Open Letter to President Barack Obama

By G. E. Gorfu
Dec. 05 2009

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C., USA

Dear Mr. President,

May God bless and protect you in the Office you hold, and may it be for the blessing of many Nations of the world and the continued healing of International Relations of the United States.

Sir, I do not want to take much of your time, but I write this letter because there are hundreds, nay thousands, of refugees whose very life, destiny, as well as wellbeing can be significantly improved by a single stroke of your pen. At the present time, as explained in the attached article, many of these refugees are in very dangerous, desperate, and often totally hopeless conditions. Many have died, and many will continue to die, unless you do something about it.

Even from before the days of the Pilgrims, the United States has been a nation of immigrants and refugees. Human Rights are supposed to cover all human beings, including refugees. But many of the refugees in question are being denied their basic Human Rights.

It is unconscionable that the United States should sit idly by, or watch quietly as these horrible things are being visited upon helpless refugees during your watch.

Please act to save these unfortunate, defenseless people, and do not leave them to their fate.

God Bless America!


G. E. Gorfu


Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton US Secretary of State

Mr. Johnnie Carson Assistant Secretary, African Affairs

Mr. Donald Yamamoto, US Ambassador Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, African Affairs