The Mystery of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

By Gezaee Hailemichael

June 07 2008

I am honestly tired of prime minister Meles Zenawi’s way. I am not an antagonist, but now I am up with him. Why prime minister Meles Zenawi does everything which annoys the nation? I can hardly understand him. All his ways are always against the Ethiopian people’s interest. A nation is not the property of one man who can do everything he wanted to do. Why he obdurately has declined to listen and to work with the people of Ethiopia?

I have read many international news that the prime minister is handing land to Sudan secretly. Mr Prime Minister, do you ever learn from the past? Who has given you the right to chip our country in every direction? Why secretly? Do you really see what you are doing to the country? We know, you even handed Badme, it is only in the hands of the people because the people told you so. It appears you do not listen at all.

I think Ethiopians need to put behind all their pity differences and unite to stop his conspiracy. This is pride, arrogance, Nieket to the Ethiopian people. We need to stop him. He talk of democracy but he chips and sell out Ethiopia in every direction behind the curtain. What democracy is that? Democracy does not allow the country to be kept in darkness and things are done single headedly by one man who never subsidize his antagonistic ego and a man who chase all those who oppose him. This can never be democracy.

We all must say enough is enough. We need to stop him and we do not need to fight to do that. We can stop him without iron and blood. It is too much now for us to bear his deliberate injustice against our country. Since he has taken office, he never listened to the Ethiopian people, and he is still heading on the same line. He does not learn and he does not change. Why must 80 million people be a hostage of one man? I am really wondering now.

This requires a nation wide ingenuity to abort his hidden agenda. We are tired of this behind curtain deal about our nation. Ethiopia is not a proprietorship of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. We need to stop him in time before it is too late. I do not know what this man call Ethiopia?

Enough is enough