Out of Africa: The narcissist, blind and hateful Fanatic

By Gezaee Hailemichael

June 16 2008

Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, I have read many stories about this blind Megalomaniac, his name Megalomanmatis really indicates that he is Megalomaniac. It is not worthwhile writing responses to the cry of such blind new found converts. Dr Megalomaniac, the convert, may not understand the tenets of Islam. Dr Megalomaniac as he herald himself as a historian, political scientist, does not sound a healthy person. My reading of his article tells me he is neurotic Dr Megalomaniac, his name is a perfect expository of his personality. Megalomania , Megalo means very large, great or exaggerated and generally refers to a personís behavior characterized by delusional fantasies of power , genius or omniscience, omnipotence or delusions of grandeur. The word mania means madness. Megalomania denotes an obsession with irrationally perceived need for or pre-occupation with oneís own estimation having or obtaining grandiosity and extravagance in the form of fame. This is a clinical symptom and diagnostic feature of megalomaniac. This is a symptom of manic or paranoid mental disorder. In a typical Ethiopian culture an insult is a taboo. But what would one do if mad people like Megalomania cry for the demise of our country. This man has nothing to do with Ethiopia. He is 51 years old, but he tries to educate us who we are and what our history was and is,according to the recent scientific findings and the oldest books we have in the world, Ethiopia remains the oldest nation in the world. However Megalomaniac 51 claims Ethiopia is a fake.

Dr Megalomaniac, you are trying tell us that Ethiopia will be quaked by the volcano of terrorism. It seems you are an advocate of terrorism or part of the terrorism.

You are educated, but you preach hate and ethnicism and at the same time you claim you are human right activist but your tongue rages with a hate to a certain group of people whom you call Amhara and Tigrie. Dr Megalomania, are you not violating the rights of amharas and Tigrie by the sword of your evilful tongue? You claim you are educated, but you even have no self control. People like you must not be allowed to go on like this. They must be caught and charged for their tongues. I believe that you are suffering from malignant narcissistic syndrome. Your writing tells us that you are having narcissistic personality disorder. You claim to be socialist, but your have a complete set of antisocial ( psychopath ) features, paranoid traits, ego-syntonic agression. You are suffering from the absence of conscience, a pychological need for power and a sense of grandiosity. The malignant narcissists like you are pathological grandiose, lacking in consciencee and behavioral regulation characterized with joyful cruetlity , perversion and sadism.

You have idealized and internalized terrorism, aggressiveness, and superego which are the precusors of aggression, sadism and pathological grandiosness of yourself.

Malignant narcissism is related to narcissistic regression infancy in which the infant sees themself as the "center of the world." Whereas most infants grow out of this stage, the malignant narcissist is thought to be trapped in this period throughout their lifetime. Malgnant narcissistics are the key in mastering mass murder, terrorism, and mass violence. You are suffering from narcissistic rage and depression. You are interrupting your depression by irrational rages because somewhere in your life things did not go your way because things have not come forth in the way you expected and needed. That must be the reason you converted from Christianity to Islam. You are a lost soul Dr Megalomaniac, you have become Dr with no common sense. Narcissists like you search for conflict to find away to alleviate their chonic pain or suffering from within themselves.

See your picture, you do not look a healthy person, you look like Megalomania, trouble from inside and that must be the reason you are searching for conflict out of your land. The narcissistic injury you are suffering is a result of the shame you have faced with failure in your life. The narcissistic rage which you are dispelling out of your land, is beyond your control because your suffer from narcisssistic injury which is a threat to your self-esteeem or worth. Your narcissistic rage is unjust and is part of terrorism. People who suffer from narcissistic rage have already committed suicide. Your nacssisitc rage has impaired your cognition of right and wrong as a result impairing your normality and judgment. People who suffer like you are prone to shouting like you do, and fact distortion, making groundless and irrational accusations. People like you suffer from two layers of narcissistic rage: one, constant anger to something external, like what you are doing to us, and the second, suffer from self-aimed wrath which can be seen from your picture. You look like a dead person while you are still shouting with narcissistic anger. Your writing tells us that you are a qualified narcissists who suffer with explosive irrational rage and passive aggression, verballly abusive. People like you are homicidal.

Narcissists like Dr Megalomaniac are a form of perfectiinist who seek to be the center of attetnion and create situations where they will receive attention. Perfectionist attempt at being perfect is cohesive with the grandiose self-image that the narcissist has of himself. If a perceived state of perfection is not reached, it can lead to guilt, shame, anxiety because he or she believes that she or he will lose the love and admiaion from other people.

A 51 year old pervert fanatic tries to tell us that he is older than our history. Ethiopia a cradle of human race and civlilzation is being blackmailed by megalomaniac. This outlandish neurotic is seeking attention. But I do not think we can give attention to such sick outlandish people. I think the world must do something to people who pepetrated hatred among society under the name that they are educated this and that but they spew venoms. Ethiopians must lay charge against this type of megalomaniac. There is a lot of evidences that megalomaniac can be found criminal or a terrorist who pepetrateed hatred and conflict out of Africa.

Megalomaniac, do a favour to your life, live life, leave alone Africa. We Africans are one family. Leave alone my continent, do your own fanatic business.

Africa will rule