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Prince Ruspoli's Turaco is only found in Ethiopia?

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco only found in Ethiopia (credit Nik Borrow)

Prince Ruspoli's Turaco,is often described as the rarest, most beautiful, most enigmatic and Ethiopia's most ellusive bird. First discovered in 1890s , disappeared for almost 50 years and reappeared in 1940s, again diappeares for almost 30 years and reappears in 1970s. There is nothing known about the species. The bird's nest and eggs have never been seen. Now you know.


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Ayder memorial service in Mekelle
On June 5, 1998 Ayder Elementary School civilian schoolchildren, teachers, and parents were massacred by the Eritrean Government warplanes. Our brothers and sisters of the Ayder Memorial Library Project Committee are trying to build a Library in memory of the victims of this cowardly act. Tigrai Online would like to invite every Tigraian/Ethiopian world wide to help this project.

Headline News

July 31 2008

Ethiopia blames Eritrea for end of UN border mission
Axum obelisk to go up in September
Ethiopia says wants talks to solve border dispute
Ethiopia plays down fears of war with Eritrea
Eritrea allays fears over new war
Eritrea "Has Become One Big Jail," Activist Says
Sudan to Execute Darfur Rebels

July 30 2008

Security Council ends UN monitoring of Eritrea-Ethiopia row
Security Council ends UN monitoring of Eritrea-Ethiopia row
Ethiopian minister, UNISA sign agreement on PhD programme
Eight Eritrean soldiers held in Yemen
UN Mission in Ethiopia and Eritrea to close
Somali insurgents dismiss UN-mediated truce

July 29 2008

Ethiopian army warns it’s ready to fight aggression by Eritrea
Ethiopia suspended by Fifa
Muslim Mob Stones Christians in Eastern Ethiopia
Ethiopia coffee exports earn $525.2 mln in 2007/08
Chinese invest in Ethiopia's first glass factory
Eritrea courts China, Iran for trade

July 28 2008

Opposition chief condemns Eritrea, calls for UN forces
Global Energy Sucessfully Completes First Stage of Castor Oil Energy Project in Ethiopia
Ethiopia invites Saudis to invest in tourism
Britain to stop training Kenyan soldiers after insurgency crushed

July 27 2008

Lightning in Ethiopia is the real hurricane trigger
A collapsed bridge in northern Ethiopia disrupts transportation
Sanaa says "unacceptable" Eritrea’s detention of Yemeni fishermen

July 26 2008

U.S. Emergency Assistance to Horn of Africa Over $797M to Date
The glory trail

July 24 2008

Israeli runner detained in Ethiopia
Eritrea says ICC accusations against Sudan president are an "insult”
Vogue Italia's Black Issue spurred by Obama
Ethiopian Liya Kebede on July Vogue Cover
"At the moment, I really don't like any girls on the runway. They are all beautiful, amazing, long legs, beautiful eyes, but they all look alike," she said.

"No girl really impressed me. The only one was Liya Kebede, she's so elegant, she's so chic," Sozzani added, referring to the Ethiopian-born model who is also a goodwill ambassador for the World Health Organization.

July 22 2008

The Ethiopian government has pledged to grant Djibouti 5,000hct of land
Package from Ethiopia delivered to Richmond business contained drug
Ethiopia Needs $211 Million in Additional Food Aid, UN Says
African leaders call for withdrawal of Darfur genocide charges
Ethiopian sues Xerox for £8million

July 21 2008

Restoring Ethiopia's great obelisk
Eritrea President wants "media war"

July 20 2008

Racism from Ireland and the reality of development in Africa and Ethiopia
BHP's Ethiopia potash win
Girma Birru Returns from Djibouti with Promises
Tyranny on Wings: A Gift From The Emir of Qatar

July 18 2008

Ethiopia promising to be one middle-income country - UN report
In Eritrea, youth say frustrated by long service
ICI claims article was 'racially offensive'
WFP seeks urgent navy escorts for Somalia food aid
Big cut in Ethiopian food rations

July 17 2008

Government of Eritrea fighting with it's own dead people

July 16 2008

Feeding Africa: Key is better farms, not food aid
Somali PM says ready to quit if that would bring peace
Coca-Cola logo in different languages, including Ethiopian Geez
Coca-cola bottle in Geez
Two special NBC vignettes -- which began airing in June -- promote Coca-Cola's collectible Olympic-themed cans bearing the iconic Coca-Cola logo in different languages, including Ethiopian, Russian, Thai, Mandarin and English.

OiLibya buys Shell's Ethiopia, Djibouti operations

July 15 2008

Partnership Seeks to Strengthen Ethiopian Public Health System
Dubai’s Giant Scouts Ethio-Djibouti Railway, Oil Pipeline
Ethiopia's Olympic squad glitters with gold-medal winners
Somalia Violence Drives Out Aid Workers
Ethiopia says arrests 8 bombers

July 14 2008

Ethiopia says arrests 8 bombers
African Union urges ICC to suspend Bashir warrant
Ethiopia says Sudan ties healthy despite frontier incident
Babcock & Brown leases 2 aircraft to Ethiopian

July 12 2008

Ethiopia slams Swiss charity over Ogaden pull-out
Ethiopia hunger averted, but high food prices loom
Denmark honors Azeb with MDG3 Champion Torch
Ethiopia to work with Sudan on border security
Eritrean brothers ordered to stand trial
Rastas can use cannabis, Italian court rules

July 11 2008

Dubai unveils $100 million Ethiopia investment plans
Aid Group Pulls Out of Eastern Ethiopia, Charging Government
Editor’s comment: Since the early fifteen hundreds westerners has been sneaking to Africa and particularly to Ethiopia pretending to be religious missionaries, NGOs, Humanitarians, Civil rights fighters and military and government advisories. The truth is they are all after one thing, spying for their notional governments. They are all wolves disguised in sheep’s skin.

Top Chinese legislator vows to enhance co-op with Ethiopia
Meles meets German Chancellor, WB President amidst G8 summit
Eritrea debunks overstepping in Djibouti
EU Cautioned Over Aid to Eritrea

July 09 2008

Ethiopia worried about Djibouti port tariff plan
Eritrean opposition alliance calls for urgent world-wide strikes
Guelleh Sees Eritrean Leaders Paranoid, Frustrated
Al Amoudi’s Firm to Secure Large Plot for Bio-Fuel

July 08 2008

Sudan says Ethiopia attacked military base
African countries seen as possible terror threat
Making War On Foreign Aid Workers
Islamist rebels attack Somali government headquarters

July 07 2008

Despite food shortages, Ethiopia to grow biofuel crops
Aid workers targeted in Somalia
Somali premier calls for U.N. troops without delay

July 06 2008

The Ark of the Covenant is in Axum, Tigrai, Northern Ethiopia
Tourists flock to Ethiopia to see Ark of Covenant's home (Axum)

The Ark was the portable wooden chest, gilded inside and out, adorned with cherubs and topped with a throne, that was constructed by the Israelites to house the Ten Commandments during their 40 years of desert wanderings to the Promised Land.

July 05 2008

Ethiopia Says Troops Killed 71 Islamists in Somalia
Donors give $847 million to cut poverty in Ethiopia
Yifter passes on experience to new generation
Eritreans on the run
Housemaids, drivers to be recruited from Ethiopia

July 03 2008

Canadian insurgent killed
Sigd to Become National Holiday

July 02 2008

The United Nations Security Council, the US and the EU must impose punitive measures against Isayass regime
Ethiopia Fights Off Famine Image by Growing Long-Stemmed Roses
China's ZTE wins Ethiopia telecoms network deal
UNHCR interviews 179 Eritrean asylum seekers detained in Egypt

July 01 2008

Ethiopian Jews disadvantaged, marginalized in Israel
Taking Judgment to the Skies


Tigray Festival In Washington DC, A Method For Nurturing Ethiopian culture and Unity.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 31 2008

Successful 5th Reunion of Awlaelo Schools Alumni Association
Atsbha Gebru
July 28 2008

Stop Aid to Ethiopia
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 28 2008

Our Flag in San Diego
Sophia Mesfine
July 24 2008

Response to Mr Paulos
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 24 2008

Operation Rescue Big Ego
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 23 2008

Comment to Gezae Hailemichael
Paulos Fasil
July 23 2008

Ethiopia is full of traitors, Bandas, Crooks, and Conformers
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 21 2008

Unity advocated by Diaspora Intellectuals Verses EPRDF’s Policy
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 18 2008

My People
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 18 2008

Firdi a must see Tigringa Movie reviewd by Solomon G.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
July 18 2008

Putting Unity First: Sharing the Values of Human Rights, Social Solidarity and Social Justice in Ethiopia!
Professor Mammo Muchie
July 11 2008


Conquer Evil by Good
Gezaee Hailemichael
July 02 2008

The Resolution of Food Crises in Africa Requires Building an Integrated African National Economy
Professor Mammo Muchie
June 25 2008

Good anaysis about Egypt, but what about Meles?
Gezaee Hailemichael
June 23 2008

Price hike in Ethiopia, Is that the inherent nature of Economic growth or mismanagement.
Equar D. Negash
June 20 2008

Surprise, Egypt returning asylum seeking Eritreans to Eritrea ? History Eritreans may have missed.
Solomon Gebre-Amelak
June 20 2008

The Dilemma of Economic policy
Equar D. Negash
June 18 2008

An Open Letter Mr Mark Schneiders Senior Vice President of the International Crisis Group
Gezaee Hailemichael
June 18 2008

Let’s Shun Playing Politics for a Change and Rally for a Common Cause
Mulubrhan Tsehaye
June 16 2008

memorial news from Ayder Memorial Library Project
Ayder Memorial Library Project Committee
June 16 2008

Out of Africa: The narcissist, blind and hateful Fanatic
Gezaee Hailemichael
June 16 2008

Go between Equar D.Negash and Solomon
Gezaee Hailemichael
June 12 2008

Ato Seye Abraha on the Sudan Border Issue.
June 09 2008

The Picture in Eritrea Part III
June 07 2008

Barak Obama and AmericaBarak Obama for president in America
Haileselassie Girmay
June 05 2008

Openness and good governance, Ethiopian case
Equar D. Negash
June 04 2008

Ethiopian teff in Netherlands
The Netherlands company Soil and Crop S&C syas it is wrongly accused of bio-piracy to patent Ethiopian grain Teff

By Hans Turkensteen
Director Soil and Crop
May 13 2008


Tigrai Festival 2008 in Washington DCTigrai Festival 2008 in Washington DC

Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Phoeix ArizonaEthiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Phoeix Arizona