By Araya belay
March 05, 2007

The Eritrean leadership is still finding ways to,dismantle Ethiopia!

Generally, the main causes of any war are many and varied. For conveniences, the cause of the world war two can be divided in two sections: Long term causes and short term causes. However, both are inter-linked. The same thing the crises in Abyssinia from 1935-1936 brought international tension nearer to Europe that both the leading Fascist Germany and Fascist Italy brought them together. The affair once again highlighted the weakness of the then league of nations. Like Britain and France, Italy had joined the so-called “scramble for Africa.” The Italians were heavily defeated by the Abyssinians, this defeat had an enormous impact on Italians pride, the loss of 6000 men at once against the backward army from Abyssinia was difficult for the Italian people to comprehend. We were the true MEN not the Italians. Generally the Eritrea Shaebia is destabilizing the horn of Africa the same what was the Italians were doing, shaebia is knocking the door of the lions, the patient is to its ultimate point, For this cause the Eritrea shaebia is making one of the causes I stated above which is the “long term cause” by opening different cause of terrorism in the horn of Africa.

The Eritrean leadership is still finding ways to dismantle Ethiopia, First tried thru Badime went without success, second thru Sudan by helping EPPF no success, third thru Somalia, very much humiliated, fourth thru Addis Ababa by planting bombs and open terrorism. The fifth now is kidnapping our tourists inside our land; I think shaebia is calling us openly to get rid of him from power? But the Ethiopian government can find permanent solutions for this incurable disease spreading by shaebia, for sure we need peace, but the peace doesn’t come by itself, we have the power, we have the pride and we have the gat, what is then remaining, just green light. Green light for what? For those our heroes who gave our country peace and stability to serve their country in military duties are the source of pride to their people and Nation, the Men and Women who served their country to serve against terrorists and Sheabia bandits.

We still remembers our vanguard heroes who gave their precious life to defend their country, the same like yesterday those who served their country and the new generation must do something against primary enemies like shaebia and alike, this is a serious matter to be addressed to our parliament for the safe of our national security.

GOD bless Ethiopia

Araya belay

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