Miss Tourism Queen International Candidate
Kidan Gebreegziabher Tesfahun

Tigrai Online

April 05 2008

Miss Tourism Queen International Candidate Kidan Gebreegziabher Tesfahun
Name : Kidan Gebreegziabher Tesfahun
Age : 24
Height : 180 cm
Occupation : Secretary

Miss Tourism Queen International 2008 will be held from 20th March to the 12th of April in Zheng Zhou, China. Over 120 beauty ambassadors will travel to exciting China, where they will spread the word about their countries, territories or islands' tourist attractions and enchanted corners!

the winner of Miss Millennium, Kidan Gebreegziabher Tesfahun is representing Ethiopia. "Ethiopia's Queen of the Millennium is proudly flying the flag for Ethiopia by taking part in this record breaking event and taking centre stage for Ethiopia,"

What is disturbingly astonishing is this beautiful Ethiopian girl is being bashed and her name tarnished by people who claim to be Ethiopians. Simply because her name sounds Tigraian. She might be from Tigrai or she may not be since we share many common names in Ethiopia. Even if she is from Tigrai does she deserve this much hatred? Honestly this makes you think that there is series problem with some people and if they get the chance they will do great harm to our people.

You can take a look about these hateful comments in nazret.com. I donít think there anything wrong for nazret.com to allow people to post their comments, because it shows us where we stand.
Photo www.misstqi.com

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