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A Millennium Open Letter to Prime Minister Meles

By Gezaee Hailemichael
August 25, 2007

If we all Ethiopians are genuine about the Millennium celebration, let us give it a real meaning to it. According to me, let every Ethiopian will be given a chance to repent. The release of many prisoners by the mediation our own elders must lighten our hearts to understand each other. Let this open our eyes and ear to see and listen to each other.

To make a mistake is human, and to forgive each other is also human and spiritual. We all know. kubur prime minister, you have been the cause of all the problems in Ethiopia. I have no any fear I daresay still ,kubur Prime Minister, your remain a problem. Sometimes you have been brutally killing our people by live bullets. For instance university students have been shot dead many times for opposing the issue of Eritrea and opposing the ethnic policy in the country. Professor Asrat Woldeysus the known and kind professor perished in prison for opposing the issue of Eritrea. He was labeled war-monger and Neftegna. Professor Asrat also did denounce the chasing of Eritreans during the war. He was in prison, but he opposed strongly the expulsion. You have been the main cause of the division within TPLF. In my opinion, I blame all the problems on you. I believe thus far you have been brutal and rigid person.

To support my argument, in your most recent interview you blatantly repeated what Aboy Sibhat Nega has stated in March. You said what Aboy Sibhat has stated was very correct. When the interviewer raised the issue that the public was angry about Aboy Sibhat Negaís assertion. You said those who oppose have personal problems. Based on your interview, kubur Prime Minister , you still remain rigid, and never changing. You are still paying a deaf ear to the public. You still remain a problem as long as you have refused to listen to the 80 million people.

Because of your rigid, anti-Ethiopian doctrine, many lives perished. Remember the precious lives of innocent Ethiopians and Eritreans perished in the bloody war. Your are to be blamed for all that. The essence of the war is your colonial philosophy. You determined from the very beginning to divide the very brotherly people. As you have devised a means to divide the people and to empower EPLF, you could have devised a way to reconcile and unite the people too. However, we humans naturally tend to do the negative than the positive, and you never spent time to figure out an idea that unite the people. You rather preferred to be a colonial philosopher and that must be the reason you decided to create a colonial border between the brotherly people. You have attempted to create a border which has never existed before. When the world is becoming one, I do not know why you have decided to divide our people based on your colonial philosophy. When people all over the world are hoisting an Ethiopian flag as symbol of freedom and free of colonialism, you have been so far in love with colonial philosophy.

To prosper Ethiopia, you need to work with the people. It has been 16 years now. It is a long time. You could have achieved more than you have achieved thus far if all Ethiopians were busy working in their country. If there was no hatred because of your ethnic and colonial philosophy, people would not have wasted their lives pitting at each other on the basis of their tribes or ethnic.

Real prosperity can only be brought by the very people of the country. No NGOS or investors will prosper Ethiopia, if the people are not participant. NGOS are parasite themselves, they do not generate themselves money; they raise money in the name of the people. They stash ĺ of the money they get into their pocket. They may give the 1/3 to the poor as a cover plan. NGOS are a new found money industry in the world. One they get money in the name of the country they claim to help and secondly the get another pay by serving and providing intelligence information to interested parties. In short what I want to say is change or Ethiopian prosperity can only be realized by the very people of the country.

You have set free all the prisoners now; but one person is still in prison. If you are a just person and if you believe in reconciliation, why is Tamrat Liyne still in prison? He did not kill a single life. You, yourself and the CUD who were involved in the death of about 200 precious lives, are walking free. Ato Tamrat Liyne has been languishing in prison for mere corruption, probably took some money. Is it true he is in prison because of corruption? What corruption has he done which is making him more crimal than being involved in the death of 200 lives, and many injuries? Is he in prison because he has no lobby group?? He has no anyone who can lobby for his release? If you do not release Tamrat Liyne, I would definitely believe that you released the 38 and others because of the lobbies in the USA? I am asking myself now if Tamrat Layne is in prison for corruption?

I request you kindly to set free Tamrat Layne; In further I request you to drop you colonial philosophy and ethnic philosophy. It is anti-Ethiopia. We see you as the main enemy of Ethiopia. You need to buy wisdom by your experience and age. You cannot keep on sticking to your teenage colonial philosophy which you have adopted while you were still Addis Ababa University. Long before your arrival in Dedebit. You need to reform yourself. You have done a lot of reforms, but you have never reformed yourself thus far. The millennium must be also a chance for you to make a reform at personal level.

Take the chance too, drop your colonial philosophy and ethnic philosophy and set free all prisoners. Then you start respecting the people and the law of the country and the people will follow you in the new millennium.

I recommend you make a public speech in the eve of the millennium and make public repent as an exemplary to extinguish the tribal hatred you have fuelled knowingly or unknowingly. Then we all can focus work than wasting our times blame each other. You repent and we forgive you for damages you have caused to the country thus far and we all can work for one prosperous Ethiopia.

Divine freedom to Ethiopia and Ethiopians

Remarks from Tigrai Online about the above article: The author of the article raised very valid and timely issues, for example the issue of Eritrean independence how it was dealt with in the early days, the millennium and how we need to make it work for the renewal of Ethiopian unity, and Tamrat's case are some of the points that I agree with. The rest of the article deals with how the prime minister is creating divisions among the Ethiopian people and so on. The author puts it this way "If there was no hatred because of your ethnic and colonial philosophy, people would not have wasted their lives pitting at each other on the basis of their tribes or ethnic." I strongly disagree that Ayte meles, with all his weakness and bad policies he is responsible for the Ethiopian ethnic conflicts. Even though, there are many instances that I really didnít agree with authors views, I donít want to dissect the article line by line and put my view here, however I wouldnít want to post the article with out saying anything

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