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Millennium Message to all Ethiopians:
Reclaiming Ethiopian( African)
History and Civilization in the New Millennium.

By Gezaee Hailemichael
June 02, 2007

ethiopian flag At the very beginning of my writing, I wish to extend my choices of New Millennium and New Year greetings to all Ethiopians. This is a New year and New Millennium to Ethiopian in particular and to all African in general, to the whole world at large.

This Ethiopian or African Calendar is a living evidence that Ethiopia in particular and Africa in general is the cradle of civilization. There is no any civilization in the whole world which predates African civilization based on the most recent historical and scientific findings available. This is a fact which no one can disprove.

Around 32000 years BC, Ethiopians migrated up to upper Egypt to pursue something which is not clearly known by anyone yet. They thrived in ship building, astronomy, metallurgy and chemistry, geometry, pottery, and agriculture, architecture,…. They were the superpower, like America today. They were highly skilled in Trade. Even the in the bible it says,

“ Ethiopia: Ah, land of buzzing insects, beyond the rivers of Ethiopia, sending ambassadors by sea, in papyrus boats on the waters! Go swift messengers, To a nation tall and bronzed, To a people dreaded near and far, A nation strong and conquering, Whose land is washed by rivers. All who you inhabit the world, Who dwell on earth, When the signal is raised on the mountains, look! When the trumpet blows, listen! Isaiah, ch.18, 1-3, 7.

Thus Ethiopia’s claim as the owner of human history is biblically based and scientifically proved and if we see our most recent scientific findings, there is no dispute about it. The bible is the oldest and the most informative book we have to date. In the bible there is no Europe, there is no China, India, USA,…. In the bible Turkey, Mesopotamia, Macedonia, Turkey, Persia, Ethiopia ( Cush), Egypt are mentioned many times and when the bible talks about Egypt, it mentions the Egyptians like the Pharaohs as Ethiopians. Nowhere in the bible say Egyptian settler at that time were Arabs. In the bible it clearly indicated in Moses’ time which is about 20,000 BC, it was the Ethiopians who were ruling Egypt. Moses was brought up by one of Pharaoh’s daughter in the then imperial palace. He married a beautiful Ethiopian from the Royal Family. The name of Moses’ Ethiopian wife was Zipora. This is written in the bible and in history books. This books are not written by Ethiopians. As such there is no bias or nationalism here.

Further more, when Prophet Jeremia was persecuted and thrown into a well to die. The bible say he was saved by an Ethiopian senior official from the royal palace whose name was Abimelech. This was in the 800 years BC. Beside these, there is another living evidence in Egypt and that is the replica of Axum monument. If one see both monuments, there is no any difference. The mummies and statues images in Egypt are also a living evidence of black African people. Therefore the presence of Ethiopian in Egypt is biblically and scientifically proved.

In Ethiopia thus far, no study has been conducted. All what we have now is something found in Egypt about Ethiopia, not by Ethiopian, but by non-Ethiopians. All these validates our claim to be the origin of human evolution and cradle of human civilization. It is documented biblically or folklore, scientifically, the presence of Ethiopians in Egypt as early as 32000 BC and as late as 700 BC. Ethiopians have had their Calendar developed long before anyone. When they traded across the seas and did their farms, they were using astronomy and geometry. Even Encyclopedia Britinnica states the connection between Ethiopia and Egypt is at least as early as the 22nd dynasty of Egypt was very intimate and beginning with king Piye, a ruler of the 25th Dynasty of Egypt, the two countries were under the same ruler and the capital was today Sudan at Napata. This is written by Ethiopians. This is written by European themselves. The first record of Ethiopia proper was found of Egyptian traders in the 3000 BC.

It is documented Ethiopians lost control and influence of the Egypt and the rest of the middle east circa 665 years BC. They were driven out by the Arabs. Ethiopians were blocked from the seas from Red Sea to Indian Ocean. It was an ever big blow to Ethiopian dominance in the world. It was at this time when Ethiopian were blocked from trading across the sea, those who were along the Red Sea, north Ethiopia up to Djibouit, they moved into the inland forest of the whole present Ethiopia. Those who were along the Somalian coast, they moved inland to the present day Somalia and Ethiopia South, central and South East Ethiopia.

