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Name: solomon Age: 22
evangady at
will tell u latter

Name: Aregawi Abadi Age: 22
aregawi64 at
In short I am honest

Name: Tsegay Age: 39
Tasew1967 at
I am in need of having to start contacts with some of the ladys who are looking for partner. wanted age range: between 25-40. My Hobbys are sport Football, Boxing,Movies and Cooking.

Name: Melakau Age: 30
melaku06 at
Location: >

Name: Tesfaye Age: 38
somos05 at
Location: Norway
I AM A GOD MAN,HONEST AND I LIKE CHILDREN.I like travel to different contry,like coking and play football.I looking for a gerl honest and beatfull .

Name:MIKA Age: 24
mikadubai at
Location: DUBAI

Name:Mussie Age: 32
mogoraib at
Tthis mussie I was born in asmara and I am living in dubai and I am looking for lady from Adwa and living in any state of America and her age must not be more than 27 years

Name:Nejat Age: 15
Nejat_2007 at
Location: London
Hi I'm From Ethiopian but i was born in Tigray. When i was 13 years old i moved to London but now I really miss Tigray because My fimaly are in Ethiopia that is why I really like Tigray.

Name:Yacob Age: 25
j_lovely4l at
Location: pannnnnnnn
Looking for love, from my own trip mean from the hero,Tg

Name:Bkallsue Age: 15
Location: Seattle
Dahan Do?

Name:Redwane Age: 35
amin_2007 at geezemail
Location: Addis ababa
This is Redwan my age 35 i need one single

Name:Samson Age: 34
samigmeskel at
Location: Addis Ababa
Samson G/meskel Reda 34 years old Ethiopian. I am working in South sudan. I speak the following Languages English, Amharic Tigrigna. I am in excellent Health and I am Single.

Name:Nardos Age: 30
aman20037 at
Location: Sweden
I want to communicate and chat with my friends and family

Name:Teweldebrhan Alemayohu Age: 42
Location: Now Liberia peace keeping
from teweldebrhan alemayohu to tigray online subject introdaction i will check thank you

Name:Abbey Age: 37
abbeytadele at
Location: Boulder, CO
Hardworking, funny, easygoing, goodlooking ,Tigray female looking for a man with the same quality.

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