"I Speak For Myself"


I Speak For Myself

By Engineer Ghirma
June 25, 2007

Freedom of speech and mass rallies are lawful in a democratic system of government Attempting to topple an elected government via Anarchy is not.

When in 2005 CUD (a legal opposition) called for mass rally at Meskel Adebabay, it was appropriate; as was also the one subsequently countered by EPRDF at the same venue. However, as the election tally began to come in, and it was becoming obvious that CUD had lost the national election outside of Addis Ababa, the picture began turning ugly. The disappointment of CUD and their vocal partners in the Diaspora was overwhelming. At that point, Plan “A” (legal) was pitched, and Plan “B” (illegal) was launched by CUD with Ana Gomes as their “chief” spokes person.

EPRDF, the clear winner, was likewise as determined, perhaps more so, to protect what was theirs (the victory). Subsequently, the DERG Clones and their DERG leader Eng. Hailu Shawel were tried and convicted for their crimes against the Ethiopian people; pending sentencing on July 2, 2007. At that point, justice would have been served. Political post-sentencing lobbying for “pardon” from PM Meles would be appropriate. Thus, the horse would clearly have been before the cart; and not the other way around.

We are all reading the same accounts concerning “pardons”, imagined or otherwise, from many quarters; except from the Government of Ethiopia! Vocal Diaspora CUD/DERG Clones are already celebrating their victory! What’s up? Is DERG about to be resuscitated? I suppose we will soon find out.

If the rumors turn out to be right, it will be a sad day for the Ethiopian Constitution. Thus a dangerous precedence may be on the verge of being established.

I have to admit that my confidence in EPRDF and PM Meles may be shaken after this, if the outrageous rumors that are floating around turn out to be true.

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