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Quote of the day: Where mischief is involved, Isaias Afwerki will be right there! Engineer Ghirma
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International Banking Department Application for Opening of Non Resident Foreign Currency Accounts for Ethiopians in Diaspora Application Instuction
Watch Eritrean prisoners Confessions from the Somalia war Part one, Part two, Part three you must see this!!!
June. 02  2007
Ethiopia region faces ethnic Somali uprising
Like Nigeria, Ethiopia also has its good, bad and ugly
Eritrea arrests 80 in church raid-opposition
Annual investment growth of Tigray State reaches 25 percent
May. 06  2007
Travel Warning; ERITREA
Rapidly growing Ethiopia plans third ever census
Ethiopian businessman threatens to sue controversial journalist
Last Ethiopia-Sudan repatriation convoy of the season as rains set in
Over 1,000 Eritreans flee to Ethiopia through Central Tigray...
May. 07  2007
Rebel Somali leaders urge rebellion against Ethiopia
ETHIOPIA: Locust threat in the east
Ethiopian, Somali forces confiscate weapons in Mogadishu
UN Peace Making Goes Nowhere
Dubai Chamber receives President of Eritrea
Developed countries' leverage on Africa
May. 08  2007
Saudis behead Ethiopian woman convicted of murder
Eritrea defends presence of troops in disputed area
Eritrea snubs UN peace calls 
May. 09  2007
Ethiopia says UN failing on Eritrea border dispute
Oxfam Optimistic on Progress Between Starbucks and Ethiopia..
Additional Sparks Fly in the Horn of Africa
Eritrea: Where the people have a lot to say but suck it up
House endorses motion condemning Abule terror ambush
May. 10  2007
Africa parliament says Ethiopia to fail in Somalia
AU member states urged to reinforce Somalia mission
President Girma calls on all segments society to exert utmost efforts to...
May. 11  2007
Ethiopia, Kuwait call for Somalia unity
Ethiopia to quit Somalia after AU troops arrive: PM
Ethiopians Fear for Their Interfaith Oasis
Grand Forks church changes lives in Ethiopia
Somali PM sacks deputy, defence ministers
President Afewerki says no political opposition in Eritrea
American company to construct 5 billion Birr cement factory
May. 13  2007
Ethiopia warned not to pull troops from Somalia
Ethiopia Gains New Partners from the Specialty Coffee Industry
Sudan defense minister hails ties with Ethiopia
Abyssinian Baptist Church celebrates 200th anniversary
World Vision Ethiopia, Tigray State conclude over 54.5 million birr project
ETHIOPIA: Seed banks to boost food security
Compassion UK: Ushering in the Kingdom in Ethiopia
Ethiopia coffee exporters see small rise for 2006/07
Saudi Arabia displays bodies of two Ethiopians beheaded
World Bank, donors commit $780 million to Ethiopia
May. 15  2007
Al-Amoudi Grants $20m to Clinton Found’n
May. 17  2007
Starbucks agrees to coffee agreement with Ethiopia
Montreal area couple face human trafficking charge involving Ethiopian nanny
US names special envoy to Somalia 
Ethiopia elected int’l health conference vice president
Italian closer cooperation with Ethiopia for Somalia
May. 18  2007
Ethiopia offers bountiful tales of beauty and history
Wedding Dresses that Stand Out
Eritrea: Reinventing Democracy to fit Dictatorship
Sugar Gets First Private Investment
May. 19  2007
Ethiopia, 1,000 insurgents killed in Mogadishu clashes
Ethiopia denies eastern losses
MIDROC’s Concert Hall to Cost $10m
Notice-to-Proceed Launches Ambitious Red Sea Crossing
Rebel attack will never happen again: Meles
May. 21  2007
Ethiopia releases US journalists 
Thousands of displaced return to Eritrea
EU should sanction, not engage Eritrea-rights group
May. 23  2007
Ethiopia's top religious official says AIDS patients can take medicine
Ethiopian horticulture industry eyeing DFC to expand export base
German Support for State-Run Media Condemned
Ensuring peace, stability in Ethiopia, Sudan significant to strengthen cooperation
May. 24  2007
At least 90,000 people return to Somali capital since fighting ended, U.N. says
Eritrea blames US for border impasse
ETHIOPIA: New programme boosts village health service delivery
The land is free while our people live in terror
Ethiopian Graduates 21 A/C Maintenance Tech. of 3 Nationals
Ethiopia blames rebel Ogaden for killer blast  
ETHIOPIA: Delays in third national census
Suspects held for Ethiopia attack
Eritrea has become a meeting place for an entire range of Ethiopian opposition
Ethiopia Honors Victims of Marxist Junta
Feeling right at home
May. 25  2007
UN agencies team up to save malnourished children in Ethiopia
Grief strikes Aurora Ethiopian family
African Union seeks NATO airlift for Somalia - NATO
May. 29  2007
May. 30  2007
Ethiopia arrests 50 officials over graft
No peace, more terror, A violent Islamist threat is far from over
Appointment of Special U.S. Envoy to Somalia Brings Mixed Reactions
Press Ethiopia on border ruling, Eritrea urges world
Ethiopian elephants, lions face extinction
May. 31  2007
Ethiopia prosecution seeks death sentence for Mengistu
Prosecutors in Ethiopia are seeking to raise a life imprisonment sentence for former Marxist dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam to the death penalty after a genocide conviction for crimes during his bloody 17-year rule. "The penalty they received was not commensurate to the crimes they committed," he said. "The court has accepted our appeal and the defendants are ordered to appear in court on June 12, 2007."
World Bank approves 225 million dollars in credit to Ethiopia
The World Bank approved 225 million U.S. dollars of credit to Ethiopia Thursday to help the African Horn country restore its road network and reduce poverty.
Ethiopia will use the fund to improve the reliability of its road transport infrastructure by expanding and maintaining the road network, and strengthening the quality and efficiency of road construction, management and maintenance, said the bank in a statement.
Eritrea Ruler Morbidly Possessed By Logical Fallacy
And in a joint appearance with EU's Michel Louis in Brussels recently, a female South African reporter challenged Afewerki with the issue of media freedom in Eritrea. "How much freedom of media is there in the shanty towns of South Africa?" retorted Afewerki promptly and defensively.
Ethiopian Airlines says it has achieved 50 percent phenomenal growth
Ethiopian Airlines has achieved a phenomenal 50 percent growth in every aspect of its activities over the past four years, Chief Operating Officer of the Airlines disclosed.
The Chief Operating Officer (COO) Tewolde Gebre-Mariam told WIC that Ethiopian Airlines has been growing in an average compounded rate of 20 to 25 percent per annum in the past five years making it ahead of other airlines which are said to have been growing very fast in recent years.
June. 01  2007
U.S. warship bombards Somalia militants
A U.S. warship pounded Somalia's remote coastal northeast, targeting Islamic militants hours after a gunbattle with Somali government forces that left eight insurgents dead, officials said Saturday. We have successfully completed the operation against the terrorists who came here and we are chasing the other five," said Mohamoud, speaking from Puntland's capital, Garowe. He said the total number of militants was 13; government officials earlier reported as many as 35.
Triumphant Ethiopia back in Nations Cup reckoning
Ethiopia edged the Democratic Republic of Congo 1-0 to throw their African Nations Cup qualifying group wide open. Salahdin Seid scored the winner after 31 minutes at the National Stadium in the Ethiopian capital to lift the hosts above Libya and Namibia into second spot in Group 10 behind the Congolese.
TPLF Fighters
Long live Tigrai!!!
Bethlehem Kahsay Yakob Kahsay
Second child dies in pool accident

