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“No” to DERG Resuscitation

By Engineer Ghirma
May 24, 2007

Yes, the DERG may now be lying in repose. The relevant question however, is a matter of whether the Ethiopian people will allow it to resuscitate. The DERG leadership is still somewhat intact. Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam is leading rather very comfortable life in Zimbabwe; thanks to vast wealth which he plundered from Ethiopia before he was spanked out of office by the primarily joint forces of TPLF and EPLF. From time to time he would launch verbal attacks on the EPRDF government, claiming that it is illegal. The bum actually believes that DERG is still the legitimate government of Ethiopia! His followers won significant number of seats in the 2005 elections; but they wouldn’t settle for anything less than outright take-over of the Ethiopian government; by force if need be. However, they were no match for P.M. Meles who nipped the scheme in the bud. In my opinion the 2005 debacle was a case of a failed coup d’état.

The sons and daughters of DERG will not rest until they usurp power from the Ethiopian people. Not that they will ever succeed, but they will certainly try. They are reasonably educated, and have accumulated wealth, which they have and will continue to use for buying influence from foreign governments; and for sponsoring unrest in the home front, in their effort to blackmail the legitimate government of Ethiopia. They have aligned themselves with terrorist organizations; and have openly condoned attacks on innocent Ethiopians by mercenaries.

Last but not least, DERG and its clones continue to demand new elections through their attention-deficient mouthpiece Ana Gomes; who is running her mouth complaining that she is not satisfied with the choices that the Ethiopian people have made! My advice to Ms Gomes is to seek satisfaction from her husband or boyfriend(s); and to leave the Ethiopian people out of her personal problems. EU deserves a more mature person in its parliament. I wonder if DERG clones have promised her an honorary sit in their “dream parliament”. I was also shocked by the European Commission’s cock-eyed comment about being honored for having terrorist Isaias Afwerki in their presence! It seems to me, the EU has some serious “image-cleaning-up” to do; but that is their problem.

On the other hand, Ethiopians are determined to stop DERG cold on its track, by whatever means necessary. Ethiopians have opened their eyes, and can see clearly what is at stake. They certainly do not desire to return to the dark old days of the DERG era. Those who had colluded with DERG in the past prospered; and transferred most of their ill-gotten wealth overseas. The same DERG colluders were beneficiaries of freedom of travel, with easy access to exit visas for themselves and their families. Those who opposed Mengistu’s regime on the other hand, were condemned to imprisonment, torture, and death. The lucky ones escaped with just the clothes they were wearing; leaving their hard-earned belongings behind, to be confiscated and sold to the DERG sponsored scavengers at bargain prices.

DERG and its clones are determined to reverse Ethiopia’s successful journey towards prosperity and democracy. Unequivocally, there will be no turning back; and DERG can take that to the bank! Ethiopians in all walks of life are adamant in their struggle to halt the resuscitation of DERG. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it must be a duck! DERG, by any other name, is equally detrimental to the National Interest of Ethiopia. Some would say I am being a bit too harsh. Damn right I am!

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