The Picture in Eritrea Part III

By Solomon

June 07 2008

Equar Negash, who chose to serve isyas ego, instead of Eritrea.

In part II, I explained to you that your leader isyas broke down the old age Eritrean tradition of wedding, and instead isyas wed the Eritrean youth with Russian Kalashnikov. Equar Negash, instead of trying to help the youth of Eritrea escape this tragic wedding, you come to Ethiopian websites to write cheap propaganda . Negash, the Ethiopian people will not die because they lack If you strongly believe this is the only problem that exists in Ethiopia that means Ethiopia is doing great.

Now let's list and explain the millions of problems that exist in today's Eritrea. Out of all the problems that exist in Eritrea the most irreversible damage is occurring to the youth of Eritrea. For the last ten years isyas and his master Egypt have been abusing Eritrean children day and night. During the conflict with Ethiopia, Eritrean youth understood why they were armed, but they do not understand why it continued to happen even after the war stopped? In the last four years the Eritrean youth understood that isyas and his cadres are their prime enemy, not Ethiopia. For that reason as we speak hundreds of Ertirea's youth are fleeing . Eritrean youth have come to the conclusion that it's better to die trying than die old waiting for a war that will not happen.

What does life mean for those who have escaped isyas and Egyptian abusive control? It means that these young men and women can have a normal life. They can work hard, go to school, and eventually start a life. In fact those who escaped Eritrea four years ago have already started a successful life and a family .

On the other hand, life for those who have not escaped isays brutal control continue to be hell. Yes, these young people day and night are expected to be slave. Those who are not slaving for isyas, are waiting for a war that will never happen. Ethiopia has informed isays and his master that it will never start a war. Why should Ethiopia starts a war, when Eritrea is already at war with itself. Now the war in Eritrea is between Eritrean youth who are escaping to try to seek a normal life, verses isayas loyal cadre. As time elapse it's expected that loyal and forced isays cadre will be frustrated by the endless servitude . Eventually these group of people will follow their brothers and sisters who are fleeing isays and Egypt abuse .


At the moment Eritrean youth are urgently crying for help. Negash is a shabiean cadre who does not understand the suffering of Eritrean youth. Negash does not understand that an entire generation of Eritrean's youth is decaying without been productive. Negash can not be expected to understand the suffering of Eritreans because he comfortably enjoys his life in the West. His children are been educated, and eventually will lead a normal healthy life.

For those Eritreans who think for their people, Eritrea has an emergency that needs urgent solution . Many generations of youth are annually herded to Saw to rotten for ever. What is sad is the training that they get in Sawa is actually used to prevent Eritrean youth from fleeing to neighboring countries. Equar Negash what can you do to help Eritrea solve this problem? Eguar instead of serving isays ego, you should serve your country Eritrea. If Eritrean youth are lucky the judgment day for isyas korakoor will come? But thanks to Egypt this day might take a little longer, but it will surely come.

Finally Equar Negash: Can you give me your opinion about Eritrea and the situation that prevails in that country?