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                                                                         Madness in the capital.
Araya Belay

Even though the Eritrean president knows that he was defeated on the Ethio-Eritrean war 1998-2000 he is still trying to surround Ethiopia in all directions to disrupt the peace and democracy in Ethiopia.

1. He has build a close alliance with Somali Islamist [jihadists] who are armed and financed by a few Arab and Persian countries to be trained in Eritrea. The chaos in Somalia has offered him such an opportunity to disrupt the regional stability. The Islamic courts had an access to arms for a longtime thanks to the Eritrean regime who has an extensive arms deal with the former soviet block countries. Even though, Ethiopia had successfully won the war with Somalia 1963 and 1977, Issias was very busy after 9/11 telling and confusing the US and its allies as if he is against terrorism in the horn of Africa, however The regime has two fundamental goals, one is completely to create chaos in Ethiopia and terrorism in horn Africa. The second is to get financial assistance from the Arab countries. Or any country against USA.

2. OLF one of a few gangs who is leading armed struggle in Ethiopia is loyal to Eritrea regime again to create havoc in Ethiopia, This organization had an opportunity to play positive role in the country’s road to democracy 1991 when EPRDF had successfully destroyed the derg, but OLF lost that initial opportunity. However, the Ethiopian government tried tirelessly to bring this organization to the table and negotiate on fundamental issues of the country. OLF is confused on its policies once it says “Oromia is colonized by Abyssinia, on the other had OLF says there is no democracy in Ethiopia and we are the main stream of democracy to build in Ethiopia” But when it comes to reality democracy can not be built when OLF is a friend of the undemocratic regime of  Eritrea, Recentely  Brigadier general Kemal Gelchi who defected to Eritrea was interviewed by the Eritrean  regime and he was explaining about “ abuse of power and  about undemocratic regime in Ethiopia”. This general  understands very well that the regime across the street  is undemocratic, the reality is that this general left the country by misleading a few colleges  because of  his  personal problems, shame on him for betrayeing his own country  for  nothing. OLF has no place in Ethiopia. Now at the suburb of Moyale the Kenyan and Ethiopian authorities are hunting armed OLF militias and bringing them to justice for their wrong doing in that porous area of Kenya and Ethiopia. OLF has to learn a lot from OPDO, to govern its own people.

3. The Diaspora so called Kinijit-, this organization is a group of dergists, who were in power and left the country on various reasons. They are organized again by the Eritrean regime against EPRDF they are taking the Ethiopian community in N.America and Europe as a hostage pursuing that kinijit’s struggle for freedom and democracy. In 2005 may national election lost the opportunity sided with Eritrean regime to refuse the outcome of the election. Issayas is training kinijit and the remnants of the old regime sending them to the west of Ethiopia via the Sudan, the one reason why Issais pressuring the Sudan and trying to neutralize it with several problems is , recentely Issias reorganized kinijit, EPPF,OLF and ONLF in one umbrella to hold arms against EPRDF, Issias is well known as regional organizer than being Eritrean president re-orgized the Darfur, SPLA, ONLF, OLF, rebels to disrupt the region. Most of the former derg members visited Issias for help Solomon Tekalegn an Ethiopian singer went to Eritrea to bless him on his 15 anversary of being Eritrean Dictatorship. But does he know that a few years ago Issayas himself banned Amharic music in Eritrea? Solomon Tekalegn did he sing Tigrigna in front of Issias in SABA stadium in Asmara? If you do not respect yourself no body can respect you. Shameful. No matter what Ethiopia has scored significant economic and political achievements, in the last fifteen years. I have no reason to doubt that and I whish the Ethiopian people, all the success in the future.
Araya belay
August 17,2006