QS International Temporary Committee’s First Goal Scored

G.E. Gorfu
Feb. 23 2010

It is with great pleasure that we announce our first success where you joined us in signing the petition to stop the planned demolition of Queen Sheba Elementary School. Our Committee Member, Dr. Tilahun Beyene, who just returned from Adua has reported to Committee Members that Adua Administration has scraped the demolition plan and accepted the preservation of the school. All those who signed the petition should congratulate themselves on this first step on the revival of our school to its former glory, where it used to be one of the top schools in the nation.

In accepting the preservation of QS Elementary School the Adua Administration noted school buildings are old and dilapidated and some of the structures are literally falling down. A serious and careful study will now be undertaken by the Administration on how best to preserve the school, and they will come up with a plan to either reinforce and renovate the old buildings, or to start from scratch and build new classrooms.

Once that decision is made as to which way is best to go forward, they will need funds to carry out the plan, and that is where you come in. So, we will be calling on all people of good will, especially those who were conscientious enough to sign the petition to support their Alma Mater and to make serious effort in raising funds to preserve Queen Sheba Elementary School. Stay tuned!

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