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Name: Natinael 31
email: Yem_hiwi2003@yahoo.com
Location: London
I am single man and I am looking for Habesha woman. I like choclate color and slim baby. If you are interested please send me email as soon as posible
Name: solomon G 22
email: solosite@hotmail.com
Location: Banglore India
am a guy with the speed....i like to hang around and things like that........
Name: desta 19
email: destaethiopia@yahoo.com
Location: australia
i would like to say hi for everey body and i am young man i am one of whome are hold an aim for the future,so if it is possible just i am in finding of person who can match me.
Name: sami 24
email: yynn55@hotmail.com
Location: saudia
looking for love
Name: Tesfay Belay 26
email: tsfybly@yahoo.com
Location: USA
Hi my name is Tesfay i am looking for gual Adey. e-mail me
Name: daniel 24
email: dfustem@yahoo.com
Location: USA
Name: genet Birhane 29
email: genimini@gmail.com
Location: Addis Ethiopia
I am a 29 years old beautiful tigrian lady form Addis Ethiopia. I believe that in life there's nothing you can't accomplish, so aim for the stars and if you land on top of a mountain, that's not so shabby now is it? I believe in doing the right thing even when no one is watching because what goes around comes around. I believe in being compassionate and passionate; I believe there's nothing wrong with spoiling yourself, as long as you spoil those you love as well. I was raised on the three D's: Determination, Discipline, and Dedication and I believe that jealousy is for the insecure so be confident! I believe that in love you should find someone who compliments you, not someone who supplements you. I believe in being a true friend. I believe in being a loyal partner. Last but not least, I believe in a happily ever after. Oh and I believe I can do anything you can do…
Seeking: If your honest, and you believe in the words; Family Values, Ethics, Trust, Love, and Commitment then that's all I can ask from you. I can tell you that using this Venue has its perks, it gives you and I a chance to start the very foundation of a beautiful relationship – Friendship!
Name: Assefa
email: samlidmus@yahoo.com
Location: U.S.A
hei ,I am looking for girl who is between 22-30 years old smart,funny,loves education ,honest and loving that gives me happiness.I am a medical doctor. And I am 30 years old,170c.m tall and 140lb wt. and tigrian . just e-mail me and we will call each other after that.
love and love Tigrians!
Name: Ambasajer Hailu Kebede
email: ambasajerhailu@yahoo.com or kebede2@un.org
Location: Sudan Temporary
I am a 31 years old man who is 5 feet and 10 inches tall, weighs 175lb, degree in Mechanical Enginering and I have a good education I am working with UN . I would like to meet a Tigrean Girl between the ages of 20 and 25years. I am looking for a lady that is smart, down to earth, and funny, with some education and knows what she wants.
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