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Tigrai Online person of the year 2007, Hannah Godefa
Hannah Godefa, Tigrai Online person of the year 2007
Tigrai Online chose Hannah Godefa a remarkable 10 years old as a person of the year 2007. This little girl’s dedication and generosity to her people has touched so many lives well beyond her age. In 2006 Hannah started the Pencil mountain project.



Pro.Jeffrey Sachs

Professor Jeffrey Sachs Special Economic Advisor to UN Secretary General (UNSG) and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

In an interview Monday at the Addis Ababa International Airport earlier his departure back to New York the Special Economic Advisor to UN Secretary General (UNSG) and Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University Professor Jeffrey Sachs said Ethiopia´s 11 or 12 percent economic development year after year is among some of the fastest on earth.(Interview by Walta)
Listen to him

Secretary Condoleezza Rice Interview on Ethiopian TV

Condoleezza Rice

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

QUESTION: Interesting. Where do you stand on the issue of Eritrea? Secretary Frazer several months ago said that you are planning -- that the U.S. Government is planning to put Eritrea on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. Are you?

Jendayi E. Frazer

Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs

Jendayi E. Frazer is the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs listen to her interview about Eritrean "State Sponsor of Terrorism"
Part 1

Prime Minister Meles

Prime minister meles

Prime Minister Meles's Interview about Eritrea and Ethiopia
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part4 Part 5

Seghat Nega

Ayte Sibhat Nega TPLF CC and Member of the EPRDF Government

Sebhat Nega's Interview about Eritrea and Shabiya
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Siye Abraha

Siye Abraha, Tigrai Hero

Siye Abraha's Interview with German radio after he was released from prison. Part 1 Part 2

Isayas Sfeworki

Isayas Afeworki president of Eritrea

Isayas Afeworki's Interview about Eritrea and America/Ethiopia
Part 1 to Part 7

Headline News

Jan. 31 2008

Kenya Dominates Opening of African Summit
The political turmoil in Kenya has been the central theme at the opening session of an African Union summit in Addis Ababa. VOA's Peter Heinlein reports U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon leaves Friday for Nairobi to join efforts to calm Kenya's ethnic tensions.

UN extends Ethiopia-Eritrea force mandate 6 months
The Security Council renewed the mandate of the struggling U.N. peace force on the Eritrea-Ethiopia border for six months on Wednesday despite a request from Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon for just one month. Ban had proposed only a brief extension because he said a fuel cut-off by Eritrea had crippled the force's activities and troops might have to be withdrawn within weeks. But council diplomats said that would amount to giving in to blackmail.

Gaddafi says Africa must unite or be dominated
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi said on Tuesday African leaders meeting in Ethiopia this week should stop wasting time and unite in a single government to stop foreign powers taking control of the continent.

Rx for Africa, Inc. to Benefit from New Ethiopian Government Policy on Pharma Industry Local Production to be Favored
Rx Africa (Ethiopia) PLC, the wholly-owned generic drug manufacturing subsidiary of Rx for Africa, Inc. (PinkSheets: RXAF) , is positioned to benefit greatly from powerful new incentives for Ethiopia's local pharmaceutical industry put into place by the Federal Government of Ethiopia. "We applaud the Ethiopian government for its visionary support of our burgeoning industry. The health of Ethiopian citizens and economy, and the health of our own company, Rx Africa (Ethiopia) PLC, will benefit for years to come," said Dr. Mulugetta Bezzabeh, Chairman of Rx for Africa, Inc.

Bomb kills one in small west Eritrean market town
A bomb exploded in a small market town near Eritrea's border with Sudan last week, killing one person and wounding eight others, the government has said.

Media watchdog calls for sanctions against Eritrea
Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders on Wednesday called for an African Union summit to condemn Eritrea and impose sanctions, after releasing a report claiming mistreatment of prisoners there. "The leaders attending the three-day African Union summit that begins on 31 January must not turn a blind eye to the fact that the Eritrean government acts with extraordinary cruelty towards all those it regards as a potential threat to its survival," the Paris-based group said in a statement.

Jan. 30 2008

UN’s Ethiopia-Eritrea force at risk
The United Nations might be forced to evacuate its peacekeepers next month from the tense border zone between Ethiopia and Eritrea, removing the most visible deterrent to renewed warfare between the east African neighbours.

Kenya's Kibaki attends AU summit in Ethiopia
While Kenyan police battle to quell the ongoing violence, President Mwai Kibaki is in Ethiopia attending the African Union (AU) Heads of State summit.

Ethiopian police bars prostitutes from streets
Police in Addis Ababa has prohibited prostitutes from prowling the streets as the Ethiopian capital prepares to host the Africa Union summit starting on Thursday. Police officers told APA the decision to keep the prostitutes off the streets was made for security reasons as thousands of guests started flowing into the city for the summit.

