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Millennium and Outstanding work of the PM.

Araya belay

Oct. 02 2007

Dear readers! Recently after the new millennium a lots of things has been changed in our country, some CUD leaders arrived in America to celebrate the new millennium in Washington than at home and fight each other with money laundering, others came home from different corners of the world to rejoice with their friends and families for the new year. However the important thing is Prime Minister Meles Zenawi had a discussion with the Diaspora, the youth of Addis Ababa, and in New York global warming discussion with different former world leaders. Based on this issue, please read the following articles written by different Ethiopians about the Prime ministerís outstanding job done parallel with the millennium

1. Ato Meles (PM), I believe he can be a better leader if he stops being cocky and arrogant. He has definitely toned down from his past radical ways. No question, the guys is well read and very smart man. I don't think that Ethiopia had a leader with such broad knowledge. He's a decisive and clever politician from someone, who came out of a jungle after 17 years.

Score card
Meles = 9 out of 10
Hailu Shawel = 0 out of 10
Berhanu Nega dr. = 5 out of 10
Judge B. Mideksa = 6 out of 10
Ato Lidetu = 7 out of 10
TPLF thugs = 8 out of 10
Diasporas CUD thugs = 0 out of 10
ONLF - 0 out of 10 (public relation 8/10)
OLF - 0 out of 10

2. The prime minster is just a briliiant leader he can convince world leaders with out fear and repression, let make it clear some can hate him by intimate with other political parts, however we can scape from the truth what he is doing to his country.Please let us be a sensible and wide outlookers this is not a matter of race or ethnicity, this is about leadership,Ethiopia who has more than 80 different ethnic society,we can't say it is one nation with one ethnic group,may be after Meles a prime minister could be from Oromia,Amara,Southnations or Gambela,it doesn't matter who you are,but what matters is how you lead the country,please do not hide the truth,the PM should be honoured for his best leadership.

3. Honestly he gave a very good analysis on a topic that is very difficult for any African leader. He is infact amazingly talented. You hate him or love him; he is one of a kind! Brilliant leader. He makes Ethiopia proud!!!

4. Why is no body commenting on this brilliant analysis of Environmental problem by Meles Zenawi? I give him 5Stars for his speech. I wish leaders of Kinijit could speak up like him. He dynamic, he even silenced the other leaders. He is absolutely Genius. You make me proud Meles.

5. Meles is not just the smartest leader we have had. He might be the smartest Ethiopia period!

6. Bravo PM Meles.I proud of you being my beloved country MAMA Ethiopia leader Go ahead.

7. Meles Zenawi is one of the best leaders in the world. Some of us we hate him to death but the truth is he is one of a kind - simply outstanding! He is a brilliant man who can sit and discuss with world leaders and convincingly communicate well rounded ideas and solutions. I am very proud of him regardless of my political bias. He is a man of a conviction and vision. No wonder Ethiopia is experiencing all kinds of socio-economic changes and development under his leadership. This is a historic moment for the country and its people to have this person as their leader. Believe me this does not happen often especially in Africa. Bravo Meles, you represented ETHIOPIA and Africa exceptionally well. Keep up the good job, your are God send to Ethiopia.

8. Meles is as good as life in the bush allows him to be, but there are far more able leaders. He is basically a guy that likes to talk, but he is not at a high level. He should have been a researcher or NGO.

9. Welcome our leader. May God bless your stay!

10. What the best and great leader our nation Ethiopia has. I am proud of this PM. Keep up your great work Mr. PM.

May GOD bless you!

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