Isaias Afewerki: You whited sepulchre! First put your own house in order

By Dilwenberu Nega
Dec. 01 2009

Time, so they say, is a great healer.  Gone are the days when Ethiopians abroad would glue themselves to Eritrean Television (EriiTV) to find out the true state of affairs of their homeland.  Ethiopian Television (ETV) had done the trick by delivering the unadulterated news to Ethiopian homes.  While time had, therefore, allowed the wise to switch their loyalty from Erii TV to ETV a very small minority of the otherwise are still wallowing under Shabia’s propaganda grip. And to make matters worse, Isaias’s lapdogs - www.’s congenital liar, Elias Kifle, and pie-in-the-sky’s EPPF’s factotum in London, Sileshi Tilahun – are currently jet-hosing gullible sections of the Ethiopian Diaspora with their lies and fabrications after their latest pilgrimage to Asmara.  This state of affairs is not bad; it is pathetic.

Today, everything in the State of Eritrea, is turning from bad to worse: with its economy, with the exodus of its unfortunate people, with the absence of the rule of law, process of democratisation and human rights, with its international standing, with its transformation into a mecca for terrorists, not to mention, of course, with its absolute tyrant.  And yet, instead of looking inward and address the dire and pressing needs of Eritreans, Isaias has, instead, decided it proper to  poke his nose in the affairs of his peaceful and stable neighbours.  He is currently exhibiting a brazen audacity by lecturing to the so-called Ethiopian opposition parties “to get serious” and mount an anti-Ethiopia “united front before Ethiopia’s May 2010 National Elections.” It is when you are made to hear such unmitigated nonsense that you are made to conclude that the Apostle Mathew must have been directing his “You hypocrite! First take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the sawdust from your neighbour’s eye” admonishment to none other than Isaias himself.

By contrast, today everything in FDRE is up, up and away: with its economy, with its comprehensive development, with its democratisation process, its respect for human rights and the rule of, with its appeal to direct foreign investors, with its international standing, not to mention, of course, with the pride of place of Premier Meles Zenawi amongst world leaders. And to cause a cardio-vascular arrest on Isaias Afewerki, his Ethiopian nemesis will be heading in less than two weeks to Copenhagen at the Head of Africa’s representatives.

So, you can see why lonesome Isaias Afewerki is behaving in such a wayward, not to say mentally-challenged, manner.

Chagrined by Ethiopia’s development gallop, and having reputedly turned ballistic when 65 Ethiopian political parties succeeded in securing the seemingly unthinkable common stand on the Code of Conduct on National Elections, Isaias’ is now leaving no stone unturned to cause havoc prior, during or post the National Elections.  It is, therefore, incumbent upon not only the Government of FDRE, but on all Ethiopians everywhere to close ranks against Eriteria’s whited sepulchre and foil his sinister ploy.  Its high-time that we, gullible Ethiopians in the Diaspora are forewarned of Isaia’s poisoned chalice.

Be forewarned: An Eritrean who is a Satan to Eritreans cannot possibly turn into a guardian Angel for Ethiopians.

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