The UDJ which casted away Professor Mesfin will sink with Negasso/ Siye

Dilwenberu Nega
Nov. 26 2009

In his critique of the Code of Conduct ( sine megbar silu) published close on the heels of the breakthrough in All Party Talks, former Minister of Defence, Siye Abreha, accused EDP Chairman, Lidetu Ayalew of having engaged in “political gymnastics” during the 2005 Nation Elections. There is nothing new in this, as politics is also for those who are good at u-turns, and if and when the need arises, for those good at summersaults, too. As witty Lidetu had rightly pointed out in his superbly articulated response, had Siye Abreha sharpened his gymnastic skills during the crises within the TPLF, he would not have tobogganed from the sublime to the ridiculous in a mortifying manner. Besides, what Lidetu Ayalew did in 2005 is acceptable norm of behaviour compared to Negasso and Siye’s current publicity stunt which is as laughable as it is derisory.

Welcoming Negasso and Siye into UDJ could be head-line news; but it cannot be deemed to be a vote-winner. In fact, in the fullness of time we will bear witness to Negasso and Siye coming to rue the day they joined UDJ.

In Roman mythology the god of doors and doorways and new beginnings is Janus. It is usually shown in pictures with two faces, one which looks back at the past while the other looks forward to the future. In recent weeks, therefore, supporters of cast away Mesfin – MESAFINTS – had managed to re-define what the abbreviation UDJ stood for. Interestingly, they have come up with “Union of Disenchanted Januses.” MESAFINTS are quite often not good at handling the intricacies of modern politics, but now they ought to be credited for coming up with the appropriate nomenclature for the Party their Mesfin helped to create. Indeed, today UDJ is redolent with two types of members: those who look back at the past and those who look forward to the future.

Ideologically, UDJ has become an amalgam of –isms-turned-wasms; and it draws its members from its recycling plant for EPRPs, Derg’s kakitocrats, lib-dems and neo-coms. And it is on this political ‘Noah’s ark’ that our former political masters have now chosen to stage their triumphal re-entry into active Ethiopian politics. Would their entry convince the electorate that UDJ is worthy of their trust? What would the electorate make of UDJ’s knavery which succeeded in ousting Mesfin and in embracing his one-time arch-opponents? Then you have NEBE’s pending decision on whether or not UDJ’s hook-up with MEDREK was administered in accordance with UDJ’s by-laws. Again there is also that indispensable official recognition of MEDREK to come from NEBE. Most importantly, however, you have the question of all questions: Why would a proud son of Tigrai, Siye Abreha, turn his back on Tigrai born and bred ARENA and join the very people who in the 2005 Elections were responsible for the spread of Tigrainophobia?

The answers to these questions need an in depth investigation and will be constituting the gamut of my next article while the two confused and confounded men prepare to face their nemesis – The Prime Minister, Melees Zenawi.