Predictions for Today and Tomorrow, could Egypt Revive it’s dying Puppets?

By Solomon

April 17 2008

Many Ethiopians are very sad about Ethiopia’s endless political and economical instability. Nevertheless, our self proclaimed hero intellectuals never ask why this happened to Ethiopia. They are busy instigating and stirring problems in their own country. However, as the economical and political situation stands today, political and economical instability will be history in Ethiopia. Here are the reasons for these predictions.

As eight years old Ethiopian would know most of Ethiopia’s political and economical instability was engineered by our dear Egypt and other foreign powers. Egypt cleverly and patiently, and successfully engineered secessionist, and so called nationalist from our own brothers and sisters. Egypt started this project during the time of King Theodros and King Yohannes. In the past, the pure Ethiopian common sense was able to successfully foil Egypt’s dreams and desires. However, in modern Ethiopia, Egypt found servants and puppets from greedy and egotistical intellectuals and elites of Ethiopia. In the late 1990’s, Egypt’s favored puppet isyas made a miscalculation that made it inevitable for an end to Egypt’s indirect aggression against Ethiopia.

The year is 1998; Egypt and other foreign powers cleverly manipulated the egotistical leader of Eritrea to wage war against Ethiopia. Meles clever and wise leadership had hoped he would off set Egypt’s sinister design by cultivating brotherly and sisterly relationship with the Eritrean people. However, before Eritrean become sober of blind nationalism, and propaganda of thirty years, Egypt decided to cleverly push her puppet isyas to wage war against Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s response was clever. Blow the egotistical puppet so hard, that he will not ever dare to try to fight Ethiopia directly. Then stop the war, and then introduce the Eritrean people to their real beloved isyas . What was the implication of that action for Egypt? This meant that Egypt and isyas will never have the same love affair again. Of course Egypt will continue to support Isyas in the hope that he can attack Ethiopia, but he will not. He is terrified of Operation Kurkur Egypt?

The year is 2006 ICU in Somalia, tries to be powerful by Egypt’s assistance. Egypt expected Ethiopia to watch and see. Fortunately a golden opportunity was born for Ethiopia to permanently deny Egypt’s long dream of destroy Ethiopia. In 2006 Ethiopia become an important alley of the most powerful nation in the world. Now this is a victory for Ethiopia. The so called opposition of EPRDF will not even acknowledge this great accomplishment. Ethiopia’s alliance with the most powerful nation has become Egypt's nightmare. From now on Egypt knows that it can not directly lay its hand against Ethiopia. At the moment Egypt’s puppets are decaying by the minute. Egypt is so desperate to show that its puppets are not decaying; it sent Aljezzera to the Ogden region. In fact the purpose is to show that Ethiopia is a monster that deserves an international punishment. Then you have Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis, the new singer of anti-Ethiopia. Day and night he sings the same song, and it is getting boring. Then few weeks ago, Galal Nasser spilled out Egypt’s dream in his article “Taking chances”. In the article, Galal explained the methods Egypt devised to end the existence of Ethiopia as a united country of eighty million people. Egypt is involving these Arab journalists to give support to its dying puppets.

In conclusion, if we add all the equations, how do we evaluate future prospects for Ethiopia, Egypt, and Egypt’s puppets? Ethiopia slowly, but surly is nailing the roots of political and economical stability for future generations. It has cleverly and patiently cultivated important alliance. The prospect for Ethiopia looks really good. A bomb here, a bomb there will not have a profound impact on Ethiopia. In fact this is a good indication that the enemy is making desperate moves. However, the prospect for Egypt and its puppets looks terrible. Egypt’s puppets like Eritrea will continue to suffer miserably. Isyas and his body guards are only waging war against their own civilians. How long will isyas continue to do this to his own people? The Eritrean people will have an answer for him. Slowly but surly the Eritrean people are understanding that Eritrea has been a slave for Egypt for too long. I suggest that Eritrean war veterans should ask for pension plan from Egypt. By now wise Eritrean are asking themselves important questions. They are asking what benefit we got from fighting our own brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. They are asking why Badme war started.

Finally, the prospect for Egypt’s evil design against Ethiopia is mortally wounded, and will be buried for ever. All the puppets that were instilled in Somali, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, have been dealt with by the determined army of Ethiopia. No Dr.Melgomait, or Mega-lier, Aljezzera, Galal Nasser lies and fabrications save the fate of Egypt’s puppets. Ethiopia has successful and cleverly created a trap that will consume them.