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Political epidemics of PhD

By Sara Abraham
Sep. 20 2007

Peace for everyone in this New Ethiopian Millennium.

Ethiopians had lived for thousands of year caring for the country and each other with great harmony and braveness. At this moment in time, the wish of everyone is to see this generation of the great land, that has unblended and blessed culture, continue to live with tolerance and peaceful coexistence. It is my strong wish, will, and believe that Ethiopia will destine towards the new millennium embarked spirit. i.e., the way forward seems unequivocally convincing and achievable with great certainty.

However, today’s Ethiopian politics is mainly the game among those who were believed to be participants of the student movement to overthrown the monarchy state, King Hailesilassie I. At that time, they were the only prime elites that would make things happen with great optimism and dedication. Finally, due to the huge political polarity and frequent collusion, many lives had lost, others fled to overseas, and the others joined the battle struggle. The lucky ones who have survived from death in the battlefield are now trying their level best to shape the political sphere of the country regardless of wrongdoings and reactions from opponents for good or bad. And now, those who by hook or by crook had succeeded to join the west education and some who were moderate and beneficiaries of the last regime are considering themselves the top elites in the academic and political domains. Sometimes individuals even pretend to believe and of course do believe that to be a politician who stands to speak about the left and the right politics must have been polished through the student movement, which is by far colossal political blunder of our time.

I am pretty aware the role of a professional who have acquired PhD, because having PhD in a certain field of study does mean the person has a good interpersonal quality, academic proficiency, tailored-spirit, research-oriented than to destine to hearsays and rumors, respectful to values and traditions of a society, advocates peace, research and development, etc.

HOWEVER, having PhD doesn’t automatically mean s/he is a good politician, as many of globally renowned politicians were/are not PhD holders. To name few Atse, Theodros, Atse Yohannes, Ras Alula, Belay Zeleke, Atse Minilik, and if you like Mandela, Gandi, Churchill. Please don’t get me wrong the Ethiopians were not only military experts but they were also excellent politicians as well). To be a politician is more of determination and sacrifice than to be highly profession (I don’t mean that today’s modern politics should be led by ignorant people).

Then, nowadays, PhD is become political epidemic than a political maturity. Individuals often write their name followed the suffix, as PhD or (PhD) in order that the readier get prejudice on the content from the PhD perspective, as there are good writers grammatically and conceptually, there are quite many with flawed concepts but they all are supposed to teach us tolerance than violence, wisdom than fraud, any way it could be their individual choice.

To be an economist does mean you have got theories, principles, and their manipulative tools to enrich and justify how economics works, but one shouldn’t jump into political game without knowing the bitter sacrifice and the skills. The reason for political affiliation shouldn’t be based on self-interest, as has been witnessed, and shouldn’t be because you are angry at government’s poor economic performance and became politician. Standing on the western podium and talk about our blessed motherland with grimy words doesn’t mean that he stands for politics to correct every mistake. Spoiling ones own country in front of crazy and confused fellow alumni doesn’t bear an easeful meaning that leads to say the speaker is a politician who can make a difference; rather, it is “ Yesilitan Timat ” as was told by his fellow politician. When confronts with media people regardless of their numbers, he tries to pump out his unedited hatred words. This is PhD epidemics not PhD for betterment. According to his career, I guess he knows the economic implication of aid for development either in the form of bilateral or multilateral (whoever the donor is) but he wants to be the champion of HR…., let him go hell with it. I can oppose the government and make him accountable for every wrongdoing but I will never ever oppose any support from outside to my own people who are currently suffering from multifaceted problems though efforts are underway to get them improved. Please, forget PhD of some, it is turned into epidemic than save us from episodes.

AND , the one who stands on the other corner with discord to him is a completely arrogant individual when it comes, particularly, to Ethnicity in Ethiopian. Let me confess something about him, in 1991/2 he was teaching a course about Politcal science and international relations, and I was one of his students. The whole semester, his talk was about Ethiopian Ethnic groups, who are superior and inferior. I wouldn’t like to appear his ugly words here (some of the words are prohibited by law), but let me tell you what our fellow students did; they tried to kick and kneel him down, but there were other students from the praised ethnic group who opposed the reaction. Lastly, the students who were from the undermined ethnic groups were opted to drop his course and add other course in the middle of the semester.

The PhD person couldn’t stop puzzling us with nasty words. On several occasions, specially in the first few minutes of the lecture hours, he plainly said in Ethiopia , it is better to be a bigger, do you why he asked everyone pretending to get an answer, but no body was in a position to offer him an answer. And his said, “the bigger who doesn’t know even numbers and Ethiopian alphabets, saves on average 30 birr a day and he doesn’t pay for tax, for food, for shelter, for everything but me with PhD earn only 900 birr” Don’t you think this is not PhD epidemic. Imagine how our fellow citizens suffer to get 0.05 cents and the way they live even though very few might use it an excuse for work. But, begging should be condemned at time and every body should contribute towards changing this bad trend though the PhD’s prefer to be in that position, and as he wished in 1991/92 he is doing modern begging in the west and “ Mengedun Cherk Yargilet .”

Believe me, those people don’t have a platform how to lead the country but they need the respect; look , how can one on who blames a prime for being in power for 15/16 is he himself have a president of teachers association not less than that of the prime minister. Therefore, PhD is epidemic; otherwise, “hungry for Power” Where is their concrete truth to tell to the public more openly than spreading the hatreds, the bad and good thing is that America is a save heaven for every evil that denounces violence and one who loves and works for his country.

Assume, these guys are in power, do you know how much mess will there be. Brushing up oneself with non-violent politics is a modern thought than triggering violence.

Wish you all best

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