Those who moved inland from along the Red Sea, after about 1200 years of geographically isolation they emerged speaking different languages like Amharic, Tigrignea, Afargnea, Shaho,…. And those who were along the Indian Ocean and who moved inland to the places I mentioned above, after about 1200 years of geographically isolation, they emerged speaking different language such as Somalignea, Oromignea, …. The mother of all these languages is Geez.

The name Mokadisho is a Geez word. It means thanksgiving in geez. This is a living evidence. If one really studies carefully without any bias, one will find the language Somaliagnea, Oromia, Amharic, Tigrignea,… originated from Geez.

There is a folklore that the Oromo people came from somewhere else. There is no any evidence which supports that claim. It is a false folklore fabricated by rulers to divide, manipulate the people.This is to say leave alone all the Ethnics in Ethiopia( including Bahre Negashian), even those in Somalia, Djibouti are brothers of their fellow Ethiopians. Thus all the borders we have now are created by colonizers to divide us and to manipulate us. And we are implementing their agenda still. There is no benefit for us being divide and fighting each other in the name of artificial borders.

As to the Ethiopian Calendar or African Calendar, it is our pure Calendar, the Egyptian Calendar is the same as the Ethiopian Calendar. There is no any difference between them. Some wild European writers are trying to tell us our Calendar is Julian. I have written about this before and other Ethiopians has also written similar to mine. Myself and other Ethiopians claim to the ownership of our own Calendar is based on facts and truth. Some European writers are trying to teach us our Calendar is Julian.

Let us be honest, when the Arabs drove Ethiopian in circa 665 BC, they took and looted all the Egyptian ( Ethiopian) scientific documents. They copied them. They tried to learn them. They even developed their own lunar Calendar based on that. Then Hellenists conquered Egypt and the Arabs, and took, looted the copied Arabic manuscripts and the original Egyptian Ethiopians manuscripts. They mulled over them; learned them and developed them. They customized the Ancient Egyptian Ethiopian Calendar which is called now Coptic Calendar or Alexanderian Calendar which is not an independent Calendar. It is a Calendar derived or customized from the Ancient Egyptian Ethiopian Calendar. This is to say that because Coptic Calendar by itself is derived from another the Ancient Egyptian Ethiopian Calendar, it cannot be the mother Calendar of another Calendar. Thus Ethiopian Calendar is not Coptic either. And when we trace history, the Hellens developed scientific knowledge after the second conquest of Egypt by the Hellenics. The Hellenics established scientific school like Pythagorians in the 500 year BC; Archimedians in the 300 year and Euclideans. In those days, the Hellenics used to worship Ethiopians as God. Greek historians viewed Ethiopians as sacred people that was mostly loved by Gods. Memnon was regarded as of the noblest heroes that participated in the Trojan war and as the handsomest man of his time, bested in battle only by Achiles. According to the Greek myth, the Gods admired him so much that after his death from the sword of Achiles they decided to grant him immortality. According to Greek mythology, Ethiopians acquired their dark color when the sun came once very close to their country. Herodotus recorded that a contingent of Ethiopian warriors who leopard skin and claws and painted their bodies red and white were among Xerxes that invaded Greece in the 5th century BC. The writers says, “ it remains to be seen as to how the history, migration and human settlement of the vast land between ancient Egypt and Ethiopia. At www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/history_of_Ethiopia it says, Ethiopia is the oldest independent country in Africa and has seen human habitation for longer than anywhere else in the world, being the location where homo sapiens evolved.

As to the Julian Calendar, this Calendar is derived from the Alexanderian Calendar according to specification and needs of Dictator Emperor Julian Caesar. He asked an Alexanderian Astronomer to make for him a Calendar and he made for him one and that is Julian. This was 44 year BC. While Julian was alive, he did not use it. But when he died 44 years BC, after a year, that is 45 year BC, his associates decided to use it and to name it after his name as a forsake. This means Julian Calendar is a Calendar made like a trouser by a tailor. There is no reason or way it can create an Ethiopian Calendar. Those of you who try to tell us our Calendar is Julian please support your claim by any evidence so that it can make sense. Julian or Roman history starts in the 1st century BC. It is the last history of all ancient histories in the world. They copied technologies like the Arabs, Hellens after they invaded Egypt, the Arab World, and Greece itself. That is how technology got transferred from Africa to Europe. Julian or Romans did not invade Ethiopia or colonize Ethiopia for fear of Ethiopians. But they had trade relations. For there is now reason to the Ethiopian to borrow a copy of their own Calendar from Emperor Julian.

Besides, the Julian Calendar’s new year is in July. Julian Calendar has also fraction days. It is a copy and confused Calendar because it was copied. As such Ethiopian Calendar is Ethiopian, without any bias based on historical facts.

Ethiopians in particular and African in general need to be very proud of this legacy.

We own the history, we are the alpha and the omega. However, we have been pressed down not claim our history. The Earliest European history I have known is the 300 BC even that it is true but it is not scientific. It is biblical. The bible talks about the Gaelics which includes the Bretons, French, Wales,… If we see European history scientifically it does not go further than the 10th century AD.

To get back into my second message, I am appealing to all Ethiopians to respect each other in the new millennium. We are all the same. Ethnic, tribalism, race, religion exists only in our mind. We are all human created by God to live this short earthly live. God is one. There is no a catholic God; there is no an Aromo God; There is no an Amhara God; There is no an Orthodox God; there is no a Tigrignea God; there is no a Muslim God. God is one who created us all. The God we have is one and he is just, impartial. In my understanding, spiritual faith is completely different from religion. Money can be religion; power can be religion; Sex or any material can be religion. For instance in the Christian faith, faith based on Jesus Christ, sectarianism, racism, ethnicism, tribalism, discrimination,… is abrogated. Thus we must not divide and treat each other unjustly based on the above prejudices which only exist in our minds. We all have red blood flowing in us. We all have soul with no ethnic, color, tribe, religion,…. Our prejudices can only reduce us to poverty war, slavery.

We have a government in Ethiopia; we all have grievances and many angers about the government. However, we have to understand these government is being run by individuals like us. We ourselves make many mistakes in our individual lives too. These people they are living their lives, and they are leading 80 million people. They make many mistakes too. We have to understand that they can never be perfect.

If we are violent and hostile towards these leaders, they can feel threatened also and become defensive. Isaac Newton said, “ for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Thus we attack them verbally or physically, they will react equally and oppositely which lead them to make many mistakes.

Thus if we have to get a good response, it is give and take, we have to give good. When I say this I do not mean we have to accept the unacceptable things they do. I mean we have to do them wisely, positively and constructively. For instance, if they do or are doing something most of the people do not want to be done. The people must stand peacefully and in unity and oppose their bad deeds or policies. If we unite and love each other, we are more powerful than the leaders. The populous has more power than the leaders if the populous of the nations are in unity and agreement. We need to avoid division and hate among ourselves. If We are divided then the leaders can manipulate us the way they want because they will be in control. This is the case in Ethiopia. Things are done without the consultation of the populous. Things which affect the whole populous are decided by a handful of individuals. We can only avoid such things if we work in Unity and with love. Anything which is not based on truth and justice will fall down at some stage. Our country is in the Abyss of grinding poverty because our leaders in the past were not working with the people. We have to learn from our past. It is very bad to continue in the same cycling problem. We need to identify the root cause of our problem and solve them. Blaming each other viciously will never solve our problem.

My message to cyber opposition media, clean your websites from hate articles, personal attacks. I myself do sometimes, but it is a weakness, it will not solve or bring any change. I thus request you to monitor or do fellow up and keep record how the government runs the education system, the health care system, communication system, water grid system, power grid system, agricultural schemes, transportation system, public administration, judicial systems, tourism, commerce, telecommunication system,… then when your find corruption, nepotism, discrimination, maladministration,… you keep record and gather evidences and expose them to the public. In this way you attack the government which you oppose. Instead of attacking the individuals, you attack their performance and governance. Then you become popular and weaken the your opponents and win the election. In this way all the parties involved with will learn from each other because each will expose their weaknesses and does contribute positively.

In conclusion, let us tear down the walls which divide us. Let us root out the injustice from our society and our nation. Let us reclaim our unparalleled and glorious history. Let us reclaim Ethiopia’s glory. Let us restore, revive, rebuild and our country. Let us stop begging. Let us stop the leaders who used to begging. Begging is a bad culture. It reduces people to slavery and nuts. If we stop hate, and if we unite and work hand in hand, we are capable of prospering our country. However, we need to understand peace, unity, and love is the premise of prosperity.

No one will solve our problem except ourselves. Real change can only be effected by ourselves. No human right NGO or foreign government will liberate us. We must be the engineer, designer, actor, architect of our own destiny.

A millennium love, peace, divine and earthly prosperity to all our people.

Divine freedom to Ethiopia and Ethiopian.

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