Yacob Kahsay and his 16-year-old sister, Bethlehem, were discovered by neighbors Monday in a pool at the Raintree East condominium complex in Aurora.

Donations to cover funeral expenses are being taken through Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, 574 Pennsylvania St., Denver, CO 80203; 303-698-9957.

A bank account at US bank under Bethelhem Gezaee Donation has been set up and donors can go to any US Bank and make their donations to this account.

May god help their family!!!

By Berhan Hailu
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By Concerned Tigraians
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“No” to DERG Resuscitation
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Neither the ONLF nor the AFD can Absolve Themselves from the Heinous Crime.
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Happy Birthday, Woyane!
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Values that we need to pass on to our kids lessons from the boy/girl scout of America
By Mulugeta GS.
UTNA stands for the preservation of Ethiopian Unity and National security By UTNA
"I might be born and raised in America, but I am proud of my Ethiopian heritage!"
By Henock Minassie
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1st Annual Anniversary of Axum Alumni Association will be held on June 30-2007
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Awlaela Night in Las Vegas
JULY 18 2007
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Union of Tigreans in North America, (UTNA), Statement about Shabiya's recent provocations
The 4th International Conference on Ethiopian Development Studies (ICEDS)
By Professor Sisay Asefa
Petition to re-erect the Axum Obelisks Open Letter to: His Excellency, Ambassador Mohamoud Dirir
By Concerned Citizens
In Praise of Ethiopians
Report of The Monitoring Group on Somalia Pursuant To Security Council Resolution 1676
eritrean support to the ICU Of somalia

A. Support from states and arms traders As was the case during the previous mandate, ending in May 2006, the Monitoring Group notes the continuation of an expanding number of states – ten... Eritrean support to the ICU
Read more it gets better!