My People

By Gezaee Hailemichael

July 18 2008

I am not surprised when some people from Ireland debase and revile my people. What can we do? We have a government that is poised to beg every year, a government which has deliberately refused to mobilize and unite the people than to divide them and beg in their name.

It is not surprising, when people from Ireland even reached to this level and forgot their bad times, and talk about Ethiopia’s misfortunes. At least Ethiopians die on their soil in Ethiopia. During the chilling Irish Famine from the 16 century to the 19 century, the poor Irish used to take the plunge into the Atlantic Ocean to escape from extreme poverty and famine. Several hundred thousands of Irish people perished in the Atlantic ocean every year. Those who managed to get to the United states worked as wood hewers, and water drawers or for free like slaves in the united states. It is the Irish who managed to escape from the Irish famine who built the modern American railway system. Then the Irish were debased or were cheap or free laborers.

Now all those days has passed, I am not sure if Mr Mayer has ever read the history of Irish famine. Probably he did not, otherwise he would not have played on my people. If someone from another country could have said, I could have said total ignorance. But this type of misnaming Ethiopia because Ethiopians have been in the same situation where the Irish were in their past history is total blindness and complete ignorance of his own history.

But what can we do? We have a regime which has refused to accept to work with the very people it claims to represent. It has one idea, the Idea of EPRDF which never change or add any other idea. The past problems are behind us, now we have another recurring problem. We have people who lead the country who have completely refused to work with people whom they claim to represent. We have leaders who claim the famine is drought, oil price, natural catastrophe while they are really part of the cause and perpetuators of the famine in Ethiopia.

Why Drought only in Ethiopia? I am damn angry with this regime which is subjecting my people to an endless humility and beggary. I get surprised when leaders from the regime try to convince others that the famine is not caused by man. They are trying to escape from their failure. They will never admit that. On one hand they beg, and on the other hand, they try to hide it or rationalize that it is made by someone else.

Frankly, Ethiopia is ready now for a revolution, we need patriots and nationalists. Ethiopia does not need to be lead by those who lobby to land-lock the very country they claim to represent. If they cannot understand the national interest, how will these individuals understand to solve the complex problem of the country?

Thus Ethiopia’s famine is not natural, it is man made. It is not economic famine, it is leadership famine. We better make a revolution and remove the these leaders and get good leaders who can free the country from beggary. This hypocritic leaders cannot even live one day without begging. They are addicted to it. Old habit dies hard. Ethiopia needs change of leadership than food aid. There is more than enough resources in the country than in Europe. Some years ago, when Ato Meles went to England, Short Clare said,” you country is much richer than the UK and any other country in Europe and your rivers are flowing to other countries.” But Meles never get ashamed of begging, it is an old habit die hard. He still beg and if his begging could have done anything good, we would not have those famine with us still.

Therefore, it is time for a revolution, it is time to have a radical revolution. We need cultural, social, economic, political revolution. We need a revolution which brings leaders who can bring together our people and mobilize and initiate reverse engineering to mechanize the countries useless farming style. Calling investors will not solve the problem of our people. If it could, we have heard about it for the past 17 years. For instance, the floriculture enterprise boom, 60 % is owned by foreigners and 40 % by locals. This implicates, our people eventually will work to enrich foreigners than themselves. This investment is just the same as what was long ago in Zimbabwe when the investors exploited the countries resources but never built a single clinic for the people or even never kept their money in the country. This is really what Indians investors in Kenya do, Indians investors in Kenya who are really in control of Kenya’s economy, they never even keep their money in Kenya. They keep their money in India. We will not have a different scenario.

We claim we are free ,and never colonized, but we are selling out our people and our land for the sake of the interest of few people who really do not represent the Ethiopian people. If one believes Ethiopia has to be landlocked where is the free people and free nation from colonialism?