreeing only with three percent of them make historical and inimitable?

Most of the times, It is a learned observation that the ruling party has been interested in more of in attention grabbing than on the real substance of politics that CANNOT give real sense to the wider public namely the constitution of checks and balances and democratisation of the country with the needed space and pace. This time, no much difference as  There is no real effort being taken over to broaden the scope of negotiating with most of the remaining political parties on appealing live issues let alone with MEDREK which has really pushed the government in power to relax its very centralistic soviet stylish Electoral board.
As usual, the rule of law is failing significantly to protect individualís rights against a fear of persecution or reprisal of those in power. The application of a free press and upholding the rule of law which must have been a paramount importance is not only lacking in perspective but also retrogressing.

Again, Releasing of prominent leaders and individual prisoners of conscience like Birtukan MIdeksa and of course others who are languishing in jail indefinitely must have been given ample priority. Another burning issue which needs an immediate addressing is  the Nationís National Security which still is left wide open to the utmost vulnerability, if properly addressed, could have given the ruling party a safe landing in case the unfamiliar territory comes over again. Is it not a day light ploy that seemed Engineer Hailu Shawel, a one time prisoner who allegedly termed as a Ďcriminalí by the ruling party has come to a full grace behind the curtain to agree to be the next President of the Republic in an already won Election to cover a legitimacy. That is in a way droll to say the least. This shows how our politics can yoyo from one extreme to other regardless of the concerns of the broad mass. Apart from that our politics seemed to have a new contexture that the foreigners are having a big say on the modalities per se and that is worrisome as well.

The proof is that, the international Ambassadors seem to fall for such a trick of deception by design or purpose very well. God knows for how long are we to continue to get even the politics of ABC from outside sources. However, no one is denying the positive influence these people would bring about to our political culture that ourselves learn from if properly nurtured in to the mainstream of politics.

Likewise, any bases for negotiation whether it is a Code or any other development framework must have been coming from the need of the stakeholders who seem to have been kept aloof.

On his admittance, shawl deduced that had it not been to the influence of the international community (Foreign Ambassadors), a shift in attitude and direction, this historic agreement brought would have been impossible to materialise.That is a shame to have to learn form a veteran of his calibre.

This shows how his mode of thinking is influenced or shaped by those who do speak English than his poor peasants whom he is answerable to! One thing is clear, given the situation of our country where every thing is minimal and novice we have seen time and again that the results of an election could genuinely be very uncertain. Likewise, the ruling party has to stop adopting paramount coercion and intimidation with out lucid tactics or selective negotiation style to fit its design. Such a purpose and an approach typical of the ruling partyís illicit approach certainly signifies that it can blindly take any budge which it believes working to remain in power at any cost. Unless tamed in time, it is really dangerous predicament which has to be named and shamed in no uncertain terms as it is a blemish and huge impediment to democratisation of our beloved country!

Unless we see a complete change of direction to and a real intent for real negotiation, it is the peopleís right to see any of these selective moves with refined scrutiny. I can not see why any one looking for a real progress and true democratization of his country can not question the true motives behind them!

Said that, there are many pressing, pertinent, legitimate and pressing political questions brought forth by MEDREK which can test the government to the limit. If we are to thrive on a political consensus, I think answering them will be a must. The public is looking forward to learn from the government how a change of heart will affect on the out come of the coming election.

If not, things could get worse to our country and our vital development initiative and our democratisation process will severely be affected.

I think it is every ones call regardless of number politics, shelving off waiting for the ruling party to move on. The wider public needs immediate addressing and answering no sooner than coding for an election. Do not get me wrong, I am not sidelining the importance of codes of an election.

However, going for an election with out a due emphasis of these core issues and values of the publicís concern is like moving in to wilderness whereby its real impact for the nation and including the ruling party is excruciating