Mr. Jeffrey Gettleman, Leave alone my Country

By Gezaee Hailemichael

Dec. 22 2007

Yes, we have problems like many other countries. However if people allows us to do our own business, it is up to us to deal with it. Is Mr Gettleman an Ethiopian? Who is he? There are many problems in the USA, but no Ethiopian journalist is busy interfering in the affaires of the United State. Who gave Mr Gettleman an entitlement to interfere in the affaires of Ethiopia? According to me he has no any right. If it is about Human Right, it is a fake. It is not, it is about oil.

Probably Mr Gettleman has got some pledges from some multinational companies to do this dirty business of making out a darfur in Ogaden to drive out the Chinese.

Mr Gettleman, if you are humanitarian, get out your own country's soldiers from Iraq then if you talk about human right, we may hear you. Now you seems to takes us like dummy people who do not know anything what is going on the rest of the world.

We know there is a problem in Ogaden which I believe it has been brewed by the companies which you are serving as mouth piece. There is oil in the USA, we have no any say about it, because we do not have any moral right to do so. Mr Gentleman, I presume you are exploring an opportunity to make a quick money with such an evil plan. Your plan is probably to empower ONFL together with the company which is funding ONLF for business venture prospect. I guess your plan is to be a good partner of ONLF and if ONLF wins the Ethiopian government, you and your partner company will be given access to the oil by ONLF, and then you are going to get a sum of millions. I presume this must be your motivation. Your motivation is greed, selfishness, wanton. Otherwise, what business brings you to Ethiopia from New York? . Who gave you the right to be one political opponent of the Ethiopian government? I am an opponent of the Ethiopian government? But I do want you to compete with me. Since I do not have any right to meddle in the affaires of your country, you have no any right to meddle of in the affaires of my country.

I think there are some mad people in the USA who are arrogant and ignorant who think they are better than people of other countries. Why there is no a Chinese Jeffery Gettleman, Japanese Jeffrey Gettleman,, or Korean Jeffrey Gettleman, Pakistani Jeffrey Gettleman, Indian Jeffrey Gettleman? Geffrey Gettleman is one of those Arrogant and ignorant Americans like Donald Payne and Smith. We have to tell these people they must shut up their mouths. It is none of their business. If they are humanitarian, let them get their own soldiers from Iraq. They must take the beam in their eyes before attempting to take the specks in someone's eyes.

Ethiopian government, you are giving more rights to alien and immoral journalists like Jeffrey Gettleman, you need to give more rights to your people. Even the election 2005 turned to a nightmare because you allowed aliens like Ana Gomez to take over the affaires of the country. Why the Ethiopian government like to treat alien like Jeffrey with courteousy.

I recommend the Ethiopian government must lay a charge against this arrogant, ignorant, premature Jeffrey Gittleman. He must be still a small kid otherwise how can he take hearsays and post them in his name. It is a crime for one to get engaged in such unfounded blasphemy and malice. It is not good to allow immoral and irresponsible people to go away with their evil agenda. They must be accountable for what they say and do. They must prove it and if they cannot prove it they need to be held accountable otherwise they will stop their ignorance.. It is such immoral and irresponsible people who are making this planet an inhabitable. People like Jeffrey Gilman or Gettleman, they are hell bent to make money by creating havoc, bloodshed. It is their business like Coca Cola. Their business mission is human right which is a marketing strategy. It has nothing to do with humanity.

My country needs divine freedom and justice. We do not need human right or freedom made by Jeffrey Gilman. Jeffrey must give the Iraqis people their freedom before attempting to sell for us one or he must cook his human right or freedom and eat it for himself.

Divine Wisdom, Freedom, Justice to Ethiopia