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Satellite Freedom Fighters: Peace by the Sword of the Tongue

By Gezaee Hailemichael
July 05, 2007

It is very easy to talk about everything in plain. It is easy to talk about freedom, democracy, liberty, justice, peace, love. However, it is not easy to realize all these in real life situation practices.

My mission is that we must liberate ourselves before calling ourselves liberators or freedom fighters of all kind. Having the love for Ethiopia, I always scan through the websites after reading my bible early in the morning and before I start doing anything for my days. Most of the Ethiopian websites are full of prejudices, hatred, hypocrisy, lies, .... It is very hard to come across well and carefully written articles without words that wound the conscience, dignity of someone.

I am not a partisan of any faction in Ethiopia or outside Ethiopia. I try to keep a balance to the extent of my capability. I am a human, and will always have my own weaknesses regardless whatsoever human wisdom I incur to my arcane.

Yes, I do oppose Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's political, economic, social and landmark policies owing to the fact that the policies he has promulgated are against the nation's interest. I share my views with many Ethiopians; I have never come across an Ethiopian who support the Prime Minister's policies. These really makes me so sad that prime minister Meles Zenawi rules Ethiopia against the will of the people. I do not really understand why he chose to lead the country only according to his personal beliefs by excluding the people. I do not understand why he decided to work alone than to work with the people hand in hand. I do not know what really has been going on in the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's mind. Is it probably because he thinks he knows than the rest of the 80 million people or what? I have no answer for my question. Nevertheless, I have found that his ways have been costing the country a lot thus far. It is also feasible he will be leaving seeds of conflict among the people when he leaves office. I am not sure if he considers the consequences of his policies when he leaves office.

I do believe no human is perfect, and anyone can make mistakes. However repeating mistakes or continuing doing the same thing without censuring oneself is another issue. As the saying goes, the heart is the best preacher; life is the best teacher; the world is the best book; God is the best friend. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi should make a deep soul searching to realize his weaknesses as human. Is there any human who has an abundance of life experiences than the Prime Minister in Ethiopia?I do not think so. Living in the caves for 17 years must have been the best university for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. He has traveled the whole world like no one in the country, and that should have been an additional bonus wisdom to his 17 years life in the caves and bushes. He must have read more cosmology books to ask himself where he has come from and where will be his eternal destiny. He must have asked who the creator of the Universe and he could have known the existence of God. As a result he could have had love for his people and respect their lives than imposing on them colonial philosophy and at times killing the very people he claim to prosper and help.

King David from the bible, he spent 14 years on the run and lived in the caves starving. Even he escaped from the death throe of his beloved son, Absalom. He survived countless attempts of murders. He even betrayed his people and allied with the Philistines. When the Philistine waged war against Israel, King David joined them to fight against his people. However, the Philistines said they cannot trust him that he will fight with them against his people. They were afraid that he will be their enemy among themselves and they decided not to allow him to fight together with them.

Despite all the tribulations, sufferings, ... he had been through, King David reconciled with his people and eventually came out the wisest man and the most God fearing man in the bible. Though he shed many bloods , God forgave him. It is written God favored king David regardless his past. God promised to King David that his descendant will rule to eternity. In human terms, and standards, Jesus Christ is the descendant of the redeemed, wise, and powerful king David.

Meles's experience is more than king David's, I would have expected Meles to be more wise. However something is missing with Meles. I am not sure if Meles has fear for God? Probably Meles thinks he is too clever to know God? But I think that is what is missing otherwise he could have been more wiser than king David.

I do believe in forgiveness; I know God forgives even for the worst crime one can do. Because King David shed the blood of many lives but he had been forgiven. From my life experiences, Nelson Mandela forgave the white South Africans. The South African white people kept the whole black people in detention camps for 300 years. Their land taken away. They were robbed their human dignity for 300 years. They did not have right to plow a land, educate their children,.... They even did not have right to have their name in their own languages. They have to adopt an English name to be better human.

They even used to mate White South African dogs with black women,.... Nelson Mandela forgave them and the black South Africans forgave their enemies,.... the whites now live with their dignity respected by the blacks. Is this not fascinating? During the Truth and reconciliation hearing, the then president, Mr. P.W. Botha was requested to appear before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for reconciliation. He was the apartheid master man; he refused to appear and to make any apology at all. However, he was left alone; no one touched him. He was living with dignity until the day he died a natural death very recently. He was not even put in prison for a single day. They would have not gott anything by keeping him in prison. Psychologically the man must have been suffering by his own conscience for what he has done.

As I have mentioned in my introductory paragraph, it is easy to say bad and good things, but it is not easy to control what one says.

There are those who call themselves satellite freedom fighters. These satellite freedom fighters live in the Europe, USA, ..... My concern to write this emanated from an article I read on the Ethiomedia website which is titled Defending Democracy, Freedom, and Human Rights of Ethiopia in the New Millennium.

In the bible, in proverbs, it says the tongue of human being is a deadly weapon. If it is not controlled it is the mistress of evil and good. It is the mistress life and death. If it is not put under control it can destroy the world. It says many people have perished because of it. All these biblical maxims are true. We have seen how the Muslim world was enraged when the Catholic pope asserted bad words in Germany very recently. All Muslim all over the world were hurt and furious about his comments. We all have witnessed that. What we say without any prudence can destroy lives of many or even a country. Indeed Ethiopia is gifted with citizens who spit venomous words without realizing them. I think it is worthwhile to quote from the Freedom Declaration Ethiopia in the new millennium.

Freedom Declaration Ethiopia:

Our Moment to Stand Up Against Evil Rulers and For Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights in the New Ethiopian Millennium in Ethiopia is Here! We Must Act Now!

Is this a call for peace or war? How is it possible to fight for freedom, democracy by launching the sword of words. If one says the evil rulers, how is one envisioning the millennium as the beginning for freedom and democracy. It appears to me, this is a call for war within this short period of time and then to celebrate the millennium without the cited evil rulers. Actually before they realize it, the people who has made these declaration are not bringing peace to Ethiopia, but war in the new millennium I pray God will not do that because we had already enough wars already.

I am not afraid of anyone. I am not afraid of Meles and I am not afraid of kinjit. I will say the truth. I have indicated earlier, I oppose without any doubt the political, economic, social, landmark policies of the prime minister. If there are genuine and civilized Ethiopians citizens who want to struggle in a civilized manner I will jump to join them. Nonetheless, I am really sad most of those Ethiopians who claim to be opponents are self-righteous. These people blame everything on Meles Zenawi. They have been telling us Meles is evil and all sort of things. For instance they say they won the election but Meles robbed them. I myself cannot say much because I have never been there during the election. I never counted the ballots too. They also tell us Meles killed the people because he is dictator and tyrant. All these election and after election rhetorics are well accommodated at Ethiomedia. I am not sure when the election story will come to an end and Ethiopia move on forward.

I reject violences, killings,.... I know the prime minister is used to live killings. I am totally against that. I believe the government could have handled the situation without using live bullets. It could have used rubber bullets, tear gases, water sprays, and other chemical sprays. We have heard many excuses from the government to justify its inhuman and cruel way of handling the havoc. However, I also understand the violence was an illegal. The government was not aware about it. There was no permission from the government. It was all a sudden for the regime; it was an illegal and violent and it launched its lethal live bullets to defend its power. However, I do not think the regime is killing people now on the streets of Addis Ababa. I condemn those who instigated the violence and endangered the lives of innocent people for their presumed green or orange revolution. It is unfair and unjust to blame everything on Meles. Meles must be condemned for his own deeds, but not for others. The writers at Ethiomedia tell us that all the evils in Ethiopia are because of Meles. Their song is hatred, insult, reviling,...

Ethiomedia and your contributors, we asked you to be balanced, but it seems you do not listen to our pleas. This is actually what Meles is doing. Meles has refused to listen to the people on the ground because he thinks he is too clever to do so. You also think you are too clever and more clever than Meles and you have no room for others to listen to except for people who sings your song.

Articles posted on your website are always laden with hatred and insult... and all sort of scornful comments. What type of struggle is this ? Is hatred , insult a means of struggle for freedom, peace, harmony?

Will insulting Meles or his cohorts bring to Ethiopia peace, justice, harmony or bring any change for that matter? What is the benefit of hatred? Does hatred unite people and solve problems? Will the millennium become a good one for all Ethiopians by insulting Meles and his co? If you believe in freedom and democracy why you do not practice it? No matter how bad Meles is if you are real freedom fighters, you must respect him because insulting him will only tarnish your preaching for freedom and democracy. Democracy is not only for kinjit, it is for all people. If you rob the dignity of people by your tongue, how are you going to give them by your hand?

I therefore request you to clean your website. You can never convince anyone by hatred or by insulting. Do you oppose the policy of Meles? If you do, let us unite all of us, and stop the bad policy. When one deals with solving problems, one has to know the problems one by one and solve them one by one. However, if you are all in all overwhelmed by hatred I do not think you will ever solve any problem. One cannot solve problem by preaching hatred.

If we all wanted to give a meaning to the millennium, we all must contribute our share to realize it. Meles is not going to do it all alone. As such, Diaspora must quit knocking white house and European parliament and other NGOS. No NGOS or Government will give freedom, peace, democracy to the Ethiopian people on a silver plate except ourselves. If we want to start afresh a new history in the new millennium, it is important we also change the way we think and the way we conduct ourselves. For instance when Professor Ephrem was busy with the prisoners in Addis, the diaspora was busy with HR203 in the USA. This was destructive effort against the constructive effort made by our country professor.

We need to realize that no matter how bad Meles he is, Ethiopia is still Ethiopia. Ethiopia is not a colony of the white house. If we have to talk about human right, let us be realistic, there is no so called human right. It is a fake. What type of human right would tolerate the injustice in Iraq by the USA? Ethiopians are clever but those who live in the USA even do not know how the world works, and that must be the reason they knock the white house for freedom.

White house will not give us freedom but ourselves. USA is not above Ethiopia. I do not value myself in terms of money or material. There are many things Ethiopians enjoy where one cannot enjoy in the USA. If we avoid schism and violent dissension, and if we unite what is Meles? He is a human like us. We can force him to change his policy or we can remove him. But those of you who preach hatred, you are actually working for Meles before you realize it. You are dividing the people the way he did and since unity is power and division must be powerlessness. Thus you need to show political virtues than bubbling hatred words behind PC as satellite freedom fighters.

It is also an injustice to campaign to stop aid to Ethiopia. You eat 100 times a day and you campaign to deprive the poor Ethiopian a handout bread. Nothing is shameful than to live on handout but you have been battling to deprive the starving people that handout. I do not understand what type of mindset you have. Meles is one person. Whether you stop AID or funding nothing will happen to him. For that matter the donation Ethiopia gets is not worth anything except emergency bread. I personally do not like that charity we get all the time. It is not good but the government also love it anyway. Begging is the thing which I hate most. But there are people in Ethiopia who are accustomed to it and think they can not live without it. I think it is addictive. It really reduces people to slavery and dependency. I give thumps up to Issayas Afeworki for attempting at least to run away from it. Issayas' has good policy except the war with Ethiopia turned him upside down.

According to myself, if the millennium has to be realized as the beginning of a new chapter, we have to reconcile and put all the past behind us and start afresh. No matter who has been wronged, everyone must be forgiven for the sake of the future peace. I know Ethiopians may not agree with me, but I believe in forgiveness, Mengistu Hailemariam must be forgiven for the Millennium, Meles Zenawi must be forgiven for the Millennium. All the political prisoners must be forgiven for the millennium. I even suggest Issayas Afeworki of Bahri Midri be forgiven. If we have to go forward we have to put all the evils of the past behind and start afresh clean. We have to stop relying on foreign mediation and aid.

I suggest Prime Meles speak to Issayas Afework and invite him for the millennium celebration. I suggest a millennium Reconciliation Commission to be set up at a national level and make a contact with Eritrean shimagles to solve our problem ourselves in the spirit of the millennium. If African leaders

are envisaging a United States of Africa, what is the point of having a border between the brotherly people. Let us abandon the border and establish a system which allows us to coexist in peace and harmony. I do not see other solutions for all the problems within Ethiopia and with Eritrea except reconciliation. Everyone is making mistakes as humans and we are languishing in this vicious cycle of backwardness. Revenge brings another revenge. We have to stop it now in the millennium.

Something worthwhile mentioning, those of you who think you are wise I mean human wisdom or degrees. I tell you life is the best university than campus and do not fool yourself by thinking you are politician because you have a PHD or whatsoever. This is human wisdom in terms of human standard. It is a little knowledge compared to divine wisdom but it is dangerous too because people inflates with pride and arrogance of their human status.

Peace can only be realized by wisdom, not by war or the sword of the tongue.

Divine freedom for Ethiopia.

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