Jan. 29 2008

World Bank president to visit Africa
Eritrea Conceals Religious Freedom Violations from US Congressman

Jan. 28 2008

Al-Amoudi Plans massive Investments through out Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s richest man Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-AmoudiIn the largest single agricultural investment, Ethiopia’s richest man Sheik Mohammed Hussein Ali Al-Amoudi, joined the bio-fuel sector in a joint venture with Jemal Ahmed, one of the biggest edible and palm oil importers in the country. “I have never seen a project of this size, Abiy Meskel, director general of the Ethiopian Investment Agency, told Fortune. “It is especially useful for Ethiopia as it is labour intensive.” See also MIDROC’s Ambitious Visions of Next Five Years

AU Chairperson urges African FA Ministers to respect principles of democracy
Kenyans still held in Ethiopia
Ethiopian double at the Marrakech marathon

Jan. 26 2008

UN force mandate for Ethiopia-Eritrea to be renewed
Ethiopia accuses Eritrea of a new border aggression
Making friends in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church to be formed in Antigua and Barbuda

Jan. 25 2008

Western world cannot impose democracy in Africa: Ethiopian PM
Ethiopia says Eritrea forces shot at deserters
Sheik Mohamed Al Amoudi vows to intensify investment in Tigray, honored with martyrs' medal
Report of the Secretary-General on Ethiopia and Eritrea (S/2008/40)
Ethiopiasays 234 Eritrean soldiers deserted in January
Ethiopia: New future for African girls
Stowaways Found on Ethiopian Jet
Ethiopian acid attack stalker
Eritrean opposition groups agree to form full alliance

Jan. 24 2008

Ethiopia child mortality rate falls 40 percent: UNICEF
FAO/WFP crop and food security assessment mission to Ethiopia
JPMorgan Chase urged to reject loan for Ethiopian dam

What proof do we need to know that western governments are really aganist Ethiopian development than this.(Tigrai Online comment)

African Union Unveils Road Map for Peace in Somalia

Jan. 23 2008

U.N. to vote on extending Ethiopia-Eritrea mission
U.N. Ethiopia/Eritrea force may have to pull back

How stupid can a leader of a country get than the president-for life of Eritrea? If he accepts the “virtual demarcation” which is apparently demarcation on the air, he should tell the Eritrean people to expect virtual Badme, virtual mshela (sorghum), virtual selitt (sesame) and virtual gold which are found in the very real Ethiopian Badme. (Tigrai Online comment)

Ethiopia at the centre of child survival revolution
Melbourne calls up young Ethiopian duo to take on Mottram – IAAF World Athletics Tour
Eritrean to Be Deported From Sweden Despite Protests
Eritrean opposition groups agree to form full alliance

Jan. 22 2008

Ministry Instructs Oil Companies to Supply Blended Fuel
Birtukan’s group considers forming new party
TPLF to colorfully mark its 33rd founding anniversary

Jan. 20 2008

Siye Abraha calls for “Peace, Love, Reconciliation and Unity of all Ethiopians”.
”.Siye Abraha in Denver in a meetingSiye explained what the purpose of his tour of North America was a) to explain why he was thrown to prison; share his experience and his feelings with the Ethiopian people. b) Since he spent six full years in prison doing nothing but thinking and reflecting, he wanted to share his thoughts of “Peace, Love, Reconciliation and Unity of Ethiopians

Sudanese Nuer in Ethiopia accuse GoSS envoy of promoting tribal confrontations
Somalia to be among top agenda at AU summit in Ethiopia
Farmers cultivating over 5,600 hectares of irrigated land in Central Tigray Zone

Jan. 19 2008

Ethiopia, Sudan to construct 250-km road
Visit to Addis Ababa: bustling city has distinctive churches - and coffee everywhere

Jan. 18 2008

Ethiopia says detains Westerners for aiding rebels
Ethiopia rejects "virtual" border with Eritrea
Eritrea accepts "virtual" border with Ethiopia
Gebrselassie wins Dubai Marathon but misses new record
Ethiopia targets free HIV/AIDS drugs for all by 2010

Jan. 16 2008

Linking Rights and Foreign Aid for Ethiopia: The Case of HR 2003

What Abigail Salisbury is missing is the complexity of Ethiopian politics. Ms. Salisbury the Ethiopian politics is way deeper and wider than your superficial analysis. You have no clue what you are talking about. The group of people who spat on your vehicle and run from you cold like that, the second you mentioned the word Tigrai don't represent any one but them selves. In a different time and place you could have gotten a totally different reaction. So, your analysis that H.R. 2003 is good for Ethiopia based on one incident is completely misplaced to say the least. (Tigrai Online comment)

Ethiopia well poised to sustain double digit economic growth for over 2 decades: Professor Sachs
American millionaire envisions Ethiopia as the next China
Ethiopian CUD opposition party loses name
UK White Nile signs Ethiopia oil deal
Bay Area residents send medical gear to their native Ethiopia

Jan. 15 2008

Ethiopian Envoy Furious Over Bill to Limit U.S. Aid
Ethiopia Returns to Sudan for Oil
UN Envoy to Somalia Optimistic About Talks Between Government, Opposition
Athletes manhandled by ‘crazy’ security at event

Jan. 14 2008

YEMEN: Government says it can no longer cope with more African migrants
Aish, Zekiros take Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon wins

Jan. 12 2008

Ethiopia signs $640M sugar deal with India
Birth of an empire
Film-maker heads to Ethiopia to trace freedom trek
African Union leaders meet for 10th AU summit
Bekele strikes back, Burka defends - Edinburgh Cross Country report

Jan. 11 2008

Ethiopian Hydropower May Replace Coffee as Biggest Export
China signs deal to build $61 mln AU centre in Addis
Scuffle in Seattle – Kinijit vs. Kinijit
Liya Kebede The model of perfection (CNN)
It's not charity - it's justice' ~~ Yulee teacher's mission to aid school in Ethiopia

Jan. 10 2008

Africa's Horn bordering on war
Donald Payne's visit to Asmara reconfirmed his anti-Ethiopia position

Jan. 09 2008

ASCOM acquires promising gold concessions in northern Ethiopia Tigrai State
Ashura of the millennium to be celebrated on Nejashi Mosque
Fire damages Amanuel Ethiopian church in Seattle
Djibouti - Key U.S. Ally on the Up and Up
UN requests world not to return Eritrean refugees fearing their imprisonment, torture or death

Jan. 08 2008

Starbucks and Ethiopia Get Together Over Coffee
71% of Ethiopians report feeling like outsiders
Ethiopian satellite channel to start TV broadcast directed to Eritrea
Ethiopia and the Search for Regional Peace in the Horn of Africa
U.S. Engagement in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa

Jan. 07 2008

Court Freezes Assets of Suspects in Phoney Gold Scandal
WFP head lauds community participatory natural, environmental works in Tigray
Ethiopian church finally has a home to call its own
Somali president in London for more medical checks
For Émigré Fans, Soothing Words and Spirited Rhythms From Home

Jan. 05 2008

White Nile on verge of exploration deal in Ethiopia
CUD executive committee cautions Berhanu
Libyan diplomats briefly abducted in Mogadishu
Some 1548 foreigners deported from Yemen

Jan. 04 2008

Tigrai Online person of the year 2007, Hannah Godefa
Somali interim leader collapses
Surprise! U.S. Congressman pays homage to Africa’s head of terrorists
US aid team starts work in Ethiopia's Ogaden
(BPRW) Ethiopia; Origin of Humankind

Jan. 03 2008

Ethiopian student's gun charges dismissed
TDVA Boston fundraising Event Report
Chinese, Ethiopian scientists explore volcano
Relief Society of Tigray executes dev't works with 29mln birr

Jan. 02 2008

Japan provides $1.5 mln to support Ethiopia’s health sectors
The US and “Regime Change” in Eritrea
Eritrea reportedly abducting 4,000 Eritreans from Sudan


Saint Emmanuel Church Fundraising Event in Seattle Saint Emmanuel Church Fundraising Event in Seattle

UTNA DVD for sale UTNA DVD for sale

Lekatit 11 in Washington DC Lekatit 11 in Washington DC

Aziz Hagos in Stockholm Sweden Aziz Hagos in Stockholm Sweden


Siye calls a meeting in Seattle Siye calls a meeting in Seattle

Tigray Disabled Veterans Association (TDVA) is glad to announce that it has opened a new Bank Account and P.O.BOX. Address to facilitate receipt of your donations and pledge.

TDVA night in SeattleTDVA night in Seattle

Stolen Ethiopian design
Matthew Williamson in Ethiopian controversy
Matthew Williamson this week has been targeted by the Ethiopian government for using a pattern similar to its national dress. Two outfits shown at his much-hyped 10th anniversary SS08 show in September during London Fashion Week are thought to be directly copied from traditional Ethiopian dress.

Matthew Williamson is trying to make a quick buck by stealing designs from the Ethiopian traditional national dresses, what a shame. Those designs are unmistakably Ethiopian creation, no one would dispute that. This is not the first time some one from the west tried to steal from the thousands years old rich Ethiopian culture. You remember some company in Holland tried to patent Taff/Teff and another in Brazil some so called scientist’s attempt to patent the decaffeinated coffee which is only found in Ethiopia? Williamson’s decision to show Ethiopian traditional national dresses as his own fashion designs shows not only is he morally corrupted but he is also creatively bankrupt. What we need to do as a people is to keep our eyes open and tell those westerners to keep their hands off from our treasure jars.(Tigrai Online comment)

Very funny video
Check out this video it is very funny, it made wedi afom soooo!mad.

Rishan Gebre new CD New CD released by Rishan Gebre
Support your own home grown talent!

Nov. 07 2007
It should be crystal clear to every one by now; the sociopathic dictator of Eritrea is behind ONLF, CUD, OLF, SNLF, GLF, EPPF and many other terrorist groups in Ethiopia. No matter what Ethiopia does to resolve the conflict peacefully, Eritrea is as much determined to do every thing to destabilize and destroy our country. Should we sit down and wait until our total destruction? The resounding answer by any red blooded Ethiopian should be NO! Believe me I know what the ugly consequence of war is, but Ethiopia and its people are slowly bleeding to death by the Eritreans. There is no other option but one, and that option is we should hit back and hit back really hard with out mercy. There is no development with out peace and security and there is no peace and security while Shabiya is in power.
(Tigrai Online comment)

Sample letters to be sent to the three important personalities to oppose the bill HR 2003.
Please fill out the form in the following letters and send them via your email or regular mail. You could highlight, copy and paste them from this page.


Bi weekly colmn

Melissa Lahti Tigrai Online contributerMelissa will be writing about different issues regarding parenting on a regular baises. We hope you will find helpful tips in the articles and enjoy her colmn. Her current article is: Nose Bleeds


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Henok Gamlak
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Bereket Kiros
Jan. 24 2008

We stand in unison for a Common Denominator
Jan. 24 2008

Issues or side issues, Mr. Solomon.
Equar D Negash
Jan. 20 2008

The picture of Eritrea Today, Response for Equar D. Negash.
Jan. 19 2008

Ethiopianism is Utopianism
Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 19 2008

Response for the response to Solomon’s article
Equar D. Negash
Jan. 16 2008

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Jan. 15 2008

He was against it before he is for the war.
Equar D. Negash
Jan. 14 2008

Ethiopian Cyber Media: Ethic and Professionalism
Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 14 2008

Donland Payne, "Started Minning Gold in Eritrea"(Joke)
Jan. 12 2008

Is it too late to change a horse? TPLF splinters.
Jan. 09 2008

Response to Lahra Smith, U.S. Engagement in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa
Haben Kiros
Jan. 09 2008

P.M. Meles Zenawi’s Legacy
Engineer Ghirma
Jan. 07 2008

Ethiopians Live Hiding in the Cocoon of Fear
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 07 2008

Tslal Tegaru (Umbrella Organization for Tigraians)
Tslal Tegaru Organizers
Jan. 02 2008

ARENA Tigray, No Name
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Jan. 02 2008

The divorce was as bad as the “merge”
By Micknega
Jan. 02 2008

Dr Birhanu Nega Clinging onto a Straw
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 30 2007

The Colition for Mutual Destruction
By Ahadu Amlak
Dec. 28 2007

Mr. Prime Minister, No Retirement Yet! Five More Years!
By Mulubrhan Tsehaye
Dec. 26 2007

Down Trodding the Down Trodden
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 26 2007

“Solution” if any, for the border impasse.
By Mickenega
Dec. 26 2007

Mr. Jeffrey Gettleman, Leave alone my Country
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 22 2007

Don’t freeze the discussion
By Mengistu Hailu
Dec. 20 2007

Ethiopia a Victim of International Plagiarism
By Gezaee Hailemichael
Dec. 17 2007

Dec. 12 2007

Free Assefa Abraha
Justice-4- Siye
Dec. 09 2007

Siye's Dehay Interview
Justice-4- Siye
Dec. 07 2007

Comments on president Tsgay Behre Interview on Civility Platalk
By Yukuno Mesfin
Dec. 01 2007

Sociocultural and Relief Association of Tigraian Ethiopians in Alberta, Canada:
From the Advisory Committee
Nov. 04 2007

Sheikh Al Amoudi: Man with a Vision for Ethiopia
By Engineer Ghirma W.G.
Oct. 27 2007

HR 2003, an uncalled for and a misplaced threat In a Sea of opportunities for Further Democratization in Ethiopia.
By T.D. Tessema
Oct. 08 2007

Millennium and Outstanding work of the PM.
By Araya belay
Oct. 02 2007

The daunting danger of Donald M Payne's tumultuous political discourse
By Adal Isaw
Sep. 27 2007

Coalesced and United by hate, Disintegrated by peace
By Ahadu Amlak
Sep. 25 2007

Political epidemics of PhD
By Sara Abraham
Sep. 20 2007