Ethiopia, poem by Leandra Loala Gebrakedan

Lola Gebrakedan

May 11 2009

Ethiopia is situated in the Horn of Africa.
There is a good reason for that,
we Ethiopians are as strong as a Rhino,
and Haile Salassie has been known as the conquering Lion of Judah.
Never colonised thanks to our victory in 1896, battle of Adwa.

The chant could be heard throughout the land " Min alle, Teqel min alle?
Ageren le sew, ageren le sew, alsetim alle!"
Translated What did Teqel (Haile Selassie's horse name) say? I won't give my country to foreigners, he said.

In Japan, Ethiopia became appreciated
as the first non-Caucasian power to defeat Europeans.
The fossil of Lucy an Ethiopian oldest
three million year old skelton can be found in musuems.

Although as an Ethiopian I admire Robert Frederick Zenon Geldof,
and hold in great stead.
Holding Band Aid in 1984, helped ease the famine
when eight million people were at risk of starvation, dying dead.
I want my country to be remembered
for its churches in Lalibela and Axum.
For its fragrant berbere and perfume.

It has many famous people Menelik I,
the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon.
Haile Gebreselassie In September 2008,
at the age of 35, he won the Berlin Marathon.

Afewerk Tekle a celebrated artist
works include including the mural Last Judgement
in the Adigat Cathedral in Tigray.
Also exhibited at the Biennale of Aquitaine, France 1997 July.

We are proud people, so of my country I am proud.
I live in the land of the free, so may my voice be loud.