An Open Letter to The Minister of Justice of Ethiopia

Feb. 07 2009

To The Minister of Justice of EthiopiaHis Excellency Ato Berhan Hailu

Dear Sir,

Please see the attached a link to a Zimbabwe Newsmagazine and the letter I circulated on the extradition of Col. Mengistu back to Ethiopia . Mengistu Exposes Crisis Of Expectations IN GNU

It appears that Mr. Chamisa, the spokesman of MDC, has withdrawn his earlier statement that the extradition of Mengistu was very high on their agenda, giving the reason that they will consider that issue only if it comes directly from the Ethiopian Government.

I have a simple and humble question: Sir, why are you not pursuing this matter and requesting Mengistu's extradition? I think this is a more serious matter and of far greater concern to the Ethiopian people to see this mass murder brought to justice than the retraction of apology by Ms. Birtukan Mideksa. I hope to see very soon a letter with the right protocols sent out from the Ministerís Office formally requesting the extradition of Mengistu.


G. E. Gorfu