"A Marriage of Equals"

Isaias Afwerki: Fidel Castro Wannabe

By Engineer Ghirma
April 26, 2007

Eritrea is evolving into the Cuba and Libya of yesteryear; albeit in an insignificant fashion. One ingredient that is lacking may be mass Eritrean followers who espouse Fidel Castro’s brand of communist ideology. Just like Fidel Castro of the past, Isaias Afwerki has been stirring up trouble in various countries; Ethiopia among them. Isaias has become Africa’s premier trouble-maker, surpassing Colonel Kaddafi of Libya, hands down. The Shaebiya regime harbors terrorists like UIC, CUD followers of ex-DERG Minister of Agriculture Engineer Hailu Shawel and others, who are desperately on the prowl like hyenas, getting ready to devour the Ethiopian people at an opportune time. The tyrant is getting braver by the day, as witnessed by the recent murder of innocent civilians in Somali State, which was admitted by ONLF leadership in Britain. Isaias has become cocky to the point that his downfall appears imminent.

Just like modern day Cuba, Eritrea has become irrelevant. Even bad news from Eritrea is hard to come by these days. There hasn’t been any good news from Eritrea since 1991; the year which hailed the ousting of DERG via joint effort by TPLF and EPLF. Eritrea has become as stagnant as the crater-lake at Mt. Zuquala, on the outskirts of Addis Ababa! Nothing of meaningful nature goes into Eritrea; and nothing comes out other than young people who have fled with tales of misery that they had left behind. Eritrea has become a nation of prisoners. Everybody is eligible for imprisonment under Isaias’ Eritrea: Women young and old; men young and old; religious people of all persuasions; and children of all ages.

Castro gave up on holding his people hostage years ago. Now, any Cuban who wants to flee to America is ostensibly allowed to do so by the Castro regime. The problem is that America won’t allow any of them to enter the country for obvious reasons; mainly economic. If Eritreans are caught while fleeing their country, be it to Sudan, Ethiopia, or across the Red Sea, they are either shot dead on the spot, or tortured and then dumped into shipping containers. The same fate awaits those who are deported to Eritrea as unwelcome refugees by Libya and others. Welcome to Isaias Afwerki’s Eritrea!

One positive contribution, and it is significant, that Castro made for Cubans is to provide them with quality education. Cuban advances made in the field of science, notably in medicine, is said to be phenomenal. During the DERG era, besides providing some 15,000 Cuban troops to defeat Somali invasion of Ethiopia in 1977-1978, Castro also sent medical doctors and technicians to Ethiopia. No such luck for today’s Eritrea. Isaias has effectively deported the bulk of expatriates who were involved in humanitarian activities. He strongly believes that Eritreans are addicted to humanitarian assistance, and that it is detrimental to their well being! Consequently, Eritrea remains isolated; its economy is in shambles; and its people are virtual prisoners. As far as education in Eritrea is concerned…the regression continues!

Isaias Afwerki has brought nothing but misery to the people of Eritrea. Eritreans should forget waiting for opposition(s) to liberate them (again!). They have to get it done by making necessary sacrifices to rid themselves of their tormentor. Shaebiya is by far more repressive than DERG ever was. The struggle for the independence of Eritrea was all in vain. It is very sad indeed.

The best interest of Eritrea is served by the true concept of Nations and Nationalities which Ethiopia represents. It is the only proven system that gives Eritrea the best chance for success. The sooner Eritrea joins (or rejoins) Ethiopian Nations and Nationalities, the better it will be for all Eritreans.

Isaias Afwerki is emulating Fidel Castor in every negative way conceivable, by isolating Eritrea from the rest of Africa and the world at large. It is disheartening to observe that Isaias Afwerki has effectively become Fidel Castro Wannabe